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An effective and chemical-free way to eliminate moths and larvae
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How We Conduct the Moth Control Service

  • 1. Survey

    We will closely inspect your property to determine the extent of the moth infestation. You will then be advised of the best possible method for dealing with it.

  • 2. Treatment

    We will treat affected areas with an insecticide that will eliminate all carpet and clothes moths quickly. If necessary, the technician might fog or heat the affected areas.

  • 3. Observation

    In the event that you still see moth activity after the initial treatment, the pest control technician can come back to inspect the property and proceed with a second treatment.

  • 4. Prevention

    Additionally, the exterminator will share some practical tips for preventing future moth infestations. A copy of the written report about the treatment will also be given to you.

Fantastic Services can help you get rid of moths

As a member of the Fantastic club, you can get £30 OFF for 10 different services within 1 year.

Service TypeStudio/1 bed2 bed property3 bed property
PricesFantastic Club
Fantastic Club
Fantastic Club
1-month treatment*from £175
from £205
from £185
from £215
from £210
from £240
3-month treatment**from £255
from £285
from £265
from £295
from £290
from £320
4-month treatment

Full treatment with extended guarantee.

Get the option to request up to 3 additional follow up visits within a period of 4 months from the initial treatment.

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The price rates are only valid for residential properties.

The prices are not affected by any extra fees besides parking and congestion (where applicable).

*The 2 visits treatment is comprised of 1 main visit and 1 follow-up visit, carried out over the course of 1 month. Note that the follow-up visit is only done at your request.

**The complete treatment features 1 major visit and 2 extra follow-up visits, carried out over the course of 3 months. Note that any follow-up visits are only done at your request.

£50 additional charge on all night jobs (night job is considered between 8pm and 5am appointment time).

T&C and Minimum call out charges apply. When we calculate the price, we also take into consideration the area's dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25. Congestion charges are excluded (when applicable). Note that prices may vary for areas outside of M25, call in for more details on your location.

Effective and affordable moth control in London

Clothing moths are mostly harmless during their adult stage because they feed on flower nectar and do not cause much trouble to humans. However, in their larval form, they are omnivorous creatures that can cause tons of damage, including:

  • Destroy clothing, curtains and upholstered furniture;
  • Fur rugs, natural carpets, and linens will be damaged;

On the other hand, pantry moths will be attracted to your dry food if it is stored improperly. These insects feed on starchy and sweet foods. Booking a moth pest control appointment with Fantastic Services is the best way to combat moth infestations.

What to do before and after moth treatment

Taking these steps will ensure that you get the best results:

Prior to the treatment

  • Remove all pets including any fish from the property
  • Hoover the affected areas
  • Declutter the premises that will be treated

After the treatment

  • The premises need to be vacated for 3-4 hours post-treatment
  • Upon return air, the treated areas for 5-10 minutes
  • Do not hoover/mop the treated areas after treatment for 5-7days

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why have moths invaded my home?

    A: Many households store a respectable amount of pantry items (flour, grain, etc.) which some moth spices eat. Cloth moths feed on natural materials such as clothing made of wool, silk, fur, and others.

  • Q: What are the telltale signs of a moth infestation?

    A: The most visible signs of an active infestation are irregularly-shaped holes in clothing and furnishing. Other signs include tubes or cases teeming with maggot-like larvae, silk cocoons in the corners of your room or furniture, and adult moths that spend more time crawling than flying.

  • Q: Can you change the time of the moth treatment appointment?

    A: Yes, we can but more conveniently you can do it on your own by creating a Fantastic account. From the dashboard you can easily manage all your bookings.

  • Q: My carpets are infested with moth larvae. Now what?

    A: If the moth larvae have decided to nest in your carpet, make sure to vacuum it as often as possible and change your vacuum bags frequently. Learn the difference between moths and butterflies so you know whether you have a serious problem.

  • Q: Do you offer any discounts?

    A: Yes, by joining the Fantastic club you will get benefits like discounted prices and other exclusive deals for a year long.

  • Q: How do you charge for moth fogging?

    A: Per job, not per hour. The price depends on the number of rooms that need to be treated and the number of visits by an exterminator.

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