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Locksmith services prices

Service Price
Change an existing lock Starting From £79
Fixing/Repairing a lock Starting From £79
Emergency lockout Starting From £79
Key broken/stuck in a lock Starting From £79
Fresh Installation Starting From £119
Bailiff appointment/ House repossession Starting From £79
Gaining entry into a safe Starting From £99
Supply and fit a new door Starting From £99
Key box installation (box included) Starting From £139
Key box installation (box not included) Starting From £79
CCTV installation Starting From £139

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* Materials supplied and delivery costs come on top of the service cost.

** The final price for the service is confirmed upon arrival of the locksmith.

*** A cancellation fee as per our standard T&C is applicable in case the locksmith is on site and you decide not to proceed or cancel the service.

T&C and Minimum Charges apply. When we calculate the price, we also take into consideration the area's dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25. Deals cannot be combined with any other deals and promotions. Prices are subject to availability. Parking and Congestion charges are excluded from the prices above (when applicable).

Locksmith prices by part

Dummy text here ( will be replaced with search bar )Price Range
Metal Plate£9 - £12
Extra key£17- £60 (depending on security level)
Strike Plate/Keeper£29 - £36
Custom Made Key Alike for Current Lock£49 – £99; £59 – £119
Heavy Duty Metal Plate Anti Drill (for Rim Locks)£89 – £129; £110 – £160
Heavy Duty Chain Security Locking£79 – £119; £99 – £149
UPVC Door Locking Security Mechanism ON-UM-EP£250 - £500
Shutter Lock Set£225 - £249
Fit Smart Lock£120 - £144
Tubular Latch TLKS-2568:2573£60 - £100
Double Euro Maxus M-6P-AD3 6 Pin Anti Drill 3 Keys£139 - £174
Double Euro TSS M-6P3 6 Pin 3 keys£80 - £120
Double Euro Carl F G M-5P3 5 Pin 3 keys£95 - £119
Double Euro Yale E-6P2 High-Security 1star British Standard Insurance Approved 3 Keys£225 - £286
British Standard Nightlatch 3621:2007 40mm£300
British Standard Nightlatch 40 mm backset£300
R-C.O.G-Cylinder, British Standard, Insurance Approved, High Security, M-T-L Profile, Restricted Keys + Security Key Card, Magnetic Keys£295 ; £354
E-C.O.G.-Cylinder High-Security British Standard Anti Pick Anti Drill Anti Bump 6 Pin Security Key Card 3 Keys£289 ; £362
Deadlock TSS BS3721 High-Security British Standard 5 Lever Anti Pick 3 Keys£120 - £160
Double Euro Fire Escape Versa Medium Security 1 Anti Snap 6 Pin 3 Keys£120 - £160
E-Cylinder Asec Security PN-5-NS-3K, Medium Security, 5 Pin, 3 Keys£149 - £179
E-Cylinder Asec Security PN-6-HS-3K, Medium Security, 6 Pin, 3 Keys£169 - £211
E-Cylinder CFG PC-6P-BS-3K Anti-Drill 6 Pin 3 Keys£139 - £174
Deadlock TSS Basic Security 3 Lever 2 Keys£80 - £120
Deadlock Union Basic Security 3 Lever 2 Keys£80 - £120
Half Euro Cylinder M-5AS-5PS Basic Security 3 Keys£120 - £160
Rim Asec B-6PL-3K 6 Pin 2 Keys£149 - £186
Versa Adjustable Handle compatible with most of UPVC Doors£150 - £200
Internal Door Security Handle£89 - £169; £112 - £212
Internal Door Locking System£169 - £239 ; £211 - £299
Half Euro Cylinder M-6AS-5PS Medium Security 3 Keys£120 - £160
R-Cylinder Asec K24185 High-Security Anti Drill 6 Pin 3 Keys£200 - £250
Deadlock Asec Vital M-DV-3L-2K Medium Security 3 Lever 2 Keys 2.5-3 inch£149 – £179 ; £186 – £224
Sash-Lock Asec Vital M-SV-3L-2K Medium Security 3 Lever 2 Keys 2.5-3 inch£169 – £199 ; £212 – £249
Deadlock High-Security British Standard Anti Drill 5 Lever 2 Keys£120 - £180
Sash-Lock High-Security British Standard Anti Drill 5 Lever 2 Keys£120 - £180
