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Bromley gardeners ratings & reviews:

The image shows a couple of gardeners who are working in the front yard of a house. One of them is removing weeds from a walkway, the other is trimming a shrub.

What makes our gardening services stand out?

You can count on us for garden care services if you’re looking for a complete garden makeover or just regular garden maintenance. We have many years of experience in satisfying Bromley customers when it comes to taking care of their gardening duties. That being said, don’t be shy and contact us in need of assistance. Fantastic Services always goes above and beyond when it comes to service providing.

  • Exclusive seasonal deals and more with Fantastic Club;
  • Equipment and tools provided;
  • Fully customisable gardening services.

Why do our clients adore the gardeners we work with?

Our professional and experienced gardeners are the choice of many happy customers because they have the knowledge and lots of experience to satisfy all their needs while being polite and giving proper advice on how to maintain the health and beauty of plants in their gardens and their beloved greenery. They can completely transform a garden through their hard work and dedication. So entrust our gardening experts with your backyard and see the results for yourself!

  • Quick, efficient and dedicated to quality;
  • Fully equipped for the job at hand;
  • Working in a team of two, or even more, depending on the tasks.

We are ISO certified:ISO CertifiedOther recognitions:Federation of Master CleaningGreen AchieverSafe ContractorThe Contractors’ Health and Safety Assessment Scheme

The image shows a professional gardener who is mowing a lawn with a red lawn mower.

Bromley garden services: Our most popular options

The image shows a gardener on a ladder who is working on the side of the house, trimming a wall shrub.

Garden maintenance

By booking garden maintenance service, you will ensure that all of the greenery in your garden remains healthy and good-looking at all times. You are free to book a one-time appointment, or - continuous garden maintenance sessions, whatever works best for you. Also, let us know of your priorities and requirements before the service, so our garden services experts know what they should focus on.

Overgrown garden clearance

Contact us if you cannot handle the hassle of tidying up your backyard or if you don’t have the time to do so, and we will gladly clean your lawn and garden for you. how the gardener your green space that needs to be cleared, and let them know if you have any specific requirements.

Lawn care

Do you wish for a beautiful lawn yet struggle to get the desired results? No need to worry - we can assist! After our staff has finished tending to your yard, you'll be amazed at how it looks. The secret lies in their high-tech equipment and knowledgeable expertise. The lawn care service can include tasks such as edging, aerating, scarification, and more, which will all contribute to creating an attractive garden.

Services that will boost the appearance of your Bromley home

Jet washing

Are your home's paved or decking areas becoming a slipping hazard due to mud or settled dust? Worry not, our pressure washing services are here to restore them to their original appearance. With water being sprayed under high pressure, nothing, even plants such as weeds or moss can withstand its power. As a result, all unsightly elements will be removed in no time and the affected areas will look immaculate and spotless yet again.

Landscaping services

Refresh your garden with Fantastic Services and elevate your outdoor living experience. Whether you're dreaming of a chic deck for your morning coffee or considering a delightful patio, our skilled garden landscapers can turn your vision into reality. From straightforward makeovers to total redesigns, we specialize in making your garden look breathtaking.

Garden planting

Transform your garden with our comprehensive all-year-round planting plan, ensuring beautiful colours even in winter. Benefit from our expertise in providing planting schemes tailored for gardens of all sizes, and let us source all necessary plants, materials, and equipment. Explore our range of planting containers and opt for bespoke window boxes to enhance the charm of your outdoor space.

Trimming & pruning

When it comes to bush, shrub, or hedge maintenance, look no further! We specialize in trimming both formal and informal hedges, including mixed hedgerows. Our professional team uses top-notch equipment and pays meticulous attention to detail. Enjoy the added benefit of free disposal for one Black Bin Bag of green waste with our services.

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Local gardeners near you:

Dimitar 4.74/5 444 ratings

Number of bookings: 1241

With Fantastic Services for: 6 years


Garden Maintenance Weeding Hedge and Ivy Trimming Tree Pruning Garden Clearance

What the reviews say

"Professional garden cleanup and precise ivy trimming. My outdoor area feels refreshed and well-maintained."

- Oliver S.

Stoimen 4.58/5 71 ratings

Number of bookings: 339

With Fantastic Services for: 8 months


Garden Maintenance Presure Washing Weeding Hedge and Ivy Trimming Tree Pruning Garden Clearance

What the reviews say

"Thorough garden maintenance and pressure washing. My space is rejuvenated and inviting."

- Ethan P.

Ivo 4.33/5 2 ratings

Number of bookings: 19

With Fantastic Services for: 1 month


Garden Maintenance Presure Washing Weeding Hedge and Ivy Trimming Tree Pruning Garden Clearance

What the reviews say

"Safe hands, stunning results! These gardeners breathed life into my space, crafting a haven that's both beautiful and secure. Their work speaks volumes."

- Oliver C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services available on the weekend?
Regardless of the day of the week, you can schedule your appointment.
Are all the necessary equipment and supplies provided for the service?
Yes, all the tools and equipment needed for the job are provided by our gardeners.
Is collecting garden waste a part of your services?
A free black bin bag of green waste will be disposed of after the job is completed by the experts. You will be charged extra for bags and disposal if there is extra garden waste you wish for us to dispose of.
Is rain an issue for the gardeners?
No matter how cold the wind or how heavy the rain is, our dedicated gardeners won't give up. However, gardeners may not be able to perform the maintenance and landscaping at their best due to the weather. If necessary, you can reschedule your gardener appointment.
Is it possible to have some of my old garden furniture removed?
It is possible, but please book a waste removal service through the “Check prices & availability” button”.
Is it possible to pay cash for my reservation?
Apple Pay, debit cards, and bank transfers are all accepted. Cash is not accepted for safety and transparency reasons.

Can't find the answer you're looking for?
Visit our Help Center.

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Start your gardening venture with the help of our reliable franchise model. With 500+ successful franchisees, you can rest assured that all the risks will be taken out and full support provided - an ideal opportunity for you to establish a business without doing it alone.

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