A Rat Control Job in Tower Hamlets

Job summary

  • Location: Tower Hamlets
  • Property: 3 Bedrooms
  • Hours: 1
  • Guarantee: 3 Months
  • Price: £270

We received a call from a woman who was worried that she’d seen a rat inside her house. After she gave our customer service representative the information we needed, we scheduled a visit with one of the pest control technicians.

The address was in Tower Hamlets, London. As usual, the technician came prepared for anything. After all, the client could not be 100% sure about what type of rodents had infested her property. It could have been mice.

Please, keep in mind the total price may vary. Our prices depend on the service you choose, the size of your property, our coverage and availability. To learn more about the process and it's characteristics visit the rat control service page.

What's been done: step by step

  • Preparation
  • Inspection
  • Estimate
  • Setting baits
  • Treatment report

The technician arrived at the property and had a quick talk with the client. She briefly described her situation to him. It seemed that there was a rat poking around the house. It was then up to the professional to find evidence and confirm the presence of rodents. Only then, he could deal with the pest in the appropriate manner. Rat infestations, sadly, are not something uncommon for Tower Hamlets homes.

After careful examination, the professional found a likely sign of a rat infestation - some droppings underneath the kitchen counter. It was where the customer had seen the rat in the first place. This is a common sight. After all, the rodents invade our homes in search of food and shelter. That is the reason why they enter our homes in the first place. The expert also found a couple of holes in the drywall that led inside the kitchen. Those holes were the perfect entry points for the rat to access food.

After the inspection, the local exterminator had no doubts - he was dealing with an infestation and a rat control procedure was needed. He made a quick plan about where the baits should be placed. Something else needed to be dealt with, as well - the entries that rats used to get inside the kitchen. The technician had to carefully seal those entries, and strategically leave an exit for the rat. This way the rodent could get out and die outside.

The pest controller proceeded with placing some baits in strategic places, where signs of rodents had been spotted. The next step of the service involved filling the entry holes with steel wool. It is impossible for rodents to chew through this material, and that is why the exterminators use it.

After the treatment was completed, the professional collected all the tools and materials. He also wrote a treatment report that contained the date and type of the procedure, recommendations for the customer and answers to other frequently asked questions. In this particular case, the customer benefited from our 3-visit plan, so she could request 2 additional visits if she saw a rat or a mouse within the following 3 months. (something that is not provided by the Tower Hamlets council pest control)

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