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What makes our carpet cleaning service in Camberwell special

Highly trained experts are the only kind we have

Properly equipped. Trained. Carefully reference-checked. Fully insured. There's a reason local people trust our carpet cleaners.

Eco-friendly cleaning solutions always in use

You can rest easy knowing that even though the carpet cleaning we provide in Edmonton is powerful, your family and the environment are safe.

The ideal methods for treating any fabric

Your natural carpet weaves will be treated using our liquid-free dry carpet cleaning methods. We have powerful steam cleaning for synthetic blends.

Your carpet cleaning services in Camberwell - how the experts work

All carpet cleaning services we offer in Camberwell begin with a thorough assessment of the condition of your carpeting. This allows your expert carpet cleaner to spot and then address any markings or stains so that they can be treated first before the main body of your service starts. Your cleaner will also inspect the type of fabric you have so that they can select the ideal treatment method to get you the best results from your clean:

Dry cleaning

This is the preferred method for carpets made from natural materials. Fabric made from things like sisal or jute is prone to shrinking if exposed to water. This means our highly effective dry cleaning powders - which bind together with dirt so that both can be easily removed - are the ideal choice for producing a fresh and revitalising clean while keeping your vulnerable carpets safe.

Hot water extraction

Our most popular method for delivering carpet cleaning in Camberwell is hot water extraction, better known as steam cleaning. Steam cleaning pressure-injects a heated water and detergent mix deep down into your carpet to break the holds that dirt and other unwanted pollutants may have on the fibres. These bonds are broken and the detergent and dirt easily sucked out, leaving your carpets smelling light and fresh.

Use Fantastic Services for your carpet cleaning in Camberwell when you want:

  • Carpet cleaning services highly suited to both office and home carpeting
  • Trained, trusted and highly experienced carpet cleaners you can count on
  • Cleaning delivered using powerful eco-friendly methods
  • Low-liquid methods which result in minimal drying time

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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Some examples of carpet cleaning quotes in Camberwell


Flights of stairs, Hallway, Landing

Camberwell Aug 17, 2020
Could I please get a quote for the following carpet cleaning. 2 flights of stairs (11 steps each), 1 hallway and 1 landing.

Service: Carpet Cleaning


Three Carpets

Camberwell Oct 20, 2020
Hi there I would like to have my sisal carpet cleaned in the lounge and 2 bedroom carpets (not sisal just regular carpet). Best regards Claire

Service: Carpet Cleaning


Large Rug

Camberwell Nov 15, 2020
Hi there, I have a large wool rug that needs a deep clean. There's a couple of tough stains on it as well. I live in Ruislip. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Service: Rug Cleaning

Quick facts on our carpet cleaning prices in Camberwell

£62 £89 £186

35% of clients in Camberwell combine carpet cleaning with one-off domestic cleaning.

28% of our rug cleaning services in Camberwell are completed using the dry-cleaning technique.

If you need a deep clean alongside your carpet cleaning services in Camberwell, you're not alone. 40% of our clients do!

On average, you won't need a carpet clean more than once per year.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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