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How it works

1. Choose your preferred type of partnership: offline, online or combined
2. Sign an affiliate agreement
3. Receive your unique URLs or marketing materials
4. Get comission for every client you refer
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Who is our partnership suitable for?

Own a website?

Integrate our online booking form or phone number into your most visited pages and convert all those clicks into referral fees, which you can then reinvest right back into your business.

Own an app?

Merge it with our GoFantastic app to increase your revenue and allow your clients to benefit from top-notch services wherever they may be.

Own an offline business?

Take advantage of an efficient alternative that will help you earn just as much revenue outside of Internet’s borders. Start by getting free marketing materials, such as flyers or cards. Free co-branded resources are also available. Then, simply give those to potential customers and add a few extra digits to your monthly revenue reports.

Why should you become our partner?

  • Earn more without spending a dime Earn referral fees with no investment in return. You will get rewarded each time a client books our services via your website or app.
  • Give your customers exactly what they need Join forces with Fantastic Services to satisfy your customers’ every need and give them the very best in terms of price and quality.
  • Benefit from completely transparent tracking Keep track of every client you refer, both online & offline. Get detailed reports for every successful lead and receive your very own CRM account.

Let us crunch those numbers for you

You will receive a commission for every client you manage to refer. That’s right – your income will go up each time a customer books any of our services via your online or offline business. Our skilled sales operators can easily achieve a 50%+ conversion rate, thus you will turn almost every lead into a booking... and make your clients happy in the process!

Our 40+ successful affiliate partners get 1000+ leads a day, so let us crunch the numbers for you and help you:

  • Track every client you refer – View your referrals list via your personal CRM account;
  • Calculate your monthly revenue – Receive monthly reports on your business & referral earnings;
  • Answer any questions you have – Get professional advice from an experienced account manager.

Become an Affiliate and Boost Your Income for Free

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