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A well-maintained oven is a pleasure to cook in. Book a session with the oven cleaning specialists and forget about dirt, grease and food residue!
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  • Efficient methods for oven and BBQ cleaning as well
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    appliances at once
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Efficient oven cleaning service - how is it done?

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Give us more details about the oven cleaning service you need. Check the available slots on our website or in the GoFantastic app. Book your service and pay securely online.

Have your oven cleaned

On the day you chose for the cleaning session, we will send a team of experienced local technicians to take care of the job. They will carry all the tools, detergents and equipment needed for the service. Cleaning will start right away.

Enjoy the results

Cleaners will work thoroughly and in the end of the cleaning you will find your oven looking like new and in top-notch condition.

The process of our expert oven cleaning explained

  • First the technician will walk through a detailed checklist and will test the oven's functionality.
  • If the inspection goes well, the oven-cleaning professional will dismantle your oven. All removable parts will be placed into a tank filled with a strong antibacterial oven cleaning solution.
  • While the detergents do their job and clean the oven parts, the technician will scrub your oven's inside and outside.
  • After the cleaning of the oven body, the next in the process is scrubbing the parts that were left in the dip tank until they are nice and shiny.
  • After all the parts are cleaned, they are put back together and the oven is tested to make sure it is working properly.
  • To help you keep your oven in top condition after the cleaning, we're giving you this free gift: an oven liner with Teflon coating. It stands at 250°C and you can wash it by hand with soap and water, or in the dishwasher!

Take care of the entire kitchen with all the appliances

We're not just about ovens. We also clean other appliances in the kitchen, including the hob, extractor, splashback, microwave, washing machine and dishwasher. We also do outdoor barbecues, no matter what size or style! Plus, we offer a deep kitchen cleaning service that will meet all your needs.


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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Example cost estimates for oven cleaning jobs in Rushden


Two Double Ovens

Rushden May 18, 2021
Please, could I get an oven clean at the above property, either today or tomorrow if possible? It’s a double oven and would require both cleaned.

Service: Oven Cleaning


BBQ cleaning

Rushden Jul 16, 2021
Hi, We have a large outback BBQ in our office garden that needs cleaning.

Service: BBQ cleaning


Oven and Fridge

Rushden Sep 03, 2021
Hi, I need an oven cleaning and probably a fridge clean. Can you provide me with a quote and availability for the next week, please?

Service: Oven and Fridge Cleaning

Average prices for oven cleaning service in Rushden

£49 £69 £112

2 of 3 customers who used our oven cleaning services in the Rushden area, booked again with us.

35% of the people when booking oven cleaning combine it with a domestic clean.

1/3 of our clients in Rushden had their hobs or extractors cleaned along with their ovens.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Areas we cover within the city: The entire Rushden area

Enjoy cooking in a shiny oven, free from grease and food residue. Get your appliance cleaned, book your service now!

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