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  • Pot Grown Norway Spruce trees between 2 and 3ft
  • Non-drop fresh cut trees from 5ft to 8ft in height
  • Installation + special water-reservoir upon request
  • FREE delivery to all London areas within the M25
  • A minimum of £19 discount when combined with Christmas tree collection
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Christmas is knocking on the door, and what better way to welcome the festive season than with a beautifully adorned Christmas tree! Create magical memories with your loved ones by bringing home a stunning Christmas tree that will light up your celebrations.

Check our Christmas tree delivery prices in London

As a member of the Fantastic club, you can get £30 OFF for 10 different services within 1 year.

 Pot Grown
Norway Spruce Christmas Tree*
Nordmann Fir Real Cut Christmas Tree
Christmas tree sizes3-4 ft5-6 ft6-7 ft7-8 ft
Prices Fantastic Club
Fantastic Club
Fantastic Club
Fantastic Club
Christmas treeSOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Christmas tree 
+ Stand and installation
Christmas tree 
+ Collection**
Christmas tree 
+ Stand and installation + Collection**
Christmas tree collection only**£29

Note: Delivery of the Christmas tree to your door is always included in the price.

*All pot grown Christmas trees are delivered with the pot (no extra charge).

**We perform Christmas tree collection between the 2nd and the 31st of January.

T&C and minimum charges apply. Please bear in mind that congestion charges are not included in the prices above.

from £49
from £59
from £69
from £89

What do you get with our real Christmas tree delivery in London?

  • Delivery of both classic pot grown Norway Spruces and real premium-grade cut Nordmann Firs with thick and non-drop needles.
  • Trees are organically grown in England, Denmark and Scotland, and have passed strict pest and disease control tests.
  • A service suited for office and home-delivery all across London. Christmas tree delivery within the M25 area is FREE of charge.
  • Once your Christmas tree is delivered, upon request, our friendly team can install and place it wherever you want, following all needed safety precautions approved by the government.
  • After the holidays are over, we can also handle the collection and recycling of the tree. For pot grown Christmas trees collection refers to repotting/replanting of the tree. This additional service is available between the 2nd and 31st of January.

Enjoy the holidays with a live pot grown Christmas tree

Starting this year we will be delivering pot grown Christmas trees as well as fresh-cut ones. The species of pot grown trees that we’re offering is the Norway Spruce or ‘Picea abies’, also known as the quintessential British Christmas tree since Victoria times. The size you can have these delivered in ranges between 2-3 ft. (0.9-1.2 m) and they all come along with a free pot.

Pot grown Norway Spruces require more care when compared to cut Nordmann Firs, however, nothing too substantial. They do however come with more benefits than their cut counterparts. For example:

  • They’re reusable - Pot grown Christmas trees can be reused for many years to come. Their roots usually adapt well when transplanted, so all you’ll need to do is have the tree moved to a bigger pot whenever you notice that they’ve grown a bit bigger.
  • Sustainable choice - Since pot grown Christmas trees aren’t cut nor need to be disposed of, they leave a very minimal carbon footprint behind (caused only by their transportation from the planting field to your doorstep). Plus, they are great at converting CO2 emissions into oxygen and improving biodiversity!
  • Evergreen no-drop needles - Pot grown Christmas trees still have their roots, therefore they won’t shed their needles for weeks after being installed indoors. And as long as you keep your tree healthy you won’t need to clean any needles off the floor.

For our pot grown Christmas trees we also offer a transplanting service. This service can be easily requested when you’re scheduling your pot grown Christmas tree delivery through our online booking form. Once the holiday season is over, we will send a couple of gardeners for an hour to either repot your Norway Spruce into a bigger pot (so that it’s ready for the following Christmas) or have it planted outside in your garden.

Christmas tree collection and recycling in London

Once the holiday season is over, don’t ponder on what to do with your Christmas tree. Just arrange for Christmas tree collection and recycling with us. It will save you the hassle, the booking process is effortless, and it doesn’t matter if we’ve delivered your Christmas tree.

To arrange your Christmas tree collection and recycling service, simply go to our online booking form. Enter the address from where we have to pick up the tree, set the time and date for the service, pay online, and you’re all set! The Christmas tree collection takes place between the 2nd and 31st of January. It’s available for East, West, North, South, and Central London.

Here’s why you should schedule Christmas tree pick up with us:

  • While our competitors carry out Christmas tree collection until mid-January, we offer it until the very last day of the month.
  • You instantly get a minimum of £19 off when you book Christmas tree collection along with the delivery.
  • We care about the environment, that's why all of the collected trees will be recycled at a green waste centre.
  • When booking pot-grown Christmas tree delivery with us, we recommend you also consider our collection option. This way, at the end of the holiday season, when you no longer need your pot-grown Christmas tree, we will pass by your home at a suitable date and time for you, collect the tree and then transplant it at a nearby forest, where it will continue its life for many more years.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: When on the scheduled day should I expect my Christmas tree delivery?

