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Professional appliance cleaning with 100% eco-friendly detergents

We go the extra mile for the planet, doing our best to minimise our impact on the environment. And this applies to our appliance cleaning services as well. Here’s how we make a difference.

  • We use eco-friendly cleaning products made from plant-based, sustainable resources
  • We implement reusable mats and biodegradable waste bags
  • We have set out to upgrade to electric vehicles (EURO 6 standard)
Now available at no extra charge!

Kitchen appliances we clean and how we do it

Refrigerator and Freezer cleaning

To ensure we provide you with the best possible fridge cleaning experience in London, we kindly request that your refrigerator (or freezer) be deactivated, cleared of all products, and fully defrosted a minimum of 2 to 3 hours prior to the cleaner’s arrival.

  1. Our meticulous cleaning process commences with the careful disassembly of all interior components — shelves, drawers, and glass partitions — from the refrigerator for thorough cleaning.
  2. The technician will then meticulously sanitise the interior and exterior surfaces of the appliance, including the seals, with high-grade antimicrobial solutions.
  3. Following the cleaning, they will polish the appliance with a soft, dry cloth.
  4. Reassembly of the removable components is conducted with the utmost care, after which the appliance is turned back on.

The duration of our comprehensive deep cleaning service for refrigerators and freezers typically lasts between 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the specific condition of your appliance.

Washing Machine cleaning

Please make sure the appliance is empty prior to the arrival of the cleaner.

  1. Our washing machine cleaning service begins with the extraction and sanitation of the dispenser drawer to remove any detergent buildup and residues.
  2. Subsequently, we engage in a scrupulous cleaning of the recess where the drawer is housed. The washing machine's door seal is meticulously purified using antibacterial detergents to eliminate any microbes, followed by a thorough cleaning of the door itself
  3. In addition, we detach the washer’s filter, rigorously cleanse it to ensure optimal performance, and then accurately reinstall it.
  4. The machine's facade is completely sanitised to uphold aesthetic and hygiene standards.
  5. To complete our service, we run the appliance through a brief cycle to guarantee its functional integrity after cleaning.

The service takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Dishwasher cleaning

Please make sure the appliance is not loaded prior to the arrival of the cleaner.

  1. The service starts with carefully removing the lower basket and rack, facilitating unobstructed access to the dishwasher's filter.
  2. The filter is then detached and submerged in a solution brimming with potent antibacterial agents, ensuring a deep cleanse.
  3. Concurrently, the same high-quality detergents are applied to meticulously sanitise the interior surfaces, the door, and the detergent dispenser of the dishwasher.
  4. Upon ensuring the filter is impeccably clean, we restore it to its rightful place. To affirm the efficacy of our service, the dishwasher is then set to run a rapid cycle.

This service takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Tumble Dryer cleaning

Please make sure the appliance is not loaded prior to the arrival of the cleaner.

  1. Our service starts with the extraction of the tumble dryer’s upper moisture-collecting filter and the lower lint-trapping filter.
  2. These filters are then meticulously cleansed with potent antibacterial detergents to ensure they are free from any debris and bacterial buildup before being reinserted into their respective positions.
  3. After the filter maintenance, we diligently clean every accessible internal and external surface of the dryer to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and function.

The service duration is about 30 minutes.

Microwave cleaning

We initiate our microwave cleaning service with a comprehensive interior and exterior cleansing, utilising a specialised degreasing detergent designed to tackle tough stains and spills. If your microwave has a detachable plate, we take additional care to remove and individually wash it, ensuring that every aspect of your appliance is thoroughly sanitised.

Hob cleaning

Our hob cleaning service is characterised by a manual scrubbing technique adapted to treat electric, ceramic, or gas hobs with utmost care. We employ robust degreasing detergents capable of dissolving even the most stubborn grime. Removable elements such as knobs, burners, and pan supports are immersed in a heated dip tank containing a mixture of hot water and a specialised detergent. This soaking process is designed to break down grease and debris, allowing for a thorough cleanse.

Extractor cleaning

Our service begins with the careful removal of all filters from the extractor. These filters are then individually treated with high-strength antibacterial detergents specifically formulated to cut through grease and residue. Subsequent to the filter cleaning, we meticulously wipe down all accessible interior and exterior parts of the extractor to ensure thorough decontamination. Once the filters have been restored to a pristine state, we carefully reinstall them, ensuring your extractor functions with renewed efficiency.

Note: we do not clean extractor motors.

Oven / BBQ cleaning

Should your oven or barbecue require an extensive deep clean, then you can resort to our highly effective and convenient services:

Oven cleaning

BBQ cleaning


The most convenient appliance cleaning service

The cleaning technicians are well-versed in all brands and models of white goods, carefully inspecting your appliances to determine the best cleaning method.

