Bed Bug Treatment - A Pest Control Project in Croydon

Job summary

  • Location: Croydon
  • Property: 2 Bedrooms
  • Hours: 1
  • Guarantee: 3 Months
  • Price: £275

Our customer service team received an emergency call from a young family with a 3-month baby living in Croydon. The parents had suspicions that their property might have been infested with bed bugs and requested a consultation with an exterminator. The team quickly scheduled a visit for the first available date.

A professional pest controller will be able to determine the type of pest and the severeness of the infestation.

Please, keep in mind the total price may vary. Our prices depend on the service you choose, the size of your property, our coverage and availability. To learn more about the process and it's characteristics visit the bed bug control service page.

The Bed Bug Service Explained: Step by Step

  • Preparation
  • Inspection
  • Estimate
  • Treatment
  • Report

The exterminator arrived at the family home in Croydon on time. He met up with the clients and asked a couple of questions to get familiar with the situation. The bite marks, they had, pointed towards the presence of parasites in the property. Still, the specialist had to determine the exact species in order to proceed further.

The pest exterminator started the inspection from the child's bedroom. A thorough examination of the bed bugs’ common hiding places proved the clients’ suspicions and those of the technician himself. An adult bed bug was found right on the mattress. These pests are hard to deal with because they can easily spread to other areas in the property. That was why the expert had to examine the rest of the rooms as well.

The professional followed the same procedure in the bigger bedroom and in the living room. A thorough check of the bed and all other potential hiding spots was performed. He spotted signs of infestation not only on the bed but also on the curtains. It was time to inform the family and consult them about the best treatment options.

The expert opted for applying a heat treatment in the property for optimal results. Heat treatment is the best option against bed bugs. It proves efficient, especially when combined with a pre-spray.

The clients, however, selected one of our service options, which comes with a three-month guarantee. The service consists of an initial visit with the option for two additional visits, upon request and if needs be. The follow-ups can be requested within a three-month period. This is a common choice for clients who need pest control in Croydon.

After the option was selected, the specialist could finally proceed with the execution of the service. The family stayed at a neighbour's house for a couple of hours so the professional could carry on with his work. He went to the van for his trusty sprayer and other equipment. The exterminator carefully sprayed every inch of the affected areas.

After the expert completed the service, he met up with the family again for a quick talk. He reminded them about the perks of the service and explained everything done that day. The family received a written report, which had been filled by the technician on site, and instructions on what to do next upon their return to the property. To sum up, the customers could go back home after a couple of hours and go to bed without any risks to their health!

After a couple of weeks, the clients would be visited again for a follow-up inspection (treatment), as part of our fully guaranteed service. Bed bugs are a menace and getting rid of them requires at least a couple of visits.

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