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Inspection for pests

The North London Pest Control Service Explained

Our company provides full-service pest control in North London for residential and commercial properties. Offering different pest control services, we can deal with a variety of pests such as rodents, cockroaches, fleas, ants, moths and more.

Every service begins with a thorough inspection by a certified pest controller. Based on the severity of the infestation at your property, the exterminator will recommend the most suitable type of pest treatment.

As some services, such as fogging or heat treatment, require the premises to be empty, you may have to remove all pets, including fish, from the property and leave it for a few hours.

The Benefits of Our Pest Extermination in North London

  • Diligent pest controllers - trained to handle all kinds of pests, the exterminators are ready to assist you at any time
  • Emergency pest control treatment - availability of same-day bookings.
  • Membership deals - special rates and discounts for members.
  • Using modern equipment - products and equipment approved by an official UK supplier.
  • Insured and guaranteed service - pest treatments with 1 or 3-month guarantee to help you deal with pest infestations once and for all!
  • Easy online bookings - quick online availability check and easy-to-book service.

Pest Control Services North London

Fantastic pest control

Mice and rats control

Our mice and rats control service in North London is an effective solution against rodent infestations, guaranteeing a pest-free environment at your place. A local exterminator will do a thorough inspection of your property, identifying the entry points and sealing rodent-size holes using expanding foam, wool wire and sealants. To ensure full eradication of mice and rats, the pest controller will put baits at strategic places at your home or business facility

Bed bug treatment

With a comprehensive approach to bed bug treatment, our pest control service in North London will help you get rid of the infestation at your property. A certified exterminator will treat the affected areas with a powerful insecticide. We guarantee the successful eradication of the bed bugs.

Coockroach control

Reproducing quickly and carrying different diseases, roaches rapidly turn into infestation. That’s why booking a professional coockroach treatment is the best option if you want to eliminate any health risks and maintain a safe and healthy environment at your home or business.

Expert Pest Control North London

Pest Proofing

With our pest-proofing, home and business owners can effectively deter birds, rodents or insects and ensure clean and hygienic living or working spaces. With various preventive measures and blocking entry points, the pest-proofing will help you keep vermin away and provide a pest-free environment. The service has a 1-year guarantee, so you can be sure the job is done to the highest quality and your property will be protected from pests.

Heat Treatment

The heat treatment is a highly effective and eco-friendly solution for dealing with pests like bed bugs, woodworms or moths. By using a heater, the pest exterminator raises the temperature to 56°C, successfully eradicating bugs at all life stages. The treatment is non-toxic and doesn't leave any residue, which makes it one of the safest and, at the same time, most effective pest control methods.


You can easily get rid of the pests at your residential or commercial property with our fumigation service. Dealing with crawling or flying pests, the service is an effective solution against moths, bed bugs, cockroaches or flea infestations. A certified exterminator will fumigate your property, ensuring all affected areas are treated, and vermin are successfully removed.

Todor 4.53/5 952 ratings

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Rodent Control Insect Treatment

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"Prompt rodent control response. Their team's efficiency and quick measures eliminated the pests successfully."

- Amelia P.

Frederik 4.36/5 174 ratings

Number of bookings: 768

With Fantastic Services for: 5 years


Rodent Control Insect Treatment

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"Swift rodent control service. Their team's efficiency in addressing the issue ensured a pest-free living space."

- Isabella W.

Georgios 4.68/5 149 ratings

Number of bookings: 676

With Fantastic Services for: 2 years


Rodent Control Insect Treatment Rodent Proofing

What the reviews say

"Effective rodent control service. The team swiftly addressed the issue, providing a pest-free environment. Highly recommended for their quick response and professionalism."

- Ava G.

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