    A: We strive to deliver every Christmas tree at the requested by the customer time. Just bear in mind we always give our customers a four-hour arrival window, which means that we can arrive at any time within those four hours. You will be notified before the day of the arrival when to expect your Christmas tree delivery.

  • Q: What tree sizes do you have?

    A: We deliver fresh cut Christmas trees between 5ft and 8ft tall and pot grown ones that are around 2-3 ft tall. If you are not sure which size would be the ideal fit, simply consult one of our friendly operators.

  • Q: Do your trees come with a stand?

    A: Yes, for an additional fee we can bring a water-reservoir stand along with the Christmas tree.

  • Q: I would like to buy a real fresh cut Christmas tree in November. Will it last until Christmas?

    A: The Nordmann fir can be ordered even as early as November and it will last you the whole holiday season. Just make sure to water it properly and to keep it away from any sources of heat.

  • Q: Where should I situate my tree?

    A: You might be tempted to place your Nordmann Fir or Norway Spruce near the fireplace to create that perfect holiday atmosphere. But keep in mind that evergreens don't like the heat all that much. The best place to put your tree is near a window, as far away from any heat sources(such as radiators) as possible.

  • Q: Should I water my fresh cut Christmas tree?

    A: Yes, you should water your tree in order to prolong its life. Simply check the tree stand on a daily basis and fill it up with water when necessary. Remember that Christmas trees are very thirsty and need to be kept hydrated.

  • Q: Can you put up my fresh cut Christmas tree?

    A: Yes, if you request it prior to the service, we can also include Christmas tree installation, for an additional fee.

  • Q: How come my fresh cut tree isn’t “drinking” water anymore?

    A: Well, water absorption rates are expected to vary so don't worry about it. Just make sure to check the water level regularly and trim the base if you notice that a layer of sap has formed on it.

  • Q: Is it normal for my fresh cut tree to lose some of its needles?

    A: Yes, this is normal and is to be expected. Just remember to water it regularly and it will be fine.

  • Q: Do you provide Christmas tree collection after the holidays?

    A: Yes, we do! Just contact us a few days in advance and we will send somebody to collect the tree from your address.

  • Q: Do the delivered trees still have roots on?

    A: Yes, however, only our pot grown ones have roots. Our fresh cut Christmas trees are cut at the place where the trunk meets the ground. Therefore, they’re unlikely to survive if re-planted.

  • Q: Is the Nordmann Fir a tree suitable for people with allergies?

    A: As a matter of fact, this Christmas tree is ideal for people that suffer from allergies. Thanks to its wax-coated needles, the Nordmann Fir prevents allergens from being released into the air.

  • Q: How can I determine how wide my fresh cut Christmas tree will be?

    A: The general rule of thumb suggests that the widest point of the tree’s girth is around half of the tree’s height(usually a little less than it). For example, the widest point of a 6ft tall Christmas tree will be around 2.8ft.

  • Q: How do I look after a pot grown Christmas tree Indoors?

    A: Firstly, position your tree in a cool spot inside your home that gets enough sunlight. Water it regularly, however, avoid over-watering as that can lead to root rot. To avoid this simply check if the soil is dry by feeling it with a finger. The primary symptom of a dry Norway Spruce is browning and falling needles.

  • Q: How long can I keep my pot grown Norway Spruce indoors?

    A: Pot grown trees need to be brought indoors as late as possible. Since they shouldn’t be kept inside your home for more than 12 days(at a time), we recommend bringing your tree inside, the weekend before Christmas. If you want to keep your tree indoors for longer, you can do that, you’ll just need to move your Norway Spruce outside for around 24 hours to recharge, once every week. Once the holidays are over, however, move your tree outdoors with the pot so that it can thrive and continue growing.

  • Q: When and how should I repot my Christmas tree?

    A: Our Norway Spruce trees come in pots with enough ample space for the first 12 months. Once these 12 months have passed, we recommend you repot your Christmas tree at the beginning of spring into a bigger pot (which is at least 10 cm larger in diameter than the previous one). For the soil use a multipurpose potting compost and around 10% garden bark mulch, for drainage. Once it becomes warmer during spring, begin feeding your tree liquid fertilizer weekly throughout the entire growing season. Keep it well water and do not allow it to dry.

  • Q: What is the difference between pot grown and potted Christmas trees?

    A: A pot grown Christmas tree is one that has been planted early on, as a seedling inside a pot filled with compost and growing medium, so that its root ball is completely encased in the container. These are way easier to transplant outdoors or into a bigger pot when compared to potted Christmas trees. A potted tree is one that has been grown in a field and once it has reached a reasonable size has been dug up and transplanted into a pot. Since potted trees have been dug up once before their roots are usually loose in the pot and they don’t normally survive when they’re transplanted outdoors.

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