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Opt for a professional socket installation service

Have you moved to a new home with an electrical system that has not been upgraded for years? Then, most likely, the rooms not only have an insufficient number of sockets but these may need to be replaced with new ones. What’s more, you may well require a complete electrical rewiring of your home.

There are, of course, other situations that you might need to resort to our electrical socket installation expertise. We’ll assign you with a qualified and certified local electrician, who will execute the job with your expressed requirements in mind.

Changing a plug socket

Changing and wiring a plug socket may sound like a simple job, but one mistake can be costly. So don’t try to replace a plug socket yourself (if you are unsure about your electrical DIY skills) to avoid mishaps like damaged electrical equipment or worse, an electrical fire hazard. Electrical wiring colours have changed, as we all know, so you better leave your home’s electrical safety in the hands of a certified technician, who has proven plug socket wiring skills and experience.

Installing a new socket

Be it a new house extension, a loft conversion into a home office station or you simply don’t want to rely on extension leads to connect newly purchased electrical devices, there is more than one reason why you might need to add a plug socket to a room. Worry not, we’ve got you covered because adding extra sockets is something that we can assist you with, in the most hassle-free manner. In addition, not all old buildings are equipped with a sufficient number of spur sockets, which provide additional safety. So, if that’s what you need, get in touch. Last but not least, the Fantastic electricians can also move a plug socket to a new location for you, again, to achieve a safer and more convenient use.

Have look below at what types of sockets we can replace and install for you:

  • Single and double wall socket
  • 3/4/5 gang switched wall sockets
  • Spur socket
  • Phone socket
  • USB socket
  • TV socket
  • Shaver socket

So whether you need to replace an existing socket that has become faulty or you wish to install a few new plug sockets to accommodate the fitting and connection of more devices or appliances, we can help!

Need expert help with light switches installation?

Another type of electrical assistance we can offer is changing your light switches with more contemporary ones. We can also replace switches that are simply no longer working as they should. Last but not least, the electricians we count on can also install new additional light switches if you wish to fit extra light fixtures in a room, be it downlights, spotlights, wall sconces or something else. And although many of you may wonder how to wire a light switch, as you feel confident and believe that this task can’t be rocket science, believe us a lot can go wrong when messing with electricity.

Instead, entrust your light switch installation needs to the certified electricians at Fantastic Services, whether you’re after fitting or replacing a single-pole or a 3-way switch, a dimmer switch, a plug-in light switch, or a smart switch.

Dimmer switch installation

We can help you with replacing malfunctioning dimmer switches, as well as installing new ones if you’ve decided to upgrade the old standard fittings. Dimmer switches can not only save you hard-earned cash by lowering your monthly energy bills, but they also give you comprehensive control over how bright you want to be the lights in a room, in a particular moment. Wiring a new dimmer switch is best left to a qualified professional, mainly because an electrician can confirm that your current electrical wiring is up to date and meets all the Electrical Code requirements.

Smart light switch installation

And if you are a fan of the latest innovations in light fittings and fixtures, then why not take advantage of our help and let us upgrade your old light switches with smart ones? The certified electrician will take into consideration your home’s electrical system and wiring, first, and if needed, advise you on the best course of action, in order to update the way you light up your home.

Our outdoor sockets installation solutions

Isn’t it a hassle to always connect electric gardening equipment or another tool that you need to use outside to the mains via an extension lead? Furthermore, it can be actually dangerous to do so, especially in wet weather conditions. Hence, installing an outdoor socket is important to prevent electrical hazards or unexpected power-tripping events.

In addition, fitting outdoor sockets is often necessary for outdoor buildings that have none, be it your garden shed or garage, as many use those for other than their original purpose.

Last but not least, outdoor sockets nowadays have a growing application in the form of charging points for hybrid or electric vehicles.

Have a look below at what outdoor electrical outlets and fittings we can install for you:

  • Installing an outdoor plug socket - The electrician will advise you on your best options and the suitable placement of your new outdoor socket that meets all safety requirements.
  • Fitting a socket in a shed or a garage - Converting your garage into a workshop? No problem, we’ll install the right number of plug sockets to accommodate all your DIY project plans so that you don’t need to run your machinery and eclectic tools by connecting them to an extension lead.
  • EV charger installation - To save time, money and hassle, benefit from our EV charger installation solutions and have a charging point for your electric car, expertly installed at home.
  • Outdoor lighting - From security lights to garden lighting, the Part P qualified electricians we work with can handle a range of outdoor lights installation jobs for you.

Why hire a Fantastic electrician to install your sockets and switches in London

Certified and Part P qualified electricians

We rely on the expertise of skilled and experienced electricians, who comply with all Electrical Code regulations when carrying out new installation, replacement and repair work. They are fully equipped with diagnostic and testing equipment and all other necessary industry-grade electric tools.

Our workmanship meets the BS 7671 standard

The professionals we work with execute each electrical job in accordance with the BS7671 Wiring standard. They apply all safety practices and always double-check the results of their work to ensure that each newly installed or replaced electrical fitting or fixture functions as it should.

All-week-round availability

Need an electrician to install your new sockets or light switches? You can book us every day of the week, even on public holidays. We also offer emergency appointments with an electrician should the job that needs doing can simply not wait.

Serving domestic and business clients alike

Fantastic Services provides electrical services to both commercial and domestic customers. We also have strong experience with serving landlords and real estate agencies, whenever they need to upgrade the electrical systems and fittings of their properties for rent.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Can I change a socket or light switch myself?

    A: Well, you can, as long as the work is done, according to the Part P of the Building Regulations, meaning you will need to have some qualifications and electrical-safety knowledge.

  • Q: How do you charge for the service?

    A: Our electrical services are charged per hour. This means that you’ll be paying only for the time that it takes to complete your socket or light switch installation. Naturally, some jobs are more complex and will take longer than others, so this will be reflected in the cost.

  • Q: Do integrated kitchen appliances always need to be connected via a spur socket?

    A: It’s recommended to do so for safety reasons. You see, in compliance with all electrical regulations, one needs to be able to turn off their device safely if a problem with it occurs.

  • Q: Do you offer complete house rewiring services?

    A: Absolutely. Check our designated page on this website for more details.

  • Q: What are the signs of a socket that is about to cause issues?

    A: Well, watch for sparks, or burn marks and cracks on the socket, as well as tripping devices when you attempt to plug them in.

  • Q: What is your coverage?

    A: We serve customers located anywhere in London, within the M25 zone.

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