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Domestic home cleaning services

Our London cleaners offer a range of cleaning services to suit your needs! From a quick spruce-up to a deep clean, our experienced house cleaners can get your home sparkling.

Regular home cleaning service

You can customise this house cleaning service to meet your needs. Choose the frequency of cleaning sessions, daily, weekly, or fortnightly. Create a personalised cleaning checklist with priority tasks for your cleaner to follow. They can use your detergents or bring their own upon request. All you need to do is provide cleaning tools like a mop, bucket, and vacuum. Plus, you can request the same local cleaner every time!

How many hours do I need?
Many of our clients find 3 hours per week keeps their homes fresh and clean. We can adjust the frequency or duration based on your specific needs.
How can I make changes to my regular cleaning service?
Manage your service through your Fantastic Account or the GoFantastic mobile app.

  • Reschedule appointments free of charge with 48 hours' notice.
  • Simply choose a new slot with your dedicated cleaner or select a different cleaner who fits your schedule.
  • Cancel a service without any fees, provided you give us 48 hours' notice.
  • Make changes to the service frequency, add notes for your cleaner, or even switch to a different cleaning professional.
Do I need to provide the cleaner with cleaning supplies?
Your weekly cleaner will use the available cleaning products, materials, and equipment at your household (including your own vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket). In case you don’t have any detergents, your cleaner can provide those for a small fee. All you have to do is add that to your booking.

Spruce up or deep dive

One-off domestic cleaning solutions

Whether you need a quick refresh or a deep one-off clean, our cleaners in London can do it all!

For a one-time general clean, a skilled professional will tackle everyday dust and grime, leaving your home sparkling. This is ideal for extra help with chores on an irregular basis (booked when you need it), e pre-even spruce up or a seasonal refresh.

However, if your home requires a more intensive clean, our deep one-off domestic clean is the answer. A team of professional London cleaners will arrive fully prepared with eco-friendly detergents and all the essential equipment to address even the most stubborn stains and buildup. This extensive clean will make your entire home feel refreshed and immaculate.

By offering both one-time general cleans and deep house cleans, we ensure you get to choose the service that best fits your needs and expectations. Communicating your preferences upfront is key to getting the customised results you desire.

Professional, comprehensive clean
Our one-off cleaning service is performed by highly trained professionals who have completed extensive training before their first on-site job. Through our quality assurance system, which includes before-and-after photos, we guarantee that you will always receive exceptional results.
Flexible service
We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your needs. Your appointment can begin as early as 8 am or you can choose a later time slot, with the service concluding by 9 pm. Our cleaners in London are available on weekends and holidays as well, ensuring that we can provide service at your convenience.
Peace of mind
Our comprehensive public liability insurance provides added security for the duration of the cleaning visit.
Transparent pricing
Use our online booking form to get an instant quote tailored to your location. Feel free to explore your options. There's no commitment to book until you find the perfect cleaning solution for you.

We are ISO certified: ISO Certified Other recognitions: Safe Contractor The Contractors’ Health and Safety Assessment Scheme

