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Schedule a viewing

To give you an accurate estimate and design the best service based on your budget and requirements, we need to organize a viewing. Please use our online booking form to schedule an appointment.

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What the builders can do for you?

You can have your property easily refurbished with our builders services. We’ll send a specialist to survey your place and consult you. Once we know exactly what kind of improvements you want, we’ll be able to give you a final quote for the job. Then we’ll source all necessary materials and send the builders to complete the service. Here are a few examples of refurbishment work that they can do for you.

Renovation and refurbishment

We can give your home or workplace a complete makeover. From changing the type of flooring to redecorating it entirely. On the other hand, we can entirely refurbish a room or a property as per your needs. This service is a great way to sort of “revive” your bathroom, kitchen or living room. Here is what the specialists can do:

Plastering and wall boarding

With time, the walls and ceiling lose their charm as general wear starts to settle in. But it is nothing a little plastering and wall boarding can’t fix. In fact, this is a great and cost-effective way to refresh your property without refurbishing it entirely. And we can help you with all aspects of it, including plastering, skimming, wall boarding, and rendering.

Have your home, kitchen, bathroom, or office renovated

Fantastic Guarantee for high quality & complete satisfaction

When your service is completed, we'd love to learn what you think. We evaluate the work of the builders based on the feedback we receive from you and use it to make our services even more fantastic! This is how we retain our constant strive to always bring you the highest satisfaction.

Reliable & flexible

Even the simplest renovation project can be disruptive to your daily routines. That is why our services are available seven days a week, even during weekends and official holidays without any extra charges. You can choose the most convenient time for your property's renovation. And once you have set your appointment, you can be 100% sure that everything will be carried out as per your requirements and needs.

Providing all necessary tools, equipment, and materials

The skilled builders use the latest professional equipment and have all the right tools at their disposal such as hammers, saws, nails, and caulking instruments. In addition to this, they can source all necessary materials for your property renovation, including wallpaper, paint sole plates, sealants, timber, tiles, plasterboard, and more. The final bill for your service will include a list of all materials that were used so you'll know exactly what you are paying for.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Do you have all necessary tools and equipment?

    A: Yes, the builders have everything necessary to complete your service.

  • Q: What about the building materials? Can you supply them?

    A: If you wish, you can supply them yourself. Or else, the builders can shop for the materials and bring them to your property. Keep in mind that you will be charged for the shopping time and the costs of the materials.

  • Q: What is your availability?

    A: A typical workday of the specialists starts at 9am and ends at 6pm. Services can be booked for every day of week, including weekends and bank holidays.

  • Q: What is your coverage?

    A: You can make a booking for your property within the M25 London zone.

  • Q: Do you guarantee the quality of the work done?

    A: Yes. In case you are indeed unhappy with your service, please contact us and we’ll send back the builders to fix whatever is wrong.

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