Recover the possession of your rental property with the help of an eviction locksmith in London

We’ll assist you professionally to regain access to your property while complying with all legal regulations!
  • Experienced and equipped tenant eviction locksmiths near you
  • Lock replacement solutions with secure BS6321-standard locks
  • Fast response time (within 30 min) and 24/7 availability
  • Assisting you expertly to achieve stress-free eviction results

The eviction process with the help of a Fantastic locksmith

  • 1. Schedule a locksmith appointment

    Arrange easily online for a skilled eviction locksmith to come on the day of your bailiff appointment by filling out the booking form.

  • 2. Meet the tenant eviction locksmith

    The locksmith will arrive promptly at the specified address, no matter if their assistance is needed early in the morning or late at night.

  • 3. The job will be executed promptly

    The experienced specialist will gain access to your property and if required, they’ll change the lock, as well.

  • 4. Your tenants, gone for good

    Your rental property is now freed of nuisance tenants in the most efficient and hassle-free manner possible.

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* Materials supplied and delivery costs come on top of the service cost.

** The final price for the service is confirmed upon arrival of the locksmith.

*** A cancellation fee as per our standard T&C is applicable in case the locksmith is on site and you decide not to proceed or cancel the service.

T&C and Minimum Charges apply. When we calculate the price, we also take into consideration the area's dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25. Deals cannot be combined with any other deals and promotions. Prices are subject to availability. Parking and Congestion charges are excluded from the prices above(when applicable).

Hire a qualified locksmith for a stress-free eviction service

Are you in a situation where bad tenants consistently refuse to pay their rent on time? Or maybe, you've found out that they have sublet your property without your knowledge or consent? Then, you’ve probably decided to proceed with their eviction.

Well, Fantastic Services can assist you with regaining access to your rental property once the court has issued the Warrant of Possession and an Enforcement Agent or bailiff has been appointed to execute the eviction.

We count on fully trained and experienced tenant eviction locksmiths, who can help the lawfully assigned house repossession professional gain entry into your property and secure it against future unauthorised access by the former tenants or other persons. The latter is achieved by changing the locks of the house or flat. The Fantastic locksmith will perform the job expertly by using specialised tools and a lock of your choice that meets the BS6321 standard.

Eviction locksmith while working

Why hire an eviction locksmith with Fantastic Services?

Efficient service by a fully equipped locksmith

Hiring a Fantastic locksmith, when evicting lawfully your tenants, can be more cost-effective and stress-free in the long run than skipping the services of a professional and punctual eviction specialist, who is adept at dealing with eviction situations. The bailiff or Enforcement Agent may have another job to go to and failure to execute the Warrant of Possession on that day may result in you waiting for another eviction appointment for months and this way, losing potential rental income.

Lock replacement with a 12-months workmanship guarantee

Any work done by the locksmiths, we rely on, is covered by a guarantee of 12 months, regardless of whether they are changing the locks on your property for rent once the tenants have been evicted or you’ve asked for additional security locking device to be installed. The professionals will have a good selection of different types and models of quality locks that you can choose from, which meet all British standards.

Fantastic Club member-only rates and perks

If you become a member of our constantly growing Fantastic Club, when you book your eviction locksmith service, you'll be eligible to pay exclusive rates on this and many other services you may decide to use with us in the future. You’ll also enjoy other exciting perks for a year, such as priority booking, special deals, partners’ treats and credits that you can use on many different cleaning and property maintenance services.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Can landlords just change the locks when dealing with problematic tenants?

    A: It’s illegal to change the lock and try to evict the tenants this way without following all the procedures required by Law. Tenant eviction is a lengthy process that involves issuing formal notices, observing waiting periods of times and going through court hearings that will result in the authorised execution of a Warrant of Possession by a professional bailiff or Enforcement Agent.

  • Q: Can the tenant change the lock for the duration of their tenancy?

    A: The tenants cannot just change the locks without your permission. If you’re dealing with such a situation, you have every right to go forward with initiating an eviction process.

  • Q: Does the eviction locksmith work at hourly rates?

    A: Our eviction locksmith services are not hourly-based. You’ll be advised on the exact cost once the locksmith is on-site, as every eviction situation is different and may require a number of actions. For instance, the tenants may be agreeable to opening the door and peacefully leaving the property, where the locksmith does nothing or is simply asked to change the lock afterwards. Or if the tenants are uncooperative, the locksmith will have to break entry, which will lead again to the need of replacing the damaged lock.

  • Q: Is a locksmith legally required to be present on the day of the eviction?

    A: No. Still, bailiffs would commonly expect a locksmith to be present on eviction day, as the tenants may refuse to give access to the property. In such cases, attempts of gaining entry into the building without the assistance of a qualified and equipped locksmith can cause unexpected delays or even failure to actually evict the tenants.

  • Q: Will the locksmith stay for as long as needed on the day of my bailiff appointment?

    A: Yes. The Fantastic locksmith will stand by and wait until the eviction process has been finalised with or without the need for their assistance, which can involve breaking entry, gaining access into the property, replacing the lock, purchasing a specialised lock on your behalf on that day to change the old one, etc.).

  • Q: What is your coverage?

    A: We operate throughout London, within the M25 zone, all week round, including outside business hours.

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