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What to expect from our pest control fumigation

The fumigation is a general pest treatment done with an insecticide spray. The purpose behind it is to protect the property from a potential insect infestation. For example, most tenancy agreements often include a clause regarding mandatory property fumigation.

Оn the day of the service, a fully equipped pest controller will visit your address. After a thorough inspection of the property and according to the type and severity of the infestation, the pest specialist will determine what's the most suitable treatment. Based on the situation, he could proceed with fumigation and apply the product to keep the pesky bugs at bay for weeks to come, or he could recommend a fogging service and proceed with it.

Precautionary measures before your house fumigation

For your safety and for optimal results, there are a few checklist boxes that you need to tick on the morning before the fumigation service. Prior to the arrival of the pest expert, you should:

  • Remove any pets from your property, fish included;
  • Hoover all areas that are about to be treated.
  • Cupboards, cabinets and drawers must be left open before the fumigation.
  • Medicines to be stored in glass or metal containers.

When the London exterminator begins the fumigation, leave the property for about 2 hours, then air out the treated premises for 5 to 10 minutes. Avoid hoovering the fumigated areas for at least 4 days.

Frequently asked questions about fumigation service

  • Q: I see two sets of prices on your page. So, what are the perks of getting a Fantastic Club membership?

    A: When you join the club, the discounted prices, you see, are valid for a whole year, regardless of what service you book.

  • Q: Can you reschedule my fumigation appointment if something comes up?

    A: Absolutely! You can use your Fantastic account and manage all your services in one place at your convenience.

  • Q: When should I book a fumigation service?

    A: This service is only performed as a preventive measure and cannot be used to treat ongoing infestations. It is done with insecticide sprays that have a long residual effect.

  • Q: Is the pest technician using safe products?

    A: Yes, however they are slightly toxic while airborne, which is why the exterminator will advise you to leave the building for the entire duration of the treatment.

  • Q: Does fumigation help against rodents?

    A: Unfortunately, this service is only efficient at preventing insect infestations and will not work on bigger animals. If you are facing rodents, you can opt for our rat control services or contact a mouse exterminator instead.

  • Q: How long will the treatment last?

    A: This will depend on many factors, for example, your property’s size and layout. However, the pest controller will be able to give you an exact estimate after performing an inspection.

  • Q: When is the best time to book a fumigation service?

    A: In the UK, the highest peak in pest activity is usually seen at the end of summer when the animals start searching for a cosy shelter to escape the approaching winter.

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