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How is the lawn aeration service performed?

For your lawn maintenance service, you can expect the prompt arrival of the lawn experts on the scheduled date of your appointment. They will arrive fully equipped and ready to handle all your lawn needs.

We recommend that you or someone else in your home is there to meet the pros to discuss the condition of your lawn. Once discussed, they will unload their equipment and get to work.

The Fantastic Services gardeners employ the process of hollow tine aeration for perforating the soil and perforating the turf. This will leave small holes in your lawn. Through this process, water, air, and nutrients will penetrate the soil and will boost the growth of your grass’ roots. This will increase the chance of a healthier lawn that is thatch and weed free.

When the lawn aeration service is finished and your lawn has been aerated, the professionals can gather all the lawn plugs. They can then either dispose of them for you or leave them on the property for you to use and turn into compost. You are also welcome to leave them on the lawn and let them dry, afterwards going over them with a lawn mower (if this is part of the lawn mower instructions) or to rake them.

When is the best time to aerate and why should you do it?

When should you aerate your lawn?

If you want to give your lawn the best care through the use of a lawn aeration company, it’s best if you have the lawn aeration service performed in spring or early autumn. Why? This is because these are the two seasons when the soil is usually naturally moist and is suitable for holes to be made into it easily.

Many people prefer to aerate their lawn in spring because this coincides with the growing season of the grass, enabling it to heal properly. On the other hand, consider aerating your lawn before the growing season in spring and after summer in early autumn as this will allow the grass to regenerate from the summer traffic and heat.

Why should you aerate your lawn?

There are many reasons why you should aerate your lawn. One of these is that this process will reduce the amount of sub-surface thatch and will also relieve soil compaction.

Other reasons include the encouragement of deeper grass root growth, promoting strong and healthy growth, and improving lawn drainage.

Finally, you’ll be able to improve the passage of air, moisture, and nutrients to your grass’ roots.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Should I overseed my lawn after aeration?

    A: This will depend entirely on the condition of your lawn. The Fantastic Services gardener will give you the right advice regarding this point while on-site. Generally, if some areas are too worn out and patchy, you may need to overseed.

  • Q: Should I apply top-dressing or fertiliser after aeration?

    A: Although this is a good practice in general, as the fertiliser and top-dressing will enrich your soil, it ultimately depends on your lawn. We recommend that you discuss this with your lawn expert while on-site.

  • Q: When should the first mow be after aeration?

    A: It is not recommended that you mow your lawn immediately after aeration. You should wait at least a week before the first mow, although it is better to give it a bit more time to regenerate. We highly recommend that you have your lawn mowed before the aeration service, and if needed, to have it scarified.

  • Q: My lawn looks a bit yellowish with lots of dead grass on top. Can I still have it aerated?

    A: Yes, you can, but we might have to perform lawn scarification prior to the aeration service.

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