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4 simple step to get rid of carpet beetles

  • 1. Survey

    As soon as the pest control technician arrives, an inspection of the property will be conducted, and the areas that are affected will be determined.

  • 2. Treatment

    All affected surfaces will be sprayed with a powerful insecticide that has a long-term residual effect and kills beetles almost instantly.

  • 3. Observation

    Our full-service option allows you to request up to two additional pest technician visits within 3 months.

  • 4. Prevention

    After the carpet beetle treatment, the pest controller will prepare a detailed report. Additionally, the expert will offer suggestions on how to prevent future carpet beetle infestation.

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Hire a London exterminator to get rid of carpet beetles

Although carpet beetles do not breed quickly, once they infest your home, the damage they can cause in a short period of time can be quite substantial and, most importantly, irreversible.

The insect's larvae only feed on animal-based and organic products, so your natural-fibre soft furnishings and textiles are immediately at risk. The larvae of carpet beetles feed on:

  • Silk, leather, fur, cotton
  • Bookbindings, canvas paintings
  • Upholstered items, natural carpeting, bedding, clothing
  • Synthetic rugs that have been affected by food/liquid spillages or grease stains.

Therefore, if you notice traces of insect activity on your belongings, you should contact a carpet beetle exterminator. The specialist can inspect your property and identify what kind of pest you are dealing with.

Benefits of our carpet beetle treatment

  • Approved insecticides provided by an official UK supplier
  • Top-notch equipment for quick and smooth process
  • 24/7 availability - our representatives can answer all your questions anytime that suits you best
  • Complete service that includes survey, treatment, monitoring, prevention

What to do before and after the carpet beetles removal

Prior to the carpet beetle treatment:

  • Remove light furniture to provide better access to affected areas
  • Vacuum thoroughly all infested items
  • Remove pets temporarily from the property

After the carpet beetle treatment:

  • Do not vacuum/mop the treated areas for a few days so you don’t hinder the residual action of the insecticidal product
  • Ventilate your property by opening windows and doors
  • Leave the treated area empty for a minimum of 2 hours

Frequently asked questions about our carpet beetle pest control

  • Q: Why is my home infested with carpet beetles?

    A: Carpet beetle infestations spread quickly through doors and windows. The bugs will often infest upholstered furniture, blankets, coats, pillows, clothing from various materials, and carpets.

  • Q: What discount can I get if I book your carpet beetles treatment?

    A: You can get the treatment at reduced rates if you become a member of our Fantastic Club. Also, we offer many other benefits for 12 months.

  • Q: I just discovered a carpet beetle in my home. Can you come immediately?

    A: Absolutely! We provide emergency pest control services, so a certified pest exterminator near you will come to your address and take care of the issue even at night.

  • Q: What are carpet beetles, and do they bite?

    A: Carpet beetles are small and round insects that also have a pair of wings. They are often mistaken for bed bugs because they are just as attracted to the CO2 you release while sleeping.

  • Q: When should I book a carpet beetle treatment?

    A: You should call one of the Fantastic pest exterminators as soon as you spot any signals of a pest infestation.

  • Q: How can I get rid of carpet beetles?

    A: Firstly, you will need to determine where the bugs have chosen to nest. The best way to eliminate the pests is by thoroughly hoovering the entire area with a vacuum cleaner and thoroughly washing all the infested fabric.

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