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Get rid of nasty carpet stains and unpleasant odours with the help of our carpet cleaning service.
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Stain and odour removal

Our professional carpet cleaning service can do wonders for your carpet. The methods we use are very effective in removing stains from the carpet while also deodorising them.

Harmless detergents

All of the detergents the cleaners use for cleaning your carpets are completely non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about any side effects of using them.

High-end machines

The carpet cleaning equipment we use is all state of the art and extremely effective in battling dirt and stains on carpets.

How we perform our carpet cleaning service in Uxbridge

Each carpet cleaning service starts off with an inspection of the carpet. This will help the technicians to determine the condition of the carpet and also what it’s made of. Knowing what materials were used for making the carpet will help us choose the appropriate cleaning method.

If there is any small furniture obstructing the cleaning specialist, he will move them and will then hoover the carpet. All carpet stains will then be pre-treated with a special product.

The technician will then go on to choose one of two carpet cleaning methods - hot water extraction or dry cleaning.

Hot water extraction is the more powerful of the two cleaning methods, however, it can only be used on synthetic and wool-based carpets. The way we perform this method is with the help of a high-end machine, which injects hot water under pressure into the carpet and then extracts the moisture along with all the dirt and dust. Once the service is finished, you’ll just need to let the carpets dry for around 3-6 hours.

Dry cleaning is a method, more suitable for carpets made out of more delicate materials like cotton and linen. A machine is used to rub a powdery compound into the fabric of the carpet. This compound sticks to all the dirt particles once left on the carpet. These can then be hoovered with ease.

Why Fantastic Services is your best choice for carpet cleaning in Uxbridge

  • Professional certified cleaning specialists
  • Use of non-toxic cleaners
  • Hot water extraction and dry cleaning methods
  • Punctual technicians
  • Availability every day of the week
  • Optional Scotchgard protection

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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Quotes we’ve given our customers in Uxbridge for carpet cleaning


Two carpets and a medium rug

Uxbridge Aug 31, 2020
Hi, guys! We have a living room and hallway carpet that need cleaning, also a medium rug. Please send help!

Service: Carpet and rug cleaning


Four carpets

Uxbridge Apr 08, 2020
So, here we go - a large living room carpet, a carpeted hallway and two single bedroom carpets. All of them need serious cleaning. Hurry, before it's too late!

Service: Carpet cleaning


Two carpets

Uxbridge Apr 10, 2020
We have a single bedroom carpet and a large living room carpet in need of high-quality cleaning. Thank you!

Service: Carpet cleaning

What is the cost of carpet cleaning in Uxbridge?

£52 £111 £187

The average price of a carpet cleaning service in Uxbridge is £111.

More than 41% of our customers in Uxbridge use us more than once a year for carpet cleaning.

Every third customer of ours in Uxbridge, who books a carpet cleaning service, also books a one-off domestic cleaning to go with it.

Most of the carpets we clean in Uxbridge are synthetic ones.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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