Internal Door Locking System with Extra Security Lock High-Security Double Lock£219 – £299 ; £274 – £374
E-Cylinder 58924M-1AV-6P Medium Security Anti Snap Anti Pick 6 Pin 3 Keys£265 - £318
Half Euro Cylinder M-1AS-6P5 Medium Security 1 Anti Snap 6 Pin 3 Keys£229 - £286
Screw In Cylinder M-1AP-5P-2K Medium Security 1 Anti Pick 5 Pin 2 Keys£229 - £286
High Security Cylinder Anti Snap with Turn£284 - £559
E-Cylinder Asec Security K9000, Medium Security, Anti-Snap, Anti-Picking, 3 keys£349 - £439
R-Cylinder Ingersoll High Security 2 keys£459 - £489
Double Euro Security Cog Fire escape Evva M-TT-FE3 Thumb-Turn Fire Escape 3 Keys£300 - £400
Double Euro ABS MAGNETIC Pin Technology HS-1AS-BS3-SKC-M3 High-Security British Standard Insurance Approved Anti Drill Anti-Pick Anti Bump 3 Magnetic Keys Security Key Card£489 - £611
Double Oval Maxus Heavy Duty M-6P-HD-AD3 Medium Security 6 Pim Heavy Duty Anti Drill 3 Keys£244 - £269
Rim Era B-5P3 5 Pin 3 Keys£100
Rim TSS M-6P3 6 Pin 3 Keys£100
Era 198 Entrance Knobset£239 - £287
Traditional Night-Latch BL-SB Basic Latch Security Button£167 - £179
Modern Design Narrow Night-Latch ML-MD-SB-NS40 Medium Latch Modern Design Security Button Narrow Size£269 - £337
Brisant High Security Rim Lock with Secure Keys£550 - £599
Modern Night-Latch ML-MD-SB60 Medium Latch Modern Design Security Button£289 - £362
Heavy Duty Era Night-Latch and Rim Set HS-BS-AD-HD-PA3 Insurance Approve British Standard High Security Heavy Duty Anti Drill Police Approved 3 Keys£300 - £500
Heavy Duty Yale Night-Latch and Rim Set HS-BS-BL-YP3 Insurance Approve British Standard High-Security Anti Drill Police Approved 3 Keys£300 - £500
Heavy Duty Double Locking Night-Latch and Rim Set British Standard High-Security Insurance Approved Police Approved 3 Keys£300 - £500
Heavy Duty Era Night-Latch British Standard High-Security Anti Drill Insurance Approved Police Approvedt£300 - £500
Traditional Yale Narrow Design Night-Latch BL-SB-NS40 Security Button Narrow Size£289 - £361
Traditional Yale Exclusive Design Night-Latch BL-SB-NS60 Security Button£399 - £499
RL-BLT Night-Latch ML-MD-SB60 High-Security Modern Design£399 - £499
Rim Yale B-LPM Basic Security Pin Locking Mechanism 2 Keys£120 - £160
Deadlock Legge M-BS-5L-AD2 Insurance Approve British Standard 5 Lever Anti Drill 2 keys£200 - £300
Sash-Lock Legge M-BS-5L-AD2 Insurance Approve British Standard 5 Lever Latch Mechanism Anti Drill 2 Keys£120 - £180
ATK 3 Stars BS3621 High Security£484 - £499
Nightlatch Era British Standard High Security£200 - £350
E-Cylinder Replacement Era Medium Security B-5E3 5 Pin 3 Keys£80 - £120
Euro Profile Sash-Lock Union M-AS-EP Anti Saw Dead Bolt£324 - £378
High Security Scandinavian Oval Cylinder with 6 pins£120 - £180
Detainer Union Heavy Duty Deadlock HS-5L-HD-AD2 High-Security British Standard Insurance Approved Anti Drill 5 Lever 2 Yellow Keys£699 - £874
Detainer Union Heavy Duty Fire Escape Latch Max HS-5L-PB-FE2 High-Security 5 Lever 2 Yellow Keys£884 - £1105
Deadlock Union Anti Saw HS-5L-AS2 High Security Anti Saw Deadbolt 5 Lever Curtain Security Key Entrance 2 Keys£294 - £309
Deadlock TSS High Security British Standard 5 Lever 3 keys£120 - £180
Deadlock Asec Vital HS-BS-5L-2K High-Security British Standard Insurance Approved Anti Saw Plate Anti-Pick Police Approved 5 Lever 2 Keys 2.5-3 inch£200 - £300
Sash-Lock Union Reversible Bolt B-3L2 Medium Security 3 Lever 2 Keys£140 - £180
Deadlock Era B-3L2 Basic Security 3 Lever 2 keys£120 - £140
Deadlock TSS B-3L2 Basic Security 3 Lever 2 keys£80 - £140
Window Bolt WB2 2 Keys£54 - £79
E – Cylinder Yale Y-3AS-6P-FE3 High-Security British Standard Insurance Approved Security Key Card£160 - £260
E – Cylinder Brisant BS-2AS-TT-6P-FE3 High-Security British Standard Insurance Approved Fire Escape / Key + Key£449 - £561
