Maintain a pest-free environment with efficient pest control in London

Put an end to any infestation – Here’s how it’s done

1. Book a pest control service online

Make a booking for a day of your preference (same-day and emergency services are also available) and share as much information as possible about the animal that is bugging you.

2. We send a pest control specialist.

He will inspect your property from head to toe in order to assess the scale of your infestation, locate the pest’s entry points, and suggest the most suitable service for your needs.

3. He will remove the uninvited guests.

The professional is equipped with special products and equipment supplied by leading pest control companies and will stay for as many hours as needed until the infestation is dealt with.

4. Your property remains fully protected.

Our guaranteed treatments include 2 extra follow-up visits for free that you can use should the pests resurface after the initial treatment. The exterminator will then head back to finish the job.

Meet The Fantastic Pest Control Specialists

  • They are fully prepared for the job:
    • Interviewed, selected, and supervised in person;
    • Carry a public liability insurance of up to 1 million;
    • Extensively trained by the Fantastic Academy;
    • Familiar with the latest health and safety regulations, including COSHH 1988;
    • Passed Safe Use of Pesticides and other essential pest control courses;
    • Standing by 24/7 for emergency pest control treatments.
  • They can deal with any type of pest:
    • Quick at identifying the pest species and the signs of their presence;
    • Performing inspections, treatments, and post-service proofing work;
    • Providing professional prevention advice free of charge.
  • They carry modern anti-pest arsenal:
    • Using top grade pesticides by a leading UK pest control supplier;
    • Smart use of bait boxes, traps, sealants, and other equipment;
    • Applying tried & tested pest control methods for lasting results.
*As part of the Fantastic Services Quality Standard, Fantastic Pest Control only uses equipment supplied by leading UK providers.

If you happen to have a property in any of the places listed below, then you can still take advantage of our effective anti-pest methods as our services are locally available. Be it rodents or insects, rest assured that the local technicians will be able to tackle the infestation.

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