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Using eco-friendly cleaning products, you can enjoy stellar
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  • Prolonging the life of your oven/cooker
  • Deep clean even of the hard to reach areas and elements
  • Service provided by a local oven cleaning professional
  • No mess left behind
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Why choose professional oven cleaning

Tasty meals

Heat is distributed more evenly when your oven is clean.

Better performance

Regular oven cleaning improves the performance of your appliance.

Improved safety

Cleaning your oven regularly prevents fire hazards as well as excess smoke when cooking.

How we do the oven cleaning service in Burgess Hill

Once you’ve booked your oven cleaning appointment, your local oven cleaner in Burgess Hill will arrive at your property, beginning with an inspection of your oven. This will entail determining whether it works properly while going through a special oven inspection checklist.

After this preliminary step has been taken, the professional oven clean will dismantle all the removable parts of the appliance and soak each one in a device known as a dip tank, which is filled with a strong cleaning solution to get rid of any tough stains or food and grease build up.

As these parts soak, the main body of the appliance will be fully scrubbed, until all burnt on food and grease are removed. Once this step has been completed, the oven cleaner will then scrub the parts in the dip tank to get them looking shiny and clean again.

During the final step, all the parts will be reassembled again and the appliance will be re-inspected to ensure it functions properly.

Other services people book from us

  • Thorough deep kitchen cleaning to ensure a sparkling kitchen.
  • BBQ cleaning of all types of grills.
  • All other types of kitchen appliances including fridges, freezers, hobs and extractors, microwave ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and toasters.

ovens cleaned


fridges cleaned


BBQs cleaned


hours of free time saved

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Check out some of our oven cleaning estimates for customers in Burgess Hill


Single Oven

Burgess Hill May 12, 2020
Hi, I would like to book a professional oven cleaning. The oven is a single door with 4 gas hobs on top.

Service: Single oven cleaning


Oven + hobs

RH15 Jun 13, 2020
Hello, May I book an oven clean for the start of January? It is a double oven + hobs. Thank you!

Service: Double oven + hobs cleaning


Range cooker + Hobs + extractor

Burgess Hill Dec 10, 2020
Hi there Can someone come and clean our oven? We have used your services before.

Service: Range cooker cleaning

How much does our local oven cleaning service in Burgess Hill cost?

£58 £72 £112

Nearly 70% of our customers also rquest extractor and hob cleaning.

60% of the BBQs we've cleaned in Burgess Hill are small size.

Average duration of the service is 1h 30 min.

Every 2nd customer in the area is a returning one.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Postcode coverage: RH15

Areas we cover within the city: Ditchling Common

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