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Don’t panic if you lock yourself out, due to a snapped key in the lock, but call Fantastic Services!
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  • Responding to your needs within 30 min
  • Fully equipped and trained locksmiths
  • 12-month guarantee on our workmanship

Our key extraction service in 4 steps

  • 1. Request a locksmith

    Contact us online or over the phone to hire a professional locksmith to assist you.

  • 2. The expert arrives promptly

    The technician will strive to get to your address within 30 min, depending on the level of traffic.

  • 3. Key extraction

    The locksmith will bring the right tools to remove the broken key from the lock in no time.

  • 4. Your peace of mind, restored

    Relax now, as the jammed lock is freed of obstructions or expertly replaced with a new one!

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Broken key extraction prices

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* Materials supplied and delivery costs come on top of the service cost.

** The final price for the service is confirmed upon arrival of the locksmith.

*** A cancellation fee as per our standard T&C is applicable in case the locksmith is on site and you decide not to proceed or cancel the service.

T&C and Minimum Charges apply. When we calculate the price, we also take into consideration the area's dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25. Deals cannot be combined with any other deals and promotions. Prices are subject to availability. Parking and Congestion charges are excluded from the prices above(when applicable).

Get a professional locksmith to help you out with any type of lock issue

It can happen to anyone - rushing for work and suddenly your key snaps inside the lock, after locking the door, making it impossible to get in once you get back. Or maybe, the key just got jammed in the lock and you simply can’t get it out? Well, worry not because you can count on Fantastic Services in London, 24/7, in these types of unfortunate situations.

In addition, a Fantastic locksmith can assist you expertly if your toddler has pushed a hair bobby pin or another object in the door or window lock. Whatever the case, the professionals have the tools and tonnes of experience to free the locking device of any obstructions.

We’ll respond to your request as quickly as possible to help you avoid any property security issues, for example, as stuck keys in locks can easily lead to such risks. We cover the entire area of Greater London, within the M25 zone, so call us with confidence!

And even if the worse comes to the worse and your jammed or broken key cannot be extracted with specialised tools, the locksmith will replace the damaged lock with a new one that you can pick from their selection of BS3621-standard locks, brought to you on-site.

What to expect from your key extraction service?

No matter what the exact situation is - you broke the key on your way out and can no longer lock the door, or the key has snapped, while trying to unlock and get into your property, we can help. The Fantastic locksmith will arrive equipped with a professional toolkit, designed to carefully pick and extract a key that has snapped inside a lock or another object that has ended up in there for watever reason.

It is important not to try to remove the broken key yourself, as this may result in making the situation worse. Now, have a look at the possible steps that the locksmith may undertake to complete the broken key extraction service:

  • Upon arrival, the lock repair technician will first discuss with you all the specifics that led to your lockout, lock-in or inability-to-lock situation, due to a snapped key inside the lock.
  • Then, the locksmith will use professional key picking tools to try to remove the broken key from the lock. A spare key will be handy at this point, in order for you to lock or unlock the door once the broken key has been extracted.
  • If the snapped piece has gone too far in, the expert will advise you on your options, which will most likely involve the removal of the whole lock and installing a new one.
  • Note that the locksmith will have a vast selection of quality locks for you to choose from, whether you require a Mortice lock, smart lock or anti-snap euro-cylinder lock to be installed.
  • In some cases, the locksmith may need to use a power drill and/or force to gain entry and then, expertly replace your malfunctioning lock with a new one.

You can also get more information on how to prepare for your locksmith service before the specialist’s arrival.

Why hire a locksmith with Fantastic Services?

24/7 emergency key extraction service

The friendly locksmiths are available in emergency lockouts and broken key situations that require urgent assistance. You can contact us, 24/7, and request a skilled locksmith to come to your property and extract the snapped key. We aim at responding within 30 minutes of your call as long as traffic doesn’t get in the way of the professional’s prompt arrival.

Fully equipped and qualified locksmiths

Fantastic Services counts on experienced and insured locksmiths in London, who know their trade inside and out. Your broken key extraction expert will come fully equipped with precision picking tools to resolve your problem with a stuck key. In some cases, they may need to use power tools to gain entry, as well as advise you on replacing the lock with a new one from their wide selection.

A 12-months guarantee on the workmanship

Our locksmith services come with a warranty of 6 months on the work done. So, rest assured that the locksmith will execute the job up to the highest standard, whether it involves extracting the key without causing damage to the lock, or replacing and installing a new lock, due to the impossibility of getting out the broken key. All new locks, the professionals use, meet the BS3621 standard.

Savings and deals with the Fantastic Club

Join our popular Fantastic Club and benefit from priority booking slots, partners’ deals, a real-time arrival tracker, £300 in credits towards many property maintenance services and more. But most importantly, get exclusive member-only rates on our locksmith solutions and other cleaning or property improvement services for a whole year!

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How much does it cost for a broken key extraction locksmith in London?

    A: Prices start from £79 for our locksmith services in London.

  • Q: Should I try to remove the broken key from my lock?

    A: It’s best not to attempt to remove a snapped key from the lock yourself, as you may damage the components of the lock or push accidentally the broken part even further inside the lock. This will make the key extraction even more difficult and costly and may result in the need of replacing the lock altogether. But if you really want to try, we gathered some easy tips on what you can do to get the key out of the lock.

  • Q: How long would the service take?

    A: This will depend on how complex the job will turn out. If the stuck or broken key cannot be extracted, the whole lock may need to be replaced. In general, the key extraction service shouldn’t take more than an hour if nothing extra comes up.

  • Q: Does the locksmith bring locks with them if replacement is needed?

    A: Yes. The locksmith will bring an array of locks that meet the BS3621 standard (2-5 Lever Mortice locks, Yale locks, multi-locks, deadbolt locks and more). If you require a lock that the technician doesn’t have at hand, they can go and purchase it on your behalf. The locksmith will advise you on-site, regarding any additional costs that will apply.

  • Q: Can a new key be made from a broken key?

    A: Theoretically, yes, but if the break isn’t “clean” enough, the newly cut key may not be a great fit. We can assist you with cutting a new set of keys, however, this is not done on-site. It’s worth mentioning that, often, replacing the whole lock is cheaper than trying to replace the broken key with a new one.

  • Q: Do I have to be present while the service takes place?

    A: Yes. The locksmith will need your assistance, as you will have to provide them with a spare key if the door has been locked. Otherwise, the expert will have to gain entry by force, even if the broken key has been successfully extracted.

  • Q: What types of locks are more prone to a key breaking inside them?

    A: Well, Yale Locks and Euro Cylinder locks, which are pin-tumbler-mechanism locks, are known for this type of risk - the key getting snapped inside them. The reason for this is usually the general wear and tear caused over time, either to the key or to the tumbler mechanism. You can read more about the door lock problems in this article.

  • Q: What should I do in my key snaps in the lock?

    A: If your key snaps inside the lock, you should contact a locksmith. Our trained specialists will be able to assess the lock and determine whether the blade is still intact, which means they can cut a new key from it. If they find the lock to be faulty and the reason the key broke, then they will replace the entire lock for you.

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