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Professional control of silverfish

  • 1. Survey

    The first thing an exterminator does is to inspect your property. Identifying the type and level of silverfish infestation is crucial to choosing an effective treatment.

  • 2. Treatment

    Commercial-grade insecticides are sufficient for mild infestations. Severe silverfish infestations require heat treatment. You can have treatments on the same day you make a reservation.

  • 3. Observation

    You can get two free follow-up visits when you book a guaranteed treatment. If necessary, the silverfish exterminator will return to inspect and treat the property again.

  • 4. Prevention

    Upon complete elimination of the silverfish, you will receive a written report, including some additional tips on how to prevent future silverfish infestations.

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Are silverfish harmful?

Silverfish pose no threat to human health, since they have no biting ability or disease transmission. Nonetheless, silverfish are still a pest, and you should act immediately. Despite the fact that silverfish aren't dangerous, they can still cause troubles:

  • Damage to your property
  • Contaminating your food
  • They ruin your possessions as they feed on different sticky materials.

Don’t waste any time and leave the London pest professionals to take care of the silverfish infestation!

How to get ready for a silverfish removal service and what you need to do after it's done

Here is a brief list of everything you have to do before and after the silverfish removal service.


  • Take out all animals kept on the premises, including fish.
  • Thoroughly clean all areas affected by the infestation using a vacuum.
  • Please leave the premises during the service.


  • Wait for at least 2 hours before returning home.
  • Refrain from using a vacuum cleaner for the next four days.
  • Open the windows and doors for around 10-15 minutes when you go back.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What are silverfish doing in my home?

    A: Silverfish, which are tiny and agile beings, have a natural inclination towards moist surroundings, including bathrooms, kitchens, garages, basements, and old boxes.

  • Q: Are silverfish harmful?

    A: To put it simply, these creatures do not possess the ability to bite through human skin due to their minuscule mandibles. Despite their intimidating looks, they would only resort to biting if they perceive a threat to their safety.

  • Q: Are your services discreet?

    A: Yes, they are We can send a pest technician with an unbranded van for your peace of mind.

  • Q: Do you offer treatments on Saturdays and Sundays too?

    A: We offer our services every day of the week, including weekends and public holidays.

  • Q: What about diseases?

    A: Silverfish are free of any diseases that are known to affect humans and are harmless to people.

  • Q: How to get rid of silverfish?

    A: You can use spices like bay leaves and sage to naturally deter silverfish from your home. Some other household solutions that can help with silverfish are diatomaceous earth, pieces of cucumber, and oils from citrus fruits.

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