Keep the Vermin Out with Pest Control in London

Put an end to any infestation – Here’s how it’s done

1. Request a pest control service

Place your booking at any time, tell us of your pest troubles, and we’ll call you right back to confirm your appointment. We offer same-day & emergency pest control treatments 24/7 for your convenience.

2. Receive a Fantastic inspection

A skilled pest control specialist will visit your property to determine the level of infestation, the number of entry points, and will suggest the most suitable pest removal method.

3. Kick out the uninvited guests

Using advanced pest control solutions and equipment, your Fantastic exterminator will not leave the property until your vermin infestation has been successfully dealt with.

4. Keep your property pest-free for good

Booking a guaranteed service will allow you to arrange up to 2 extra aftercare visits to deal with persistent vermin. Once the job is done, no insects or rodents will dare enter your property again.

Meet The Fantastic Pest Control Specialists

  • They are certified, trаined, and insured:
    • Interviewed and selected in person;
    • Efficient, neat, and polite;
    • Carry a public liability insurance of up to 1 million;
    • Extensively trained by the Fantastic Academy;
    • Familiar with all latest health and safety regulations, including COSHH 1988;
    • Passed safe use of pesticides and examination for rodent and insect pest control courses;
    • Available for emergency pest control treatment - 24/7.
  • They can deal with any pest:
    • Quick at identifying pest species and the signs of their infestation;
    • Offering top-notch inspection, treatment, and aftercare;
    • Providing professional prevention advice free of charge.
  • They use modern methods and equipment:
    • Top grade pesticides by a leading UK pest control supplier;
    • Efficient use of special bait boxes, traps, and sealants;
    • Applying tried & tested pest control methods for long-lasting results.
*As part of the Fantastic Services Quality Standard, Fantastic Pest Control use only equipment provided by established and well-known UK providers.

Say 'GOODBYE' to all pests