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Booking a Neff engineer with us is more than easy

  • 1. Choose a suitable time and day for your Neff appliance repair or installation by using our online booking form or GoFantastic app
  • 2. Meet the licensed Neff technician at the scheduled time and let him investigate the problem
  • 3. He will bring all the tools and spare parts to fix the issue as fast as possible
  • 4. Enjoy your appliance problem solved and 12-month guaranteed service.

You can count on Fantastic Services for any Neff appliance repair

Neff appliances are high-end manufactured with a lot of rich history behind them. Their luxurious design makes them more expensive than other models, but still, the brand has loyal customers thanks to their high-quality products and well-earned reputation.

However, some troubleshooting can be required from time to time. Be it minor or major issues, our licensed Neff engineers are ready to handle the work. Our professionals provide not only repairs but also a Neff appliance installation and replacement service.

They can easily repair and install every type of Neff appliances, such as:

Why is our Neff appliance repair and installation service second-to-none?

Your Neff appliance is not working? We can handle the repair work!

Our experienced service providers work closely with the Neff manufacturer and know well the spare parts and any component needed for the job, which he'll bring with him. When the expert comes on-site, he'll carefully diagnose the problem and handle the work. The professional will give his best to repair your Neff appliance in a single visit, but if it turns out that other additional parts are needed, a second visit is possible. In that case, their delivery is free of charge, and you'll pay only for the ordered parts.

Manufacturer-approved spare parts for long-term results

The technicians work with a Neff appliance manufacturer and have the correct and specific spare parts for the particular dishwasher or cooker. You get a 12-month guarantee on all repair works.

Qualified for both - domestic and commercial repairs

Neff appliance repair and installation service is available not only for homeowners but for business owners, too. Each of the engineers is qualified to perform commercial repairs, be it at your office, restaurant or hotel.

We can help you install your brand new Neff appliance

The insured Neff engineers have extensive know-how in the field. They're able to install every Neff appliance and make your day a lot easier. From dishwasher fitting, washing machine plumbing installation to cooker gas supply connection, anything you need! Our Neff installation service is performed according to the manufacturer's instructions, and the engineers are good at their job. Once the service is completed and your appliance is at the desired spot, the professional will double-check if everything works properly before leaving.

From Neff oven to fridge faults, we can repair them all

In the end, after years of use, some of your Neff appliances may require some repair work. No matter if it's a minor or major Neff appliance problem, our engineers are trained to solve it. Here is a list of some Neff appliance faults we've seen and repaired through the years:

  • Neff cookers - the oven cooling fan stays on all the time; the lights are not working;
  • Neff hobs - the induction hob is not working; the gas won't ignite;
  • Neff hoods - the extractor fan is not extracting like before; the lights are not working;
  • Neff ovens - doesn't reach the desired temperature; the fan is not working; Neff oven display problems; the gas hob's ignition is not working; the timer is not working; there is a problem after a power cut.
  • No worries, we can troubleshoot them all!

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Should I know anything before my Neff installation service?

    A: Yes, if it's a dishwasher, washing machine or tumble dryer installation (in some cases), please, keep the appliance close to a water supply (at least a metre). When it comes to electrical appliances, they should be near a power socket, so the engineer has no problem with fitting them.

  • Q: Can my Neff appliance be found on the manufacturer's website?

    A: Unfortunately, they display only the new models. So, if your model is old or a limited edition, contact your Neff appliance engineer for more clarification.

  • Q: Can I book an appliance repair/installation service during the weekend?

    A: Your repair team can handle all sorts of appliance faults from Monday to Saturday. You can schedule and book your appliance installation service all week round!

  • Q: How long does a Neff appliance repair take?

    A: It depends on the appliance type, the type of the problem and on the parts that need to be replaced. But usually, an average Neff appliance repair service takes around 1-2 hours.

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