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Everything you need to know about our carpet and rug cleaning approaches

We use the modern professional equipment to bring you outstandingresults

Deep cleaning for carpets and rugs (hot water extraction steam cleaning)

Perfect for: Synthetic and woollen fabrics.

At our company, we use a hot water extraction method for deep cleaning carpets on the spot. Here's a brief rundown of the process:

First, our experienced carpet cleaners in Milton Keynes will carefully examine your carpets and rugs. Then, they will be vacuumed to make sure there is no loose dust and dirt remaining. If any noticeable stains are present, the professional will pretreat them with special detergents. Once these initial steps are completed, the deep cleaning begins.

Using a cleaning tool, the technician will go over the carpet pile. The nozzle of the wand injects hot water under high pressure, which loosens and removes accumulated dust and dirt. At the same time, a suction attachment is used to eliminate the moisture and filth. As a result, the carpet is almost dry after being freshly cleaned. To protect your carpets and rugs, our technician will apply an anti-stain product once they're cleaned.

Dry cleaning for carpets and rugs

Suitable for: Oriental rugs and delicate fabrics.

If you have any delicate carpets or rugs made of sisal, jute, or seagrass, we recommend our dry cleaning procedure. Dry carpet cleaning method is ideal for refreshing delicate items that can't undergo wet cleaning. Here's how it works:

Our carpet cleaner will begin by vacuuming the piece to remove any grime. Then, they will spread a low-moisture cleaning powder over the carpet pile. The technician will scrub the pile of the item using a special rotating brush. This will help the powder to adhere to any accumulated dust and grime. Once this is done, the technician will vacuum the carpet again to remove the powder, along with the stain.

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Additional Services to Add to Your Carpet Cleaning Booking in Milton Keynes.

carpet cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning

Protect your furniture and your family's health with frequent upholstery cleaning from professionals.

Leather Furniture Cleaning

Keep your leather upholstery looking great and well-maintained with safe and effective products.

Curtains and Blinds Cleaning

Keep your curtains and blinds looking their best with a thorough, fresh clean, no matter the fabric.

Mattress Cleaning

Reduce the risk of allergies and breathing problems with regular cleaning to keep your mattress fresh and clean.

Why choose our Milton Keynes carpet cleaning services

Experience a refreshing clean with our professional and up-to-date carpet cleaning methods.

Every-day availability

Available to work on weekends for your convenience, simply check our online availability and choose a day that works for you.

Friendly and trustworthy professionals

Our local carpet cleaners are efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable about different carpet types, providing special care and attention to each one.

Top-notch equipment

We use high-end professional equipment to deliver amazing results in a short amount of time.

Perfect sanitisation

Our deep cleaning process eliminates allergens and unsanitary agents, significantly improving air quality in your home.

Remove any stain

Tough household stains are no match for us, as our expert carpet cleaners can handle most of them.

Service that cover all types of carpets and rugs

Our carpet cleaning services are suitable for all types of carpets and rugs, with technicians who are familiar with all types of fabrics and know how to clean them properly.

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Frequently asked questions

What type of carpeting can you clean?

The expert carpet cleaners are professionally trained and familiar with all types of fabrics and fibres. They have all the necessary equipment and products to clean any type of carpet.

How much time until the carpet is dry again?

Usually around 3 to 6 hours are necessary. However, if it is a wool carpet, it might take up to 8. We recommend that you leave a window open if possible. This will speed up the drying time.

How many carpet cleaners will you send?

Usually we send just one. But hey, depending on how many carpets you have, we might send two or more.

When are you available to come?

Our professional carpet cleaning is available 7 days a week. This means that you can book a service for whenever you see fit.

Can I make changes to my booking?

Sure. Just log in to your account and make the necessary adjustments. Just please do it at least 48 hours before the initial appointment to give us time to adjust our schedule.

Is it going to be possible for me to get some sort of a discount?

You can become a Fantastic Club member to unlock all sorts of discounts. For starters, you will get £300 in credits and you can book some of our services at preferential member rates. And these are just some of the many premium benefits waiting for you.

Do you take the carpet away?

No, the carpet will be cleaned right there on the spot. There is no need to move it elsewhere.

Can you guarantee successful stain removal?

We can't remove stains that have actually damaged the fabric itself. But we can guarantee removal of the most common household stains such as those from food and drinks.

How much time does it take to complete the service?

A single carpet usually takes around 30 minutes to be thoroughly cleaned. Of course, it all depends on how many carpets/rugs you want to be cleaned as well as their condition, too.

Should I do something before the service to make things more convenient for the cleaner?

Please make sure to clear the area where the carpet is. There should be no objects over the carpet that may obstruct the specialist.

What if the carpet sustains some damage during the service?

There is almost no chance of damage but rest assured that all technicians have proper insurance.

What other services go well with carpet cleaning?

You can also book Upholstery Cleaning or Mattress Cleaning. The technician will take care of those as well because he will be bringing all the necessary equipment

I am not sure about the fabric of my carpets. What service should I book?

No worries, just arrange a visit and the technician will be able to determine the fabric of your carpet and clean it for you.

Are you able to remove unfavourable smells from rugs and carpets?

Of course! We use effective cleaning methods and detergents that do a great job at removing smells.

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