E – Cylinder Ultion Fire Escape or key + key, 3 Stars British Standard, High Security, Insurance Approved£489 - £611
R-Cylinder Ingersoll High-Security British Standard Insurance Approved 2 Master Magnetic Keys Security Card£589 - £736
Door Chain SKS Narrow DC£54 - £89
Padlock Squire Home Code HC-PS Hardened Steel Double Locking Recodeable£84 - £99
Padlock Maxus Weatherproof WP-SR4-SG5-AS2 Laminated Steel Padlock Security Rating 4 Anti Saw Security Grade 5 2 keys£94 - £99
Padlock Maxus Marine RP-WP2 Rustproof Weatherproof Stainless Steel 2 Keys£44 - £69
Padlock Maxus Heavy Duty SG8-AC-AS-AB Security Grade 8 Anti Crop Anti Saw Armoured Body£164 - £179
Oval Bullet Lock 8.5 x 1.4 x 2.1 cm 2 keysCode Lock TSS Heavy Duty CL-HD-R Internal Security Heavy Duty Recodeable£145 - £384 ; £165 - £394
Security Mechanism Replacement ON-UM-EP Center Case Gearbox Euro Profile£389 - £486
Rim Yale M-BS1-6P-AD/P/B2 Medium Security British Standard 6 Pin Anti pick Anti Drill Anti Bump 2 Keys£174 - £199
Multi-Point Security Mechanism Case£124 - £574 ; £144 - £594
Full Multi-Point Security Mechanism£399 - £1087 ; £499 - £1359 (depending on model)
Cover Metal Plate Deadlock/Sash-Lock£17 - £21
Mail box security locks£50 - £160
Upvc security handles£100 - £300
C.O.G.-Cylinder, M-T-L Profile, 1 Star British Standard, Insurance Approve, High Security, Restricted Keys + Security Key Card, Magnetic Keys, Anti Snap Thumb-Turn, Key + Key£315 - £359
British Standard Teso Cylinder LT103685 6 Pin Anti Snap Anti Bump Police Approved Thumb-Turn Fire Escape£229 - £286
British Standard TSS Cylinder 6 pins LT109494£160 - £220
Half Euro Cylinder M-1AS-6P5 BS-3621 1 Anti Snap 6 Pin 3 Keys£120 - £180
Double Euro Versa M-1AS-6P5 Medium Security 1 Anti Snap 6 Pin 3 Keys£120 - £180
Double Euro Versa M-1AS-6P5 Medium Security 1 Anti Snap 6 Pin 5 Keys£120 - £180
R-Cylinder TSS M-1AX-6P5 Medium Security 6 Pin 3 Keys£100 - £160
cR-Cylinder Replacement Era High-Security B-6E3 6 Pin 3 Keys£100 - £180
R-Cylinder Replacement Heavy Duty Metal Plate Anti Drill 6 Pin 3 Keys£120 - £180
R-Cylinder Yale H-BS3-6P-AD/P/B4 High-Security British Standard Insurance Approved Police Approved 6 Pin Anti Pick Anti Drill 2 Keys£120 - £180
Mul-t-lock Banham Replacement Double Cam HS-BR-SKC-FE2 Security Key Card Anti Pick Anti Saw Anti Drill Fire Escape 2 keys£589 - £736
Heavy Duty Night-Latch Double Locking HS-BS-AD-HD-PA2 British Standard High-Security Anti Drill Insurance Approved BS:3621:2007 3 Keys£279 - £359 ; £349 - £449
Detainer Union Heavy Duty Fire Escape Latch HS-5L-HD-FE2 High Security 5 Lever Heavy Duty Fire Escape 2 Yellow Keys£584 - £949
Deadlock Union Heavy Duty HS-BS-HD-AT3 Insurance Approve High Security British Standard Anti Drill 3 Yellow Keys£479 - £599
Night-Latch Ingersoll BS:24753 High-Security British Standard Insurance Approved£599 - £749
Deadbolt Banham Replacement LT2494 HS-SC-AD2 Security Key Card Anti Pick Anti Drill 2 Keys£649 - £811
Mul-t-lock cog double euro with thumbturn HS-DR-SKC-FE2 Security key card Anti pick Anti saw DRILLING RESISTANT FIRE ESCAPE 2 keys£679 - £849
Double Euro Banham Replacement M-6P-AD3 6 Pin Anti Drill 2 Keys£484 - £605
Double Euro Pioneer HS-2AS-BS1-6P3 Insurance Approve High Security 2 Anti Snap British Standard 1 Star 6 Pin 3 Keys£284 - £299
Double Euro Brisant Fire Escape BBS-1AS-TT-6P-FE3 Insurance Approve British Standard 1 Anti SnapThumb-Turn 6 Pin Fire Escape 3 Keys£120 - £200
Avocet ABS High Security cylinder£199 - £249
Cancellation Fee (you can cancel at anytime however you will be charged a call-out fee if the locksmith was dispatched to your property before cancellation)£79
Call Out Charge – depending on the hour/holiday/weekend and the emergency£79

