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Why choose a professional oven cleaning?

No more greasy and sticky residue.

Which lowers the risk of fire hazard as well.

Lower your energy consumption and bills.

A clean oven heats quicker and saves you time and money.

Improved taste of your food.

No more fishy-smelling brownies!

Your oven cleaning service in Canary Wharf in a few simple steps

  • The cleaning process that we are proud of includes tested over the years methods. The professional oven cleaner will go through a specific checklist and start with the oven inspection.
  • Once he is sure that the oven is working correctly, he will dismantle all the removable parts and dip them in a tank filled with a strong degreasing cleaning solution, which will help loosen up all the greasy residue and burnt food, and will disinfect the parts. During this time, the pro will scrub your oven's door and interior manually.
  • Once the cleaning expert is done with that, he will proceed with the cleaning of the soaked parts. When everything is perfectly cleaned, he will reassemble the cooker and give it one last check.
  • All customers of ours receive a free oven liner after their service. It is used to protect the oven from food splashes while cooking. It stands on temperatures of up to 250°C and can be washed in a dishwasher.

Combine more than two appliances and get a special price

The skilled professionals are trained to clean any type of appliances, including:

  • Barbecues;
  • Washing machines;
  • Dishwashers and dryers;
  • Microwaves, hobs, extractors and splashbacks.

ovens cleaned

1h 19m

average service duration


hobs and extractors cleaned


BBQs cleaned

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Examples of oven cleaning quotes from Canary Wharf


Oven cleaning

Canary Wharf Sep 06, 2020
Hi, team! My oven is a self-cleaning one and it's not that dirty but I really would like to have it deep cleaned.

Service: Oven cleaning


Oven cleaning

Canary Wharf Mar 27, 2021
Hello, my cooker needs a thorough scrubbing on the inside.

Service: Oven cleaning


Oven cleaning

Canary Wharf Apr 13, 2021
Hello, can I book oven cleaning for tomorrow? I know that is very short notice but it is urgent and I can pay extra. Thanks!!

Service: Oven cleaning

What is the average price for oven cleaning in the area?

£58 £78 £115

More than 60% of the oven cleaning jobs in Canary Wharf are for single ovens.

Every 3rd customer in the area also books extractor cleaning together with the oven service.

Nearly 50% of the customers we serve in Canary Wharf trust us for fridge and BBQ cleaning, too.

Nearly 50% of all BBQ cleaning bookings in the area are done by returning customers.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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