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Pest Control

They say “evil does not sleep”. And they are right. The creepy crawlies never tire when it comes to infesting and nesting in your home sweet home. All kinds of cockroaches, flies, bed bugs and other hideous monstrosities aimlessly roam around, damaging your furniture and contaminating your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom with their virulent plague. Vanquish the vermin with the help of Fantastic's professional pest and rodent control squad in London. We have all the knowledge needed to eradicate those who plague your home. The team is fully trained to deal with all kinds of pests. We use high quality tools and human- and pet-safe pesticides to protect your home and office from these unwanted guests.

How We Proceed

  1. The technicians inspect your property and create a suitable plan for action. Every corner of every room will be thoroughly checked. Kitchen and other appliances which may take part in the cause of the problem will also be examined.
  2. Now that we know the source it’s time to act. Depending on the type of pest, detergents and other eco-friendly chemical substances will be applied. You will receive a detailed report on job completion.
  3. After the mission is finished we must guarantee your home or office is pest-free. We will monitor the condition of your property in the next 3 months, allowing up to 2 visits in this time period, if required.