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Take advantage of our garden lighting and security light installation services in London

Fantastic Services in London specialises in a range of lighting solutions, including outdoor lights installations. We can assist you equally with replacing faulty garden light fixtures and fitting new outdoor lighting, be it for decorative, safety or property security purposes.

We count on fully certified electricians, who have experience in outdoor light wiring, in accordance with all the industry-standard safety regulations. The technicians always test the results of their work to ensure that the newly installed or replaced outdoor lighting works properly and safely.

Have a look below at the various exterior lights installation options available with us:

  • Decorative garden lighting - Love to host regular garden parties in the summer till the small hours of the night? Then, your backyard can be illuminated in no time with our help. You’ll achieve both practicality and aesthetics by lighting up particular focal points in your garden, as well as other garden and outdoor features, such as paths, fences, patios and the likes.
  • Security lights - Deter opportunist burglars and bored, misbehaving youth by installing a couple of security lights in key places. We can help you with the installation of outdoor lights with motion sensor functionalities that can prevent you from being affected by potential acts of trespassing.
  • Safety outdoor lighting - Last but not least, folks install outdoor lights for safety reasons. So, to avoid injury from tripping, let us fit some exterior lights in strategic spots, be it along the pavers that lead to your entry door, or above your garden shed. These can be set on a timer, as well, so that you won’t have to worry about switching them off.

Let’s point out here that all of the above outdoor lighting options can serve multiple purposes, of course. So, it’s your choice what you want to go for and why. We’ll happily meet your express needs and customise our service to achieve your objectives. Furthermore, we can also help you with indoor lights installation tasks anytime. Just ask and we’ll take it from there.

The benefits of entrusting your outdoor lights installation needs to Fantastic Services in London

A range of outdoor electrical solutions

The electricians we rely on are experienced in installing and replacing various types of outdoor lights, including motion sensor lights, security lighting, flood lights, decorative garden lighting, LED deck lights, driveway lights, wall and fence lights, etc. In addition, we can assist you with any outdoor socket installation tasks and provide you with the convenience of using electric tools, equipment and appliances outside in a safer manner, without the need of relying on extension leads.

Part P qualified and certified electricians

All the Fantastic electricians in London are fully qualified and insured. They are certified and work in compliance with the Part P Building Regulations. The experts use the latest diagnostic and testing tools in the field and can advise you on your best options when it comes to the most appropriate placement of your garden lighting.

Available, whenever you need us

You can have a certified electrician at your service any day of the week, including public holidays. What’s more, we can even assign an emergency electrician to any urgent electrical job you might need doing. Just use the online booking form or download the GoFantastic app, available for both Android and iOS devices, and we’ll handle the rest.

Services, suitable for both domestic and business clients

Fantastic Services serves homeowners, tenants, landlords and business proprietors alike. So, regardless of the type of property you own, rent or manage, we can provide you with stellar outdoor lights installation solutions to improve the security of your home or place of business. A number of other electrical installation projects or repairs can also be executed with high-quality results.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How can I get a deal with this service?

    A: Just join the Fantastic Club for a year and you’ll be eligible to book with priority, receive 100+ property maintenance services at exclusive rates, get credits towards future services instantly in your account, enjoy special deals and a lot more.

  • Q: Do I need a transformer for low-voltage garden lighting?

    A: Yes. A transformer is needed, in order to reduce the output of 230 V from your mains to be able to have low-voltage garden lights installed outside.

  • Q: What is the average cost of an outdoor lights installation service?

    A: This will depend on how complex the lights installation job is. We offer our electrical services at hourly rates, so you’ll be charged only for the time spent on completing the service.

  • Q: Do outside lights require RCD protection?

    A: Outdoor eclectic fittings, power outlets and lighting need to be powered by an independent circuit. This will avoid affecting indoor devices and appliances if an outdoor electrical fault occurs.

  • Q: Can I fit some outdoor lights myself?

    A: Well, you can, providing you have some qualifications and are aware of all the electrical safety regulations. Our advice is to hire a certified electrician, who’s got the experience, skills and knowledge to perform electrical repairs and installations, indoors and outdoors. You see, new outdoor electrical works must comply with the current BS 7671 and IET Wiring Regulations, and Part P Building Regulations.

  • Q: What is your coverage?

    A: We operate anywhere in Greater London, within the M25 zone.

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