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What our oven cleaning services in Leighton Buzzard include

A professional oven cleaner will arrive on the day of your service, fully prepared for the job. He will provide everything that the cleaning requires including tools, detergents and a dip tank.

Before the technician starts cleaning your appliance, he will, first, inspect it, in order to make sure that it’s fully functioning. Once he’s certain that everything works properly, he will dismantle the appliance, taking out all its removable parts and placing them in the dip tank, filled with a powerful cleaning solution.

While the elements are soaking, the pro will start working on the inside of the oven, thoroughly cleaning it. After that, the cleaner will take out the oven parts from the dip tank, give them one last polish and reattach them. The final step of the oven cleaning service is for the technician to test the appliance. You get to use the cooking appliance right after the cleaning job has been completed. Plus, you will receive an oven liner with Teflon coating as a present after your service.

Other services we offer in the area:

  • Mess-free BBQ cleaning;
  • Professional fridge and freezer cleaning
  • Convenient washing machine and dryer cleaning;
  • Budget-friendly deep kitchen cleaning.

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Price quote examples from Leighton Buzzard jobs we've done



Leighton Buzzard Nov 19, 2020
Hi, our fridge was accidentally turned off and now has a terrible smell. Could I please help with professional cleaning? Thanks.

Service: Fridge Cleaning


5 spider burner Smeg. Gas

Leighton Buzzard Jan 08, 2021
Hello, I’m looking for a professional oven cleaning in Leighton Buzzard. It’s a 5 spider burner Smeg. Gas, and needs a thorough clean. What would be the price? Thanks.

Service: Oven Cleaning


Single oven

Leighton Buzzard Dec 03, 2020
Hello, What is the price for cleaning a single oven and extractor? It's barely used, so it's not that soiled. Thank you!

Service: Oven Cleaning

Average oven cleaning rates in Leighton Buzzard

£58 £98 £203

1 in every 3 customers books either hob, or extractor cleaning, or both together with oven cleaning.

More than 85% of our Leighton Buzzard oven cleaning customers also use other domestic services from us.

Around 67% of the oven cleaning jobs in the area are for double ovens.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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