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The image shows the same bathtub shower cabin but has been thoroughly cleaned. The glass door is now perfectly shiny and transparent. All the smudges and dried-up soapy scum are gone. Before The image shows a bathtub shower cabin that appears quite messy and dirty. The glass door is all smudgy and grainy, covered in soapy scum and limescale. After
A close shot of the same white porcelain toilet with a lifter white toilet seat. The toilet has been cleaned, the seat has been wiped, and the stains have been removed. Before A close shot of a white porcelain toilet with a lifted white toilet seat. The toilet appears to be dirty while the toilet seat is significantly stained. After
A close shot of the same white washing machine positioned under a kitchen counter over a tiled floor. The washing machine has been wiped clean and the stains from spillage are removed. Before A close shot of a white washing machine positioned under a kitchen counter over a tiled floor. It appears that the appliance's exterior is quite dirty with stains from various spilt substances. After
A close-up shot of the same white porcelain bathroom sink with a chrome faucet and drain. The sink has been cleaned meticulously, and the faucet and drain have been thoroughly descaled and polished. Before A close-up shot of a dirty white porcelain bathroom sink with a chrome faucet and a chrome drain covered in limescale. After
A close-up shot of the same chrome shower head in a bathroom fixed on a tiled wall. The shower head has been cleaned and descaled. The build-up of minerals has been removed and the chrome shower head looks polished and shiny. Before A close-up of a shower head in a bathroom fixed on a tiled wall. The shower head looks visibly worn out, it is covered with limescale which is a hard, chalky deposit, made out of minerals that came from water. After
The same secluded corner as shown in the previous picture. Here the floor is visibly cleaned and shiny, with the all dirt removed. Before A secluded corner within a living space, the floor is visibly dirty, covered with a thick layer of dirt. After
The same living room corner has been thoroughly cleaned and decluttered. Before The photo shows one corner of a ground-level living room of a house. This corner of the room appears quite messy and dirty, with various objects and belongings scattered on the floor. After
Before After
A close shot of the same uPVC window from the inside of a room. The window and the frame have been wiped clean, the dark gunk and grime have been removed and now the frame and the window look shiny and polished. Before A close shot of a white uPVC window from the inside of a room. The window and the frame are quite dirty, you can barely see through the window. There is dark gunk and grime smudged all over the window frame. After

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Work well together

Schedule a visit by our domestic cleaners in London and choose from our additional services!

  • Upholstery Cleaning
    • Your sofa will look brand new again
    • Removing common domestic stains
    • Eliminating unpleasant odours
    • Fabric protection for longer lasting results
    • Done by certified fibre care technicians

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  • Carpet Cleaning
    • Hot water extraction deep cleaning
    • Dry cleaning available for delicate materials
    • Carpet sanitisation that eliminates 99% of germs
    • Child and pet-safe cleaning detergents
    • Great against stains and odours

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  • Window Cleaning
    • Guaranteed streak-free results by using only purified water
    • High rise window cleaning available upon request(up to 4 floor)
    • Quick and stress-free window cleaning booking process
    • Contactless Front Facade Window cleaning option

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  • Oven Cleaning
    • Using dip tank cooker cleaning method
    • Oven disassembly and deep cleaning by certified technicians
    • Safe biodegradable cleaning products
    • Replacement of parts (if provided)
    • FREE guard application

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What makes our domestic cleaning the right choice for you

Small local company Independent maids

Affordable pricing

Trained and vetted cleaners
Detailed cleaning checklist
Customer support
No minimum contract
Same price for weekends
Free online quote and booking
Sustainability policy
Enjoy a lower rate of £18/h £23/h for one year! Check Fantastic Club benefits
A professional cleaner wearing a dark blue Fantastic Services uniform and an ID badge. She is using a blue cloth to wipe the countertop next to a kitchen sink.
30 000+
trees planted by the end of 2024

Good for you. Good for the environment.

A nature-friendly approach to domestic cleaning

  • We encourage all cleaners to bring reusable slippers instead of plastic overshoes. 
  • Our work schedule is route-optimised, ensuring reduced travel time and fuel savings.
  • We invest in nature-based solutions like Pacajai REDD+ Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) reduction project.

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Frequently asked questions about our domestic cleaning services

