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What is the best treatment to get rid of bed bugs?

Infestation of bed bugs can be hard to eradicate completely, and professional pest control services are usually the best choice. The best way to deal with bed bugs in your home is to contact a professional bed bug exterminator.

The use of heat treatment is an effective alternative to the use of chemical insecticides. By using specialised equipment, the temperature is raised to a level that is lethal to bed bugs. A heat treatment can penetrate cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide, eliminating the infestation effectively.

The steam treatment can also be used to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Steam is applied directly to infested areas, and the high temperature kills the bugs immediately.

Heat treatment against bed bugs

The most effective method to get rid of bed bugs is heat treatment if the infestation is severe

  1. The pest technician will carry out an initial inspection and prepare your property for the service.

  2. We will use an electric or diesel-fueled heater to raise the temperature of each room up to 56°C. This will kill bugs in all stages of development, regardless if they are in or out of sight.

  3. Once the treatment is done and if the exterminator deems it necessary, will return two weeks later to treat all recently infested areas with an insecticide spray to ensure best results.

We are the leading experts in bed bug treatment in London

A specialised insecticide with a powerful knockdown effect will be applied on your first bed bug treatment visit. The second visit is to ensure that the bed bug colony has been completely eradicated. As bed bugs have a life cycle of 10 to 14 days, we always schedule 2 visits during that period to exterminate not only mature generations, but newly hatched ones as well.

On the second visit, we always use a different insecticide to ensure that the bed bugs have not developed any resistance. To make the treatment effective, you will have to sleep in the beds that have been treated, so the bedbugs can be lured out of hiding and exposed to the treated surfaces.

We provide all types of pest control treatments.

What to do before the bed bugs exterminator arrive

Due to the bed bugs’ incredible resistance to most pest products on the market, there are a couple of things you need to do in order to ensure your safety and the pest’s complete extermination. To prepare for bed bug treatment follow these steps:

  • Relocate your pets (fish included) prior to the treatment;
  • Remove all infected bedding and wash it on 60-90°C;
  • Wash any clothing found in the infested room on 60-90°C;
  • Hoover all areas in the affected room, especially under the bed;

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Can I book a bed bugs control service for the same day?

    A: Absolutely. We endeavour to respond to emergency pest control requests as fast as possible, subject to availability.

  • Q: The bed bugs are in my mattress, what can I do?

    A: Honestly, consider that mattress gone. It is best to just replace it with a new one. Just make sure to have a professional treatment before placing your new one to protect it from the insects.

  • Q: The bed bug infestation is absolutely out of control, what should I do?

    A: If this is indeed the case, then we highly recommend for you to take advantage of our heat treatment. It eradicates up to 100% of the adult bed bugs and their eggs in about two hours.

  • Q: What discount can I get if I book your bed bugs treatment service?

    A: You can get the treatment at reduced rates if you become a member of our Fantastic Club. Note that the discounted prices apply to all our services for the duration of 12 months.

  • Q: What should you do when the pest technician starts treating the property?

    A: When the exterminator arrives, leave the property for a few hours since the insecticides settle. Once the products have settled down, open all windows and doors for about 10 minutes and do not vacuum all treated surfaces for at least 5 days.

  • Q: What can I do to minimise the spreading prior to the pest control service?

    A: One of the simplest and most effective things you can do is to vacuum-clean the affected areas using a disposable dust bag. As soon as you are done cleaning, immediately throw that bag away.

  • Q: How long will it take for the bed bugs to perish after the chemical treatment?

    A: The adult bed bugs will be affected almost immediately. On the other hand, there will be bed bugs who will hatch a week or two later from the eggs. That is why a secondary treatment will be done as well as part of the service.

  • Q: Will you, please, reschedule my appointment for another day?

    A: Yes, we could do this. Just give us a notice at least 48 hours before the service, otherwise a cancellation fee will be charged. You can also register your own Fantastic account and start managing all your bookings through the dashboard section? It’s really easy and you’ll save time this way.

  • Q: How can I alleviate bed bug bites?

    A: Here's a helpful little trick: apply liquid soap on the bitten spots and let it dry out. Another natural remedy is a paste made from baking soda and a bit of water. If the rash is too severe, then you might want to see a dermatologist or use a steroidal anti-itch cream.

  • Q: What caused the bed bug infestation?

    A: The most likely scenario is that they were brought in through one of the inhabitants of the property who probably stayed at an infested place overnight. For example, bed bugs are known to “board” the luggage of travellers and are frequently encountered in hotel rooms.

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