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Why choose professional oven cleaning in Crayford?

A clean oven bakes pies better.

Clean heating elements distribute heat better.

A clean oven doesn't produce smoke.

Burnt-on food bits and grease emit smoke when you cook

A clean oven uses less energy.

Clean heating elements reach temperature faster and consume less electricity.

Here is how an oven cleaning session in Crayford usually goes:

In order to provide you with an oven cleaning service the technician must have access to running water and electricity. So, please provide them when you meet him onsite.

  • The first step of every oven cleaner we work with is to test the oven for any dysfunctionalities.
  • After it's clear how your appliance works, the technician will secure the area and remove all parts of the oven that can be removed.
  • And then soak them in a dip tank with a cleaning solution made of water and a specialised antibacterial and antimicrobial detergent.
  • While the dirt on the parts is loosening, the cleaner will scrub your oven to remove all grease and burnt food.
  • When ready, he'll get back to the dismantled parts and clean them, too.
  • The final part of the clean is to assemble the oven and test it again if it's working properly. Then, before the cleaner leaves, he will give you a free oven liner, which every client of ours receives. This item will protect your appliance while cooking, as it has a Teflon non-stick coating and stands on temps of up to 250°C. It is also very easy to maintain.

As part of your service, you can also book hob, extractor, fridge, BBQ or a thorough kitchen clean. The cleaners we work with can manage the cleaning of all appliances. Moreover, you will get a special price when you combine more than two appliances.


ovens cleaned


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extractors and hobs cleaned

1h 27 min

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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Examples of oven cleaning quotes from Crayford jobs


Oven cleaning

Crayford Mar 03, 2021
Hello, can book a single oven cleaning for this Sunday? Do you work on weekends?

Service: Oven and hob cleaning


Oven cleaning

Crayford Dec 07, 2020
My oven is not in that bad condition but I can't clean between the glasses. Can you clean that area professionally?

Service: Oven cleaning


Oven cleaning

Crayford May 06, 2021
Hello, I am at home between 8-11 am or 3pms. Let me know your availability for this week for single oven cleaning.

Service: Oven cleaning

What is the average price for oven cleaning in Crayford?

£58 £77 £98

73% of our Crayford customers have combined hob and extractor cleaning together with the oven cleaning service.

Every 4th client who books our oven cleaning service in Crayford has used our domestic cleaning services before.

Around 50% of the jobs done in the area are for double ovens.

1 in every 3 BBQs cleaned in the area is a large-size one.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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