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How our oven cleaning works

Improved performance

Your cooking appliance will be more energy-efficient once professionally cleaned.

Extended lifespan

A regularly maintained oven will serve you for longer, that’s for sure.

No mess, no hassle

The Fantastic oven cleaners will leave no mess after the service.

Our Clevedon oven cleaning procedure in more detail

We work with fully equipped and insured local oven cleaners in Clevedon, who follow our service procedures closely, in order to ensure that the job is done efficiently and with your satisfaction in mind. The whole process takes just a few steps:

  1. The oven cleaning expert will first cover the floor area near the cooker or in-built oven with a protective mat to avoid making any mess.
  2. Then, he will remove the baking trays and racks from the oven chamber, as well as any other components that can be detached.
  3. Those will be dipped in a tank with a cleaning solution to soak for a good while until the expert gives the inside of your oven a good clean.
  4. The door will be polished, too, as well as the exterior of your cooking appliance.
  5. At the end, the pro will place back all the previously removed items and elements, after they’ve been cleaned and dried well.
  6. The specialist will test the oven at the end to confirm that it functions properly.

Depending on the size and the condition of your oven, the job should take no more than two hours.

What are the pros of regular oven cleaning maintenance?

We recommend that you book a professional oven cleaning about 2-3 times a year even if the appliance comes with a self-cleaning functionality. This way, you’ll enjoy your oven for longer and more:

  • Your food will taste and smell as it should;
  • The risk of fire hazards will be brought to a minimum;
  • Your oven won’t produce smoke every time you cook;
  • It will perform in a more energy-efficient manner.

Furthermore, you can request for the following kitchen devices and appliances to be cleaned on the same day as your oven cleaning appointment:

  • Fridge/freezer (please, defrost it prior to the service);
  • Washing machine/dryer;
  • Dishwasher;
  • BBQ and grills;
  • Microwave and other small appliances.

Just let us know what you need in advance, we’ll handle the rest!


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Exemplary oven, BBQ and appliances cleaning quotes from Clevedon


Oven cleaning

Clevedon Feb 24, 2019
Hi. We have just moved into a flat with a smeg a2-5 oven which we would like to be cleaned. It has two oven doors, one drawer and 6 burners which all need cleaning. We also ha
ve a splashback and extractor that we would like to be cleaned. The ovens are electricity and the hobs are gas. Ideally, we would like the clean to happen in the daytime on Thursday (27th) if you have availability. Thanks!
... More

Service: Oven, hob, extractor and splashback cleaning


Oven cleaning

Clevedon Feb 17, 2020
Single oven clean only please (regular width, two-door)

Service: Single oven cleaning


Oven cleaning

Clevedon Feb 25, 2019
My fridge and freezer need cleaning since there was a short circuit while I was out of town. There aren't any fruits, vegetables or meat inside but there is still a pungent sm
ell. Hope to get a quote and information on the nearest available times for an appointment. Thank you.
... More

Service: Fridge freezer cleaning

Average oven cleaning price in Clevedon

£55 £87 £120

1 in every 10 customers also uses us for fridge cleaning.

One-third of our clients in Clevedon book hob and extractor cleaning along with their oven cleaning service.

Every 3rd oven customer returns to us to book BBQ cleaning or another domestic service from our portfolio.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

Areas we cover in Clevedon for oven cleaning

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Postcode coverage: BS21

Areas we cover within the city: All of Clevedon and the surrounding areas.

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