  • Each technician is certified, professionally trained, and insured
  • We apply the most suitable cleaning methods
  • We use the latest cleaning tools and products
  • Our service offers flexible booking, including weekends

We are ISO certified:ISO CertifiedOther recognitions:Safe ContractorThe Contractors’ Health and Safety Assessment Scheme

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Get amazing results with our appliance cleaning

An image of a freshly cleaned black ceramic stove top, shining with cleanliness. The surface is free from any burnt food residue or greasy stains, revealing a smooth and glossy appearance. The burners and knobs are spotless, and the entire stove top has a polished and well-maintained look. It appears as good as new, ready for cooking delicious meals. Before An image of a dirty black ceramic stove top covered in burnt food residue and greasy stains. The surface is marred with dried-on spills, splatters, and grime, making it appear heavily soiled and neglected. The burners and knobs are coated with grease and food remnants, and the entire stove top has a dull and unclean appearance. After
An image of the inside of a fridge after a thorough cleaning, looking fresh and immaculate. The shelves, drawers, and walls of the fridge are spotless, free from any dirt, food residue, or stains. The interior shines with cleanliness, and no traces of mold or mildew are visible. The fridge appears well-organized, with neatly arranged food items, and exudes a clean and hygienic feel. It is ready to store fresh food and maintain optimal food safety. Before An image of the inside of a fridge covered in dirt, food spills, and stains. The shelves, drawers, and walls of the fridge are coated with dried-on food residue and sticky spills. Mold and mildew may be visible in some areas, and the overall interior appears neglected and unclean. The fridge looks in need of a thorough cleaning to restore its freshness and hygiene. After
An image of a sparkling clean dishwasher detergent compartment, showing a pristine and well-maintained appearance. The compartment is free from any visible residue, grime, or buildup, and the surface is sparkling clean. The detergent compartment looks fresh and ready for use, with no signs of dirt or debris. The compartment's cleanliness ensures optimal performance and efficiency of the dishwasher. Before An image of a dirty dishwasher detergent compartment, showing visible residue, grime, and buildup. The detergent compartment appears caked with dried soap residue, food debris, and hard water stains. The compartment looks neglected and in need of thorough cleaning to remove the accumulated dirt and restore its functionality. After
An image of a sparkling clean inside of a dishwasher, showing a pristine and well-maintained appearance. The interior of the dishwasher is free from any visible food debris, grease, or stains. The racks, walls, and other surfaces are gleaming, indicating a thorough cleaning. The inside of the dishwasher looks fresh and ready for use, with no signs of dirt or grime. The cleanliness ensures optimal performance and efficiency of the dishwasher. Before An image of a dirty inside of a dishwasher, showing visible food debris, grease, and stains. The dishwasher's interior appears dirty, with caked-on food particles, greasy residue, and water spots on the racks, walls, and other surfaces. The inside of the dishwasher looks neglected and in need of thorough cleaning to remove the accumulated dirt and grime, ensuring optimal performance. After
The image shows the same range hood after cleaning. Both the grid and the tiled wall under it appear clean and polished. Before The image shows a white range hood. Its exterior and the wall tiles under it are caked with dark greasy splatters. After

What clients think about our appliance cleaning

Appliance cleaning prices

Appliance type Price
Hob £24
Extractor £24
- Standard microwave £14
- Combo microwave £25
Washing machine £35
Dishwasher £35
Fridge or freezer
- Fridge & Freezer £35
- Single Fridge £29
- Single Freezer £29
- American Style Fridge £43

T&C and Minimum Charges apply. When we calculate the price, we also take into consideration the area's dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25. Deals cannot be combined with any other deals and promotions. Prices are subject to availability. Congestion charges are excluded (when applicable).

Frequently asked questions about our appliance cleaning service

What is the recommended frequency for professional sanitation of refrigerators and freezers?
To ensure the optimal performance and hygiene of your refrigeration units, we advocate for the engagement of professional cleaning services biannually.
What is the expected duration of your appliance cleaning service?
The time required for our meticulous cleaning process is contingent upon the dimensions and current state of the appliance. Our commitment to excellence dictates a thorough approach, tailored to deliver superior results.
Is it possible to arrange cleaning services outside of standard working hours?
Indeed, we accommodate appointments beyond conventional hours, which incur a nominal supplementary charge. Conversely, weekend bookings are conducted at no additional cost.
Will the cleaning specialist ensure the area is pristine post-service?
Assuredly, our specialists are dedicated to maintaining an immaculate environment, ensuring no trace of our service remains once completed.
Why is professional appliance cleaning important?

The longevity of household appliances is influenced by their usage, energy efficiency, and physical dimensions. Proactive measures, such as regular professional cleaning, are essential to enhancing the lifespan and reliability of these appliances.

Refrigeration units, including fridges and freezers, require consistent cleaning to prevent the accumulation of stains and the proliferation of bacteria, which can result in offensive odours and reduced energy efficiency due to ice buildup. In washing machines, the maintenance of rubber seals is crucial; without regular cleaning, mould can develop, leading to malodorous emissions that may compromise the freshness of laundered items. Similarly, filters must be cleaned consistently to prevent obstruction by lint, hair, and other debris.

Extractor units require frequent cleaning to prevent the accumulation of grease. If neglected, grease can coat filters and appliance surfaces, ultimately producing disagreeable smells and potential fire hazards. Thorough cleaning and timely filter replacement are preventative measures against such risks.

The maintenance of hobs is equally important for sustained functionality. Accumulated food residue and grease can reduce the efficacy of the hob's contact with cookware. In extreme cases, particularly with gas hobs, there is a risk of ignition if not properly maintained.

Microwaves are not immune to the challenges posed by greasy residues and charred food particles. Over time, these can generate odours and harbour bacteria, which may contaminate food and attract vermin.

The most effective strategy to prevent these issues is to enlist professional cleaning services. Specialists in appliance cleaning possess the expertise and appropriate detergents to restore the pristine condition of any white goods. Moreover, comprehensive cleaning services that include ovens, BBQs, AGAs, and range cookers are available, ensuring all kitchen appliances can be serviced concurrently by a single skilled technician.

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