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Carpet cleaning in Royston for hard-working carpets and precious rugs alike.
  • Choose stain-busting hot water extraction or delicate dry cleaning
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  • Eco-friendly detergents
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Why choose our carpet cleaning service?

Online and phone booking options

Call to get an instant quote or do it all online. Get a price, check availability and reserve an appointment in five minutes or less.

Quality-assured rug cleaning

Industrial-strength cleaning equipment and cleaning products produced by a leading manufacturer. Skilled, careful cleaners who use both to their best effect.

Cleaning the carpet makes your whole home cleaner

Deep cleaning of carpets destroys viruses and bacteria and removes pollutants trapped in carpet fibres. It improves the air quality in any room

What happens during your carpet cleaning session in Royston

Your carpet cleaner starts by moving any light furniture to one side to maximise access to the floor. They then assess the type of carpet to be cleaned, noting any problem areas. The most appropriate cleaning method is selected, then the carpet is vacuumed and any spots or worn areas are pre-treated to ensure an even final result.

Hot water extraction cleaning

Detergents and water are applied to the carpet under pressure then removed with a specialist tool. This powerful machine extracts far more dirty water than a domestic wet vacuum cleaner will. More dirt removed means brighter colours and softer texture when compared to results achievable using less powerful domestic carpet cleaning equipment. Once the rug is clean, Scotchgard carpet protection is applied to help prevent future spills from staining.

Dry cleaning

If your rug or carpet is vulnerable to colour-run or shrinkage, your carpet cleaner will apply a dry powder. This is rubbed into the pile. Here it adheres to dirt particles, making them easier to remove by vacuuming. Dry cleaning has a limited effect on staining. But it will brighten colours and refresh your rugs without any risk of damaging them.

The benefits of choosing Fantastic Services for professional carpet cleaning

  • You can be certain that the correct method is chosen to clean your carpet.
  • All products used are eco-friendly, no toxic chemicals are introduced to your home.
  • The rate for hot water extraction cleaning is inclusive of Scotchgard protection.
  • All work is completed by reference vetted, trained, certified and insured technicians.
  • You'll pay a fixed price with no hidden fees.

dry cleanings


carpets cleaned

1.5 hrs

average duration


square meters cleaned

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Estimates we’ve given our customers in Royston


Carpet Floors

Royston Feb 15, 2021
There are a few carpet floors such as in both bedrooms, on the landing after the staircase, and half the living room. Please let me know if there are any availability and an
indicative price.
... More

Service: Carpet Cleaning


Medium Rug

Royston Jan 05, 2021
We have 3 small carpeted rooms and a small hallway and 2 rugs that we would like deep cleaned. In addition, I would like the windows cleaned inside and out. We are on the grou
nd floor.
... More

Service: Carpet Cleaning


Small Carpet Cleaning

Royston March 12, 2021
I would like to know what you would quote for some small carpet cleaning I require. The carpeting in my house is laid out on the staircase going to the 1st-floor (14 stairs),
the 1st-floor landing and the staircase going up the 2nd floor (14 stairs).
... More

Service: Carpet Cleaning

What do people pay for carpet cleaning in Royston?

£62 £125 £185

Prices for cleaning a single carpet in Royston start at £62.

Adding a second carpet to your service could save you 20% against our base rates.

30% of clients add home deep cleaning to their carpet cleaning service.

It generally takes skilled carpet cleaners 1.5 hours to clean a carpet.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Whatever sort of rugs you have, hire cleaners to bring out the best in them. Get in touch now to book carpet cleaning in Royston.

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