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Experienced, trusted and local oven cleaners in London

1. Book your cooker cleaning service online

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3. Your cooker will be inspected, disassembled and cleaned on-site

4. You can use your appliance right after the service

Deep oven cleaning service with disassembly

As mobile oven cleaners, we bring everything necessary to clean your cooker on site. The technician who will carry out your professional oven cleaning service will inspect your appliance to determine if it is working properly. He will then disassemble all the removable parts and take off the oven racks. Everything is then soaked in a dip tank filled with a powerful cleaning solution (note that when you order a one-off kitchen cleaning the oven will be cleaned, but we won't use the dip-tank unless you request it). Meanwhile, the oven cleaning specialist will thoroughly scrub the rest of your appliance, making sure to remove all traces of greasy food and burnt leftovers. When all the parts are perfectly cleaned, the technician will assemble and test the oven. You can start using your cooker right away, after the service! This procedure is suitable for all types of ovens, as well as for AGA and other types of range cookers.

Before and after photo of a perfectly cleaned oven

Additional appliance cleaning services we offer:

  • Splashback cleaning – The technician can manually scrub the splashback using an eco-friendly detergent. This is suitable for inox, tiled, and glass splashbacks, and can be booked as a separate service.
  • Fridge/Freezer cleaning – We can help remove the bad smell from your fridge, making it germ-free. The fridge just needs to be emptied before we arrive and the freezer defrosted at least a day before.
  • Kitchen appliances cleaning – Hobs, extractors, dishwashers and microwave ovens can be professionally cleaned! The technicians have the necessary equipment and experience to restore the fresh looks and functionality of all your kitchen appliances.
We are certifiedfwcThe Federation of Master Cleanersgreen-achiever-diamondBritish Institute of Cleaning Science
BBQ deep cleaning service

What's included in the barbecue cleaning service

Gas, charcoal and hooded grills, smokers and spit roasters – you name it, we clean it! Enjoy your outdoor cooking endeavours with no worries about the cleaning part afterwards. Have a great time and let us take care of the rest. Here's how we perform our barbecue cleaning service:

The cleaner carefully inspects the BBQ first and then takes off all removable parts. They are then soaked in a dip tank full of cleaning solutions. After that, he sprays the inside and outside of your barbecue with a special detergent and hand-scrapes it. The removable parts are also scrubbed.

After all the leftovers are removed, the technician will clean the internal and external surfaces with another sanitizing detergent in order to give your BBQ a good polish. In the end, when all parts of your grill are free of greasy, burnt-on accumulations, the specialist will put them back together. After one final inspection, your BBQ cleaning service is done and you can start grilling right away!

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: I would like to make a change to my booking, how can I do that?

    A: Just log into your Fantastic account, go to the Dashboard section and there you can easily cancel or reschedule the services you have booked.

  • Q: Is it possible to get some kind of discount?

    A: Yes, you should find out more about the Fantastic Club. It gives you flat percentage discounts on our entire range of services in addition to all kinds of conveniences such as priority booking for the most convenient time slots of the week as well as access to seasonal offers.

  • Q: Do you clean the inside of the oven door?

    A: Yes, we clean oven doors that can be disassembled. Unfortunately, some doors are sold sealed so we are unable to clean them.

  • Q: Should my oven be turned on and hot before the oven cleaning service?

    A: No. Your oven should be switched off and cold when the technicians arrive. If you have an AGA cooker, it needs to be turned off at least 24 hours before the service.

  • Q: Do you clean hobs, fridges, extractors and other white goods?

    A: Yes, we clean fridges and all kinds of appliances. Contact us for more information about the appliances cleaning service.

  • Q: Should I be worried about oven cleaner fumes after the cleaning service?

    A: You should not be worried about the fumes, as long as you switch your oven on empty for 15 minutes after the cleaning. That will allow excess moisture to evaporate from your appliance.

  • Q: Do you clean AGA and other heat-storage range cookers?

    A: Yes, we clean AGA, Rangemaster, Rayburn and any other type of heat-storage range cooker on the market. However, it is mandatory to turn your AGA cooker off at least 24 hours before your appointment as it will need time to cool off completely before the service.

  • Q: How do you perform your AGA cleaning service?

    A: Firstly, we inspect the appliance to confirm that it’s working properly. After that, we disassemble all of its removable parts and place them in a tank filled with powerful eco-friendly detergents. While all the parts are soaking, the AGA cleaning specialist will begin cleaning the exterior and inner surfaces of the appliance.

  • Q: What is cleaned as part of your AGA cleaning service?

    A: The whole AGA is cleaned as part of our service. We remove baked on grease and carbon from the main panels, door surrounds, door fronts and even the hinges. The top of the AGA range cooker is cleaned meticulously as well. This includes the main panels, lids, lid hinges, rail and flue.

  • Q: How long does it take to professionally clean an oven?

    A: Well, it depends on the size and condition of your appliance. However, the technician will be able to give you a more precise time estimate once on site. The same applies to barbecue cleaning.

  • Q: Do you clean after yourselves?

    A: Well, there's no need to. All technicians wear overshoes and use protective sheets to cover the area where they're working. However, if they do make a mess, they will make sure to leave your property immaculate at the end of the service.

  • Q: What is your coverage?

    A: You can find our professional oven cleaning services in South, West, North and East London. We practically cover the whole M25 area, as well as the whole of South East England, Bristol, Oxford, Reading, Guildford, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Brighton & Hove and many more cities. If you are unsure whether we work in your area, use our online booking form to check for coverage in your area.

  • Q: Is it possible to replace the light bulb inside my oven or filter of the extractor fan?

    A: The oven cleaning specialists don't carry spare parts with them on site and they can't supply you with any. Yet, if you have the necessary light bulb or extractor filter, we will gladly assist you if it's safe to do so. This will be free of charge and will be done as a complimentary.

  • Q: Do I have to provide you with access to electricity or a hot water source for the oven cleaning service?

    A: Yes. We need hot water to remove all of the grime and grease off your oven. As for the electricity, it is necessary for the testing of the appliance before and after the service is done. This is just to make sure everything works properly according to our standards.

  • Q: Can you perform the oven cleaning service if my cooker is not working or is disconnected?

    A: As long as there is proper drainage and access to hot water, we can perform this service. However, we won't be able to check if your appliance is working properly after the oven cleaning is done. In this case, we can't be held responsible for any working problems with your oven afterwards.

  • Q: Is it possible to clean my BBQ during bad weather?

    A: Yes, it is. If your BBQ is placed under a shed or inside your garage, we will be able to clean it, as long as there is proper drainage and hot water access.

  • Q: Do you have an oven cleaners near me?

    A: Yes, we probably have. We work with trusted service providers, located in almost every city in England, and area in London. To check if we have availability in your area, please use the "Check prices & availability" button.

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