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A professional locksmith in a distinctive fantastic services uniform, holding a key

Meet the expert locksmiths of Fantastic Services

All Fantastic Services locksmiths are highly professional and experienced. They have undergone hundreds of hours of training before their first service.

  • Background-checked and insured professionals
  • Using the latest locksmith tools and equipment
  • Familiar with all types of locks and keys
  • Working with British Standard BS 3621 locks
  • Emergency locksmith available 24/7 near you

In addition, the locksmiths are not just amazing professionals but they are also wonderful and hardworking people! They are quite friendly and helpful. So if you have any questions about your locks or the security of your property, they will be more than happy to provide you with their expert opinion.

Local Locksmiths powered by technology

All Fantastic Services professionals, including the mobile locksmiths, use our latest route-optimisation technology. This means that whenever you book a service, the nearest locksmith to you is assigned to carry out your service. This way we ensure a quick response time and fuel savings – making our service the nature-friendly choice!

What clients are saying

Locksmith workmanship with 12-month guarantee

As one of the best-rated providers of locksmith services in the capital, we are highly focused on quality of service and customer satisfaction. But we are also able to offer you a high quality of workmanship that is backed up with a 12-month warranty.

This means that if you experience any kind of difficulty or malfunction after a service by a Fantastic Services locksmith within 12 months of the service, we will send a professional on-site for free to take a look and fix the problem!

A person is fixing a door lock with a screwdriver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do locksmith services cost in London?
A: Our locksmith services start from £79 in London.
Q: What areas do you cover?
A: We have professional locksmith teams in every London borough and all around M25!
Q: When can I arrange a locksmith service?
A: You can book a service anytime. We offer locksmith services 24 hours, 7 days a week, including bank holidays. This means that you can also benefit from an emergency locksmith service in case you are locked out of your home or place of business.
Q: Are the locksmith services guaranteed?
A: Yes, we offer a guarantee. The locksmith technicians are highly experienced and certified, which means the work they provide is guaranteed for 12 months. In case you experience some kind of malfunction after service by us, then we will send a technician on-site for free to make the necessary repairs.
Q: Do you work with British Standard locks?
A: Yes, all locks the experts use are BS3621 British Standard. Such lock types are mortice locks, Yale locks, Rim cylinders, thumb turn locks and more. The specialists are familiar with all types of locks for all types of doors so you can be sure that the job will be done properly.
Q: Can you help with garage doors?
A: Yes, however, we can assist only if it is a lock problem. Currently, we do not provide any services that are related to garage door installation or repair.
Q: Do you install alarm systems or access controls?
A: At this moment, we don’t offer such services, but you can book a CCTV installation service to boost the protection of your property. We understand that you might not be familiar with how CCTV systems are installed and how they work but we will make sure to provide you with all the important details so you can boost the security of your home or business.
Q: Do you fix windows?
A: Yes, only if it is a lock mechanism-related issue. We can provide you with UPVC door and window locks services.
Q: How do locksmiths verify ownership?
A: Locksmiths usually verify ownership via a photo ID or documentation/bill showing name and address of the property.
Q: What does a locksmith do?
A: Locksmiths are professionals that work with keys and locks. They can duplicate keys, replace locks, and break a lock without damaging the door.
Q: Can a locksmith open all locks?
A: Yes, a locksmith is able to open all types of door locks if you're locked out or have a broken lock or key.
Q: Can a locksmith make all my locks with the same key?
A: Yes, as long as you have every lock in your home the exact same type then the locksmith will be able to have them all open with the same key if you prefer.
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