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We will get your rental home perfectly clean and you will also get your deposit back. What a deal!

  • Thorough oven cleaning is included in the price;
  • 10+ years of industry experience;
  • Special discounts and benefits for Fantastic Club members.
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The image shows a couple of Fantastic Services tenancy cleaners who are on the job. They are cleaning a carpeted stairway. One of the cleaners is hoovering the carpeted area while the other is removing smudges from the wall.

Reasons to select us for your end of tenancy cleaning

Our end of lease cleaning service is top-rated by many people because we always go above and beyond when it comes to cleanliness. After all, we know how important it is to leave your previously rented home spotless and shining both for your landlord and for the new tenants. Last but not least, we know how troublesome moving to a new home can be. That’s why we will make sure to rid you of the worries regarding the cleanliness of the rented property.

  • All cleaning tools and detergents are supplied by us;
  • 48 hour cleaning guarantee;
  • No time limits, the service is completed once the cleaners finish all tasks in the agency-approved checklist.

Experienced professionals you can count on

Why are our professionals one of a kind

The cleaning professionals have many years of experience, especially when it comes to cleaning rental properties and satisfying the needs and requirements of both landlords and tenants. That being said, entrust the experienced professional with the thorough end of tenancy cleaning and expect excellent results.

  • Public liability insured cleaners for up to 5 million;
  • Key pickup and delivery available upon request;
  • Up to 168 hour cleaning guarantee, upon request.

How end of tenancy cleaning in North London usually goes

Here are all the areas that our professionals deal with:

Living room/bedroom cleaning - In an effort to make sure that everything is as clean and hygienic as possible, professionals will take a thorough approach to cleaning. Each reachable surface will be given special attention, with appropriate dusting and wiping to eliminate dirt and germs. Excellent results are guaranteed every time.

Bathroom scrubbing - A pristine bathroom is what we aim for! After using powerful detergents to deep clean both the toilet and shower, our cleaners will move onto fixtures and other surfaces. Every part of your bathroom will be cleaned and polished to perfection.

Kitchen and appliance cleaning - As part of our service, we will be sure to thoroughly wipe down and polish every surface in the kitchen, from cupboards to countertops. Appliances such as fridges and freezers will also be included in the cleaning process; for this reason, it is important that these are switched off one day before our visit so that we can effectively clean them too.

Additional information about other cleaning services we provide in North London

Window Cleaning

If your windows look dusty and need their previous shine, we can help you. Our professional window cleaners will revitalize the look of your windows by using only purified water stored in a tank inside the professional’s van and pumped to a water-fed pole, which can reach the fourth floor. Expect glamorous, streak-free windows after the service. In case you wonder, we can clean them on the inside, too, don’t forget to mention it when you book an appointment.

Regular Home Cleaning

This is a fully adjustable service, meaning you can manage it according to your household needs. You can book our domestic cleaning services daily, weekly or fortnightly. You are free to create your own list of tasks and priority areas for the professionals to focus on. The cleaning experts can either use the detergents you already have available at home, or they can bring their own upon request.

After Builders Cleaning

If your home has recently gone through a renovation, or you may have fitted a brand new bathroom or kitchen, and you don’t want to deal with a large amount of mess after the work has been completed - we are here to help. Our post-construction cleaning professionals will arrive equipped with specialized detergents, high-grade vacuum cleaners and scrubbers, which will help them remove all the dust, paint splatters and varnish stains, ridding your home of the unsightly nightmare and bringing it back to a healthy and normal condition once again.

Before and after our end of tenancy cleaning service in North London

The same living room corner has been thoroughly cleaned and decluttered. Before The photo shows one corner of a ground-level living room of a house. This corner of the room appears quite messy and dirty, with various objects and belongings scattered on the floor. After
The image shows the same bathtub shower cabin but has been thoroughly cleaned. The glass door is now perfectly shiny and transparent. All the smudges and dried-up soapy scum are gone. Before The image shows a bathtub shower cabin that appears quite messy and dirty. The glass door is all smudgy and grainy, covered in soapy scum and limescale. After
Before After
A close-up shot of the same chrome shower head in a bathroom fixed on a tiled wall. The shower head has been cleaned and descaled. The build-up of minerals has been removed and the chrome shower head looks polished and shiny. Before A close-up of a shower head in a bathroom fixed on a tiled wall. The shower head looks visibly worn out, it is covered with limescale which is a hard, chalky deposit, made out of minerals that came from water. After
Before After

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cleaners will arrive?
It is possible for the end of tenancy cleaning teams to consist of as many as six technicians. Ultimately, it depends on the size of your rental property. You can count on us to send as many cleaners as necessary to ensure that your lease end service is completed on time.
What happens if the cleaners forget to clean something?
We will arrange a re-clean of your rental property within 48 hours if something was skipped during the initial service, even though it's highly unlikely. For an additional fee, you can extend the period to 168 hours.
Is oven cleaning included in the price?
In addition to the post-lease service, you can also have your oven professionally cleaned. It will be disassembled and the removable parts dipped into a special cleaning solution to remove grime and grease easily. Additionally, the oven's interior and exterior will be cleaned.
Should I arrange parking in advance?
The property must have a parking space (large enough for a minivan) as close as possible to the garage (within 50 to 150 meters). It is necessary for the cleaning team to be able to easily bring in all the equipment they need from their vehicles since they will be fully equipped to perform the service. Please contact us at least 24 hours before the service if you need details regarding the parking permit. The day before the service, we will contact you via SMS or email to inform you of the time and place of the service.
How long will the service take?
There is no set answer. It depends on the number of rooms and their condition, as well as if any additional services are requested. There is no limit on the time the cleaners work during a house move cleaning service. A standard service will require electricity and hot water.
Im moving in a new property, can I use this service?
If you haven't left any personal belongings inside your new home, we'll gladly help you refresh it. Ensure that your refrigerator and freezer are defrosted 24 hours in advance as well.

Can't find the answer you're looking for?
Visit our Help Center.

Avoid the trouble with your landlord and get your full deposit back by using our end of tenancy cleaning in North London

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