Why do businesses need pest control?

Business owners should not worry about a pest infestation upsetting employees, creating unexpected costs, and damaging their brand image. Financial costs are the first thing to consider. A rodent infestation can harm a business in many ways. Property and equipment damage is another thing to consider since once rodents are in your building, they will quickly chew and gnaw through walls, pipes, and expensive electrical equipment. Additionally, public-facing companies need to think about reputational damage. We offer highly effective commercial pest control services using modern equipment. As part of our pest management program, we offer free pest inspections for commercial properties. Additionally, we offer rodent proofing, a one-time treatment that prevents rats and mice from returning to the premises once they have been removed. There's no doubt that it's a highly-recommended service that clients can rely on.


Providing cost-effective commercial pest control in London

The benefits of choosing Fantastic Services as your pest management company

  • Following all health and safety COSHH 1988 regulations
  • Carrying public liability insurance of up to 5 million pounds
  • For commercial properties, we provide discreet and guaranteed pest control services
  • Disinfection services upon request
  • We offer after working-hours visits and long-term contracts
  • Emergency pest control visits 24/7
  • Quick identification of the pest species and the level of infestation
  • Effective application of bait boxes, traps, and sealants for entry points
  • Pest proofing services are available upon request

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We provide industrial pest control services in London and across the UK

  • Pest Control for Property Managers, Landlords & Letting Agents

    In the property management sector, pest problems are typically dealt with by the management or lettings company. We provide tailored pest control services throughout the UK for property management companies. There must be a clear strategy to prevent pest infestations from spreading to multiple floors in large buildings. Our long-term pest solutions include both free pest inspections and integrated pest control strategies. Fantastic Services is already the preferred pest control provider for many large estate agencies in London. We collect keys from offices or contact tenants for access. We have teams of pest control experts throughout London who can respond to any pest emergency request.

  • Pest Control in Restaurants and Food Premises

    We at Fantastic Services understand the importance of an effective pest control solution. Any sign of pest infestation in your restaurant would seriously impact your brand. Commercial kitchens and venues serving food must adhere to strict sanitation standards and safety measures regarding restaurant pest control. General hygiene requirements for all food business operators are outlined in Food Standards Act 1999. Food premises should be designed to permit good food hygiene practices, including protection from contamination and, in particular, adequate pest control. We offer pest management services to ensure that your restaurant or eating establishment meets all food safety regulations. A pest infestation can be extremely damaging to a restaurant business, so we offer a wide range of pest control services, including bird and rat control.

  • Pest Control for Hotels

    Hotels with multiple entrances, food preparation areas, comfy guest rooms and storage areas are a perfect target for all types of pests. You should be aware of the costs and inconvenience pest infestations can cause. The risks posed to your business include - revenue loss from unoccupied rooms and unhappy guests. Professional pest control solutions help protect your reputation and brand by reducing the chance of encounters with pests. As a pest control company, we provide pest proofing solutions and management of cockroaches, mice, flies, rats and chemical-free heat treatment for bed bugs. A certified technician will come to your home quickly to eliminate the pests. Checking for pest activity regularly, identifying potential risks and providing expert advice on steps to reduce the risk of future infestations. We can manage and coordinate pest inspection services across multiple locations. Mice will likely cause problems in hotel kitchens, storage rooms where laundry is kept, and guest rooms where sightings and droppings may occur. There can be a severe rat problem, particularly around bins and large item storage areas that are not cleaned regularly. A bed bug infestation! It is now becoming one of the biggest threats to a hotel's reputation. Last but not least, flies can multiply and become a nuisance and a safety and health hazard.

  • Healthcare Facilities Pest Control

    Pest infestations of any type in healthcare facilities are extremely dangerous. Especially in critical care and sterile areas, where cross-contamination must be avoided. Health care organisations rely on us to deliver comprehensive pest management. A sterile environment can be severely compromised by pests such as rats, mice, birds, bedbugs, and cockroaches. Health care facilities and hospitals tend to have large basements that are ideal for pests. Despite being based in London, we can provide commercial pest services nationwide. We support healthcare environments with pest management programs and provide professional disinfection services to prevent COVID-19 spread. Healthcare facilities must have effective and appropriate pest control management policies, procedures and contracts. As well as posing unacceptable risks to patients, staff, and visitors, pest activity can undermine reputations, public trust, and the environment and stored food. A licensed pest control contractor should manage pest activity within an organisation. Our pest technicians conduct detailed risk assessments to determine the best treatment option for pest infestations and the necessary control measures.

So whatever your workplace is, you can be 100% sure that we can keep it in tip-top condition.

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