Professional carpet and rug cleaning in Biggin Hill

Show your carpets your love and care for them with a professional cleaning from Fantastic Services
  • One-off or regular carpet cleaning sessions
  • Performed by vetted and experienced local cleaners
  • Removing all common stains and odours from your carpets
  • Certified detergents and professional equipment are used
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Free stain protection

When the hot water extraction method is performed, you also get a free stain protection treatment. This means stains won’t set deep within the fibres and that the next cleaning will be easier.

Allergens removal

Having your carpet cleaned will have a great effect on the overall environment in your home. All dirt and dust particles are removed from it, so are the unpleasant odours and allergens.

Enjoy your clean carpets and home

A professional carpet cleaning leaves your carpet fresh and sanitised, and your home healthier. Both steam and dry cleaning are safe services and do not use strong chemicals.

Our carpet cleaning treatments in Biggin Hill

Instead of using harsh chemicals, Fantastic Services offers two of the safest and most efficient methods for cleaning and sanitising carpets. The professionals who work in your area are equipped with the machines for the two treatments because each is suitable for different carpet materials. Here are the two techniques we use in detail:

Dry cleaning

This method is used for your delicate rugs and carpets, mainly those from natural materials. The procedure is more gentle for the fibres than hot water extraction and only uses powdered detergents.The service is done as followed: A powerful vacuum is used to lift the powder from the carpet without damaging the fibres. You should know that this method isn’t for removing stains. Please note that when you are booking your service you should specify whether your carpet has stains that we need to remove - dry cleaning is mostly used for refreshing and sanitising your carpets.

Hot water extraction

This is the technique that we use for removing stains and filth from carpets and rugs. Basically, what we do is that we pretreat the piece for existing stains and then use a hot water extraction machine to insert a mixture of detergent and water inside its fibers. This process helps to loosen up the dirt particles that are stuck inside the piece. After that, we extract the water and detergent with the same equipment. The final result is a nearly dry carpet, which looks good as new.

What to expect at the end of our service

  • Stains and unpleasant odours are removed.
  • Even the traffic lanes on your carpeting are reduced.
  • Dust, dust mites, and other allergens are gone from the rugs and carpets.
  • No chemical residues are left in your home.
  • Your home will feel overall fresher and healthier than before.

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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Check out some of the estimates that our customers from Biggin Hill have received


2 Medium Rugs

Biggin Hill Dec 18, 2020
Hi, I have two rugs that need to be cleaned. What would be the price for that and availability. Please reach me via email. Thank you!

Service: Rug cleaning


Large Rug

Biggin Hill Dec 05, 2020
I need deep cleaning my rug, there are some stains on it left from my dog. Can you do something about them?

Service: Rug cleaning


Stairs and Office Room

Biggin Hill Dec 01, 2020
Can you provide me with a quote for 1 flight of stairs including a small hall and 2 person office room? Thank you.

Service: Carpet cleaning

Carpet and rug cleaning prices in Biggin Hill

£42 £120 £293

The average cost people in the area pay for carpet cleaning is £120.

On a yearly basis, our clients from Biggin Hill book carpet cleaning at least two times.

65% of the carpets that we've cleaned in Biggin Hill are made from synthetic materials.

Clients in Biggin Hill most often combine their carpet cleaning services with one-off cleaning or end of tenancy cleaning.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

Local information for carpet cleaning service in Biggin Hill

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Postcode coverage: TN16

Areas we cover within the city: All of Biggin Hill including Jug Hill Park and the surrounding area, Kings Road Vets and the surrounding area, Aperfield and the surrounding area

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