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Fantastic Services knows that time is precious and therefore now sends 2 gardeners, instead of one, while keeping the service cost as hourly-based (and the same price). This way we make sure that we are doing the job for an optimal time, saving you money in the process. With that said, have a look at what will 5-star grass cutting services cost you:

2 gardeners
Summer prices
valid from May till October
Winter prices
valid from November till April
Fantastic Club
valid all year round
First hour£66£61£49
Subsequent hour£51£46£38

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T&C and Minimum Charges apply. When we estimate the time for your appointment and the final gardening price, we are taking into consideration the area's dimensions and condition. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25. Deals cannot be combined with any other deals and promotions. Prices are subject to availability. Congestion charges are excluded (when applicable).

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A lawn after mowing and trimming

What does a complete lawn care service include?

Although, a service on its own, you could also benefit from what's included below if you go for a thorough maintenance. You will get a regular cut of your turf, shaping and everything else that's needed for a well-kept garden. What a successful lawn care service includes is:

  • Lawn Mowing & Trimming – To cut the lawn grass professionally special tools for edging, trimming and mowing are needed. There's also specific know-how (cut directions) about grass growing habits. As established experts proficient in many garden-related jobs we have that knowledge. We are confident with our outstanding lawn mowing service.
  • Edging – This process is for aesthetics and helps a lawn look finished. It also prevents the lawn from invading your flowerbeds and other garden features.
  • Top Dressing – The process of applying topsoil to the grass and improving soil conditions. It helps to support a lush lawn throughout the year.
  • Spring Lawn Feeding – Fertilising the soil against any diseases that can take place after cold weather and snow. Starting the season by feeding your turf in Spring will improve the health, growth, colour, pest and moss resistance of the grass by enriching the soil with specific nutrients. UK-produced lawn fertilisers are being used as well. Feeding is not done exclusively in Spring, to prevent unwanted symptoms caused by hot and dry weather, we recommend late summer feeding, too.
  • No weeds allowed – Any unwanted growth will be dealt with accordingly. Appropriate grass care means removing all weeds that hinder your lawn's nutrient absorption abilities.
Lawn feeding and topsoil applying

What do you get as a customer when you choose us to take care of your lawn?

  • It's an hourly-based service but we send a team of two gardeners for greater efficiency, saving you time and money. You can take advantage of the present team and ask for their lawn care advice for further maintenance. The professionals will gladly help you.
  • Our practice has shown that different lawns require different treatment. If it's not just a grass cutting service that you want with us, we'll prepare you a custom-tailored treatment plan based on the unique needs of your lawn. It can even start from zero with a full backyard clearance of any unwanted growth, and laying a brand new lawn.
  • Lawn mowing can be done regularly on request and we bring all the equipment needed. We also use modern mowers and no electricity is required on your part. If you want fresh turf to be laid, or have one installed recently, we can handle that as well and give you tips for its further maintenance.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How do I get a discount or some special deal?

    A: We’ve thought about everything to make our clients happy. Just subscribe to our Fantastic Club and enjoy paying reduced rates every time you book a service for a year. You’ll also be able to cancel your appointment at the last minute free of charge.

  • Q: Who do I need to speak to if I have to reschedule my booking?

    A: You can just create an account with us and make changes to your appointment whenever you need.

  • Q: Do you provide everything necessary for the service?

    A: Yes, our professional lawn care services come with all required equipment and tools.

  • Q: Can you come regularly?

    A: Yes, just contact us and we can come up with a plan that suits you.

  • Q: Do I have to be there during the service?

    A: We do key pick-up and delivery and we only need access to the green spaces themselves.

  • Q: What about parking?

    A: Yes, we do need to park nearby your property because of all the equipment we bring.

  • Q: How much does lawn mowing cost?

    A: Each lawn mowing project price varies due to the differences in lawn sizes and necessary procedures. We usually charge £61 for the first hour of the lawn mowing service and £46 for every following hour between November and April. Prices change between May and October as we charge £66 for the first hour and £51 for the following ones. The first thing the gardeners will do is inspect the site and discuss the duration of the project you have booked.

  • Q: When should the last grass cut of the year take place in the UK?

    A: The grass never stops growing, it only slows down, depending on the temperature. During the winter, a new leaf will appear every month or so. Depending on the weather, the last cut of the grass should be in late November or the beginning of December unless the ground is soft or frozen.

  • Q: What is the best time to cut the grass after winter ends?

    A: When the temperatures rise above 5 degrees Celsius, the grass will increase its growth rate significantly. Monitor its height. Around 2.5 inches ( 6+ cm ) tall is the right height to mow after winter.

  • Q: Mowing REALLY long grass: Is there an issue for you?

    A: No, it's not a problem. We will trim the grass with a grass trimmer first, and then level it with the mower.

  • Q: Can you deal with moss?

    A: Yes, any unwanted weeds and moss will be handled thoroughly.

  • Q: Can you mow the lawn while it's raining?

    A: Unfortunately, we don't perform lawn mowing services on rainy days as it can cause damage to your lawn.

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