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Price for Fantastic Club members starts from £255 instead of £285

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How Our Woodworm Treatment Works

  • 1. Survey

    An expert technician arrives on your property to inspect the area where you've noticed signs of infestation. After that, the surveyor may also need to take a look at nearby wood products to make sure the infestation hasn't spread.

  • 2. Treatment

    Whether you've decided to use the spray method or the heat treatment, your property will be treated with the utmost care. The insecticide has a long residual effect. The heat treatment eliminates the wood-boring beetles in all life stages.

  • 3. Observation

    When you book a guaranteed service, you can get up to two free additional visits from the pest technician to check up on the results. These follow-up treatments are done upon request and are scheduled ahead of time.

  • 4. Prevention

    At the end of the service, the exterminator will leave you with some a written report and advice on how you can protect your woodwork from infestations in the future.

Professional woodworm treatment in London

As a member of the Fantastic club, you can get £30 OFF for 10 different services within 1 year.

Woodworms are notorious for causing expensive structural damage, as well as for destroying wooden furniture of all shapes and sizes. If you heard their signature gnawing sounds more than once, don’t waste time, get a woodworm treatment. After a careful survey for signs of woodworm, the fully equipped pest technician will use a spray product to drive the insects out from their improvised tunnels. For more serious infestations, he will also inject a special paste into the apertures to eliminate the boring beetle larvae for good.

Guarantee: 3-months guarantee with up to 2 extra visits. If the specialist has used a paste to perform the service, we will extend your woodworm treatment guarantee at no extra cost.

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PricesFantastic Club
Standard Price
Fantastic Club
Standard Price
Fantastic Club
Standard Price
1-month treatment*from £185
from £215
from £195
from £225
from £205
from £235
3-month treatment**from £255
from £285
from £265
from £295
from £275
from £305
4-month treatment

Full treatment with extended guarantee.

Get the option to request up to 3 additional follow up visits within a period of 4 months from the initial treatment.

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The price rates are only valid for residential properties.

The prices are not affected by any extra fees besides parking and congestion (where applicable).

*The 2 visits treatment is comprised of 1 main visit and 1 follow-up visit, carried out over the course of 1 month. Note that the follow-up visit is only done at your request.

**The complete treatment features 1 major visit and 2 extra follow-up visits, carried out over the course of 3 months. Note that any follow-up visits are only done at your request.

£50 additional charge on all night jobs (night job is considered between 8 pm and 5 am appointment time).

T&C and Minimum call out charges apply. When we calculate the price, we also take into consideration the area's dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25. Congestion charges are excluded (when applicable). Note that prices may vary for areas outside of M25, call in for more details on your location.

Professional Woodworm Treatment in London Done by Licensed Experts

Like their name suggests, woodworms like to munch on, well - wood. This means that this type of pest is capable of inflicting some serious (and expensive) damage to the structure of your home. If you’ve heard some interesting sounds around your house, coming from basically nowhere, and at the same time, have noticed holes in beams and wooden furniture - congratulations! You are most likely a victim of a woodworm attack.

In such cases it’s best to count on the help of a professional, that’s if you don’t want to invest in a serious home renovation.

Woodworm prevention tips

  • If you have woodworm infested furniture, dispose of the items as soon as possible, so the infestation doesn’t spread further.
  • Keep your home well ventilated - woodworms prefer to munch on timber places where the humidity is high.
  • Install insect traps to prevent a potential attack by woodboring beetles during the warmer months. This way you will eliminate the woodworms' future parents and avoid the onset of a rapid infestation.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Can pest controllers work during the Coronavirus lockdown?

    A: Yes, according to BPCA, pest controllers are still allowed to visit properties, in order to make assessments and implement pest control solutions. You can check our dedicated article that gives more explanation regarding pest control services during Coronavirus lockdown.

  • Q: How can I pay for the pest controller’s work?

    A: Your card may be charged for the full price of the service immediately upon booking or at any time before the service begins.

  • Q: What areas do you cover?

    A: Visit our Coverage page to see all the areas we currently cover.

  • Q: How do I know if my home is infested?

    A: If the surface of your furniture, floorboards, or roof joists is perforated by several tiny holes, this doesn’t necessary mean that the bugs are still active.

  • Q: How do I deal with woodworms?

    A: Тhe common furniture beetle is relatively harmless and can be treated with coats of water-based boron that can be either brushed or sprayed on.

  • Q: How do I keep woodworms from returning?

    A: Maintaining low humidity levels and ensuring decent air ventilation is a good start. You can also purchase a timber moisture metre, whose probe you can use to determine the humidity levels within the timber.

  • Q: What should I do if I want to change the time of my woodworm treatment appointment?

    A: You can easily make any changes through the dashboard section, once you log into your Fantastic account. If you haven’t got one yet, it’s really easy to create it at your convenience.

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