How can I make changes to my regular cleaning service?
You can make changes to your regular cleaning service at any time through your Fantastic Account or the GoFantastic mobile app. You can reschedule an appointment free of charge with 48 hours notice from your Fantastic account, choosing between the available slots of your dedicated professional or else, choosing a different cleaner whose availability will suit your schedule. You can also cancel a service without a fee if done 48 hours before the service. You can also add notes, make a change to the service frequency, and change your professional.
How can I trial the regular cleaning service?
You can set up a regular visitation schedule, then make all the necessary changes based on your preferences after the very first visit. You can increase the duration, leave notes with requirements and priorities, or add cleaning detergents. You can also change your cleaner or cancel your regular service.
What happens if the cleaner is not available?
In that scenario, we will be glad to find a suitable replacement. The new operative will then visit at the usual days and working hours that you have previously chosen. We always make sure to communicate all your written priorities and requirements to the replacement professional in order to make sure we keep the service standard at the same high level.
Do the cleaner bring cleaning products and equipment?
The cleaners can bring their own equipment if you specify this as you book the service. You can also, purchase cleaning products as an add-on. However, the cleaners could also use the cleaning equipment and products you have available at your place. It all comes down to your personal preference and what is most convenient for you.
What are the usual hours the regular cleaners work?
The cleaning professionals have different working hours and availability. Your appointment can start as early as 8 am or you can book a later slot in the day and with the service finishing by 9 pm. We have cleaners working on weekends and bank holidays too so we have you covered at all times.
How can I take advantage of the special rate of £18/h?
Have you heard of the Fantastic Club? Become a member today to take advantage of the numerous perks it provides.
What is your minimum term?
We don't have one, our customers use the service for as long as they actually need it. Only 2 full days' notice (over 48hrs in advance) is required from you to terminate appointments with us permanently.
Do I have to be home to let the cleaner in every time?
There’s no need for that. You can provide your cleaning professional with a set of spare keys that they can use to let themselves in on every scheduled visit. We have a strict key security policy – our system automatically assigns a 5-digit code to tag each set of keys (your information and home are protected). A Big part of our customers prefer to install a Key Safe Lock Box and provide us with the code. Our professionals can clean and leave your keys back in the lock box at the end.
Will I get the same cleaner every time?
To ensure we can send your favourite professional as much as possible please stick to the initially chosen daytime/frequency of the service. In case the weekly cleaner is on holiday or cannot attend for any other reason we will be happy to offer you a replacement for the period of your cleaner's absence. Alternatively, you can skip appointments until their return.
Do I need to arrange a parking permit for my domestic cleaning?
All single cleaners travel to their assigned properties via public transportation, so the only thing you’ll need to do is pick a convenient day and hour at which your sessions will take place.

In case you book a team of cleaners, they are coming fully equipped with all needed supplies to perform the service so they need to be able to easily bring in all the equipment from their vehicle. If you need any details in order to secure a parking permit, please contact us at least 24 hours prior to the day of the service. Please leave a direct contact number and expect an update via SMS or email from 5 pm to 7 pm the day before the service.

Which areas does the regular cleaning cover?
We are glad to tell you that our service covers all London districts, so we can clean your property wherever you may be. We also perform services in large cities like Bristol, Guildford, Manchester, Oxford and many more. To find out if we cover your area, just enter your postcode in our online booking form.
Could I ask the cleaner to clean the carpet and outside windows?
The cleaner can hoover the carpet. If you need a professional deep carpet cleaning service, we would be more than happy to organise a separate professional service for you by a fully trained carpet cleaning technician. The regular cleaner can also clean the windows from inside to a reachable height, without the use of a ladder. Should you require any external window cleaning, you can simply book a professional window cleaning service. We will be happy to quote you separately for that.
What's the difference between one-off deep cleaning and regular home cleaning?
Unlike regular home cleaning, a one-off is a more thorough one-time service that can help you restore the presentable state of your property in order to get ready for your in-laws’ visit, deal with the aftermath of last night's party, or to simply keep things neat & clean. Secondly, deep house clean can be done by more than one cleaner who can provide professional cleaning products and equipment for the best results upon request. And lastly, the technician's checklist is replaced with your very own!
Is the team able to treat external window elements as well?
Our experts will focus primarily on interior window cleaning, including frames and sills. They can also clean exterior panes as long as they are reachable from inside the property. However, if the number of windows is too high, we recommend booking a professional window cleaning service.
Can the cleaners deal with mould on my ceiling/walls?
This is usually not a part of our services as mould and mildew are organic in nature and require an entirely different approach and set of products. The cleaners will try to remove the mould, however, it’s best to hire a certified handyman for the job in case plastering is needed.

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