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  • 1. Schedule your Electrolux service appointment through our online booking form
  • 2. On the day of the service, we will send out a certified Electrolux engineer
  • 3. The technician will use professional tools and common spare parts to fix the appliance’s issue or install it
  • 4. You get to enjoy your fully-functioning appliance without lifting a finger!

You enjoy end-to-end Electrolux repairs or installations

Electrolux has been a leading appliance supplier for more than 100 years. What started as a small Swedish company selling vacuum cleaners is now a highly-esteemed supplier for kitchen and laundry appliances that many households in the UK turn to daily.

So if you’ve chosen to buy an Electrolux appliance for your home, we can be there to install it properly. Or if you already have one but it suddenly stops working. Even the best well-maintained appliance breaks down and ends up needing some professional help. When this moment comes, don’t fall into despair, just call Fantastic Services and get a certified technician to fix your Electrolux appliance in no time.

Here is a list of all the Electrolux appliances we can fix and install:

Why choose Fantastic Services for your Electrolux appliance engineer or installer?

Complete repair services by Electrolux specialists in London

Our repair service includes all the parts, labour and diagnostics of the faulty appliance. After the service is complete, the Electrolux appliance repairman will do a test run to see if everything is working properly. If some extra spare parts are needed, or the ones there are broken, he will order new and continue the repair in the next visit.

Genuine spare parts and required tools are included in the price

The certified service provider that we will send to your property works directly with Electrolux manufacturers so they have access to the exact spare parts that are needed for the repair. He will use those parts and amend the issue in just one visit, and if that is not possible and some other parts are needed, he will order them on your behalf. The second visit will include only the price of the parts.

A high-quality Electrolux appliance installation

The Electrolux specialist will come equipped to provide you with safe and efficient appliance installation. This includes settling the appliance on the place you want it to be, handling the gas or electricity supply connections, as well as hooking up the water supply. In the end, he will test if everything is working properly and give you useful maintenance advice for the future.

Taking care of both our residential and commercial clients

The local electricians are trained to help out not only our homeowner clients but also all sorts of commercial properties in London such as restaurants, kitchens, hotels, offices, coffee shops, laundrettes, food chains, etc.

What will your Electrolux repair service in London include?

If your Electrolux appliance is not working properly there is no need to panic. The field engineers with Fantastic Services will gladly come over and repair your dishwasher, washing machine, oven, etc. Here is a list of the most common Electrolux issues we deal with daily:

  • Electrolux ovens - Not heating, display not working, fan not heating up, oven rack problems, no power at all;
  • Electrolux washing machines - Display not working, no power, start button not working;
  • Electrolux microwaves - Buttons not working, on/off button not functioning, no power;
  • Electrolux fridges & freezers - Not cooling, fridge not working but the freezer yes; water dispenser not working, freezer not making ice;
  • Electrolux tumble dryers - Not working, clothes not drying, too loud.
Even if you don’t see your problem here, please contact us anyways and we will tell you if we can help or not!

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: I have an error code on my Electrolux appliance. What does that mean?

    A: Error codes are super specific, but luckily most of them you can find in the manual. Check it carefully and call for an appliance technician to come and fix the issue.

  • Q: How do I clean the inside of my Electrolux oven?

    A: Ovens with an enamelled interior are best cleaned with a damp cloth while still warm. However, if you’re in need of a deeper clean, you can always book our Fantastic oven cleaning service.

  • Q: How long does the Electrolux repair service take?

    A: Depends on your problem, but usually it takes around 1,2 hours.

  • Q: Do you bring the needed equipment?

    A: Absolutely! The Electrolux engineer comes prepared to tackle all possible problems you might have.

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