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Your electrical rewiring service at a glance

There could be different reasons behind the need to upgrade completely or partially your electrical wiring at home, in your property for rent or place of business. You might be planning a major refurbishment and just want to have your entire 30-years old electrical system updated, for example. Or, say, you’ll be doing a garage or a loft conversion, or building a new house extension that needs new electrical installation of wires, sockets and light fixtures. Whatever your needs, Fantastic Services in London can help.

We rely on certified electricians, who can safely and expertly rewire your property, in accordance with all relevant regulations. As a full rewiring of a house or commercial building is a process that involves various stages, the electrical specialists will first evaluate the scope of the work that needs doing, as well as assess the existing electrical system (if applicable) to verify that it meets all legal requirements. Upon your agreement with the price quote, the electricians will proceed with the electrical rewiring service. The specialists will follow your instructions, in terms of the number and placement of new electrical outlets and fittings you’d like installed, as well.

Once the job is completed, the electricians will perform a number of tests to confirm that everything is fitted correctly and functions as it should.

What’s more, if you’re a landlord or business owner, we can assist you with performing an EICR to check if your current electrical installation is safe and sound. Private homeowners can also call in an electrician to inspect their electrical system for any faults. This will help you make an informed decision, as to whether you need a partial or complete electrical rewiring and upgrade, or if at all.

What to expect from your electrical rewiring service

The rewiring of your property usually takes several days to complete, depending on the size and number of rooms. So, you should really plan out this upgrade in advance and if applicable, vacate the property so that the electrician can work faster and more efficiently.

There are two main stages when it comes to rewiring a house. During the first one, all existing wires, sockets and switches are removed. To do this, some disruption will be inevitable, as the experts will need to lift floorboards, access wires and cables behind walls and ceilings, etc. Note that furnishing and carpets are best removed before this stage starts. Then, the new wiring will be placed, as well as all the back boxes for sockets and light switches will be carefully fitted. The electricians will also test the circuit and fuse box, which will be then rewired and connected. Note that the professionals can replace your consumer box if needed. All new wiring will be tested for its safety, as well.

The second stage is in effect connecting all the electrical fittings like sockets, light fixtures and switches, as well as safety detectors. Once all is connected, the experts will test each electrical fitting to make sure that it is safe and works properly.

Don’t forget that you can take advantage of our additional electrical installation solutions to save time and have a lighting upgrade done, electric shower and towel rail installed, for instance, and more.

In any way, all the electrical work you’d need doing can be discussed with the experienced electricians prior to the rewiring service.

Finally, you’ll be given an electrical rewiring certificate, in compliance with all current legislation and regulations.

When you should consider rewiring your house

As we mentioned earlier, you may need an electrician’s rewiring expertise because you’re doing some sort of renovation at your home, which involves repurposing a room or extending your living space with a newly built room.

But in what other cases that are actually safety-related, you should think seriously about inspecting your electrical system and possibly resort to a complete or partial rewiring of your place?

Have a look at the examples below:

  • Outdated sockets, switches and consumer box;
  • Out of date aluminum cables;
  • Wiring with old type of insulation (nowadays wiring has PVC coating);
  • Frequent fuse blowing;
  • Relatively new appliances keep tripping;
  • Change in colour around sockets and switches;
  • Insufficient number of sockets in a room;
  • Flickering lights that need changing too often;
  • Sparks coming out of electrical outlets;
  • Electrical shock when you use a plug or touch an appliance;
  • Strange buzzing noises or burning smell.

The list is not extensive, of course. In addition, not all situations described above call for a complete rewiring, as a blown fuse could mean one faulty device or plug socket, for instance, which needs to be replaced or fixed. So, your best course of action is to have your entire electrical system checked by a certified electrician if you have any suspicions that your electrical safety is at risk.

Why count on a Fantastic electrician to rewire your property in London

Guaranteed workmanship

Our electrical rewiring services are provided by skilled electricians with years of experience, who are certified and fully insured. This means that you can expect the highest standard of service from them. The specialists work in compliance with all electrical safety regulations, so rest assured that your new wiring and electrical upgrades will be thoroughly tested before a certificate is issued to you.

A range of electrical solutions available

New electrical upgrades can involve more than just replacing the old wiring. We offer a range of new electrical installation services, as well as replacement and repair solutions. In addition, we have PAT testers and EICR service providers on our roster, who can perform the relevant checks and tests to all your electrical connections, fittings and devices. Last but not least, when an electrical situation can simply not wait, Fantastic Services is ready to send an emergency electrician to your property at any time.

A mess-free rewiring service

The prospect of disrupting flooring, wall and ceiling surfaces that a rewiring job involves may naturally trouble folks, but rest assured that all the mess, caused by chasing wires into walls or removing floorboards to access a cable, will be cleared diligently by the experts. It will help, however, if you remove all pieces of furniture beforehand to make the job easier and avoid damaging them.

All-week-round availability

Fantastic Services works with electricians, who are available 7 days a week, including on weekends and public holidays. Therefore, feel free to choose the most convenient day to make your appointment with a certified local professional. This also means that the rewiring job can go on through a weekend without any interruptions, so you can enjoy your newly upgraded electrical system as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Can I rewire my house myself?

    A: If you have the right qualifications, you can do the job yourself. Rewiring a property is regulated by law under "Part P" of Building Regulations, so the work needs to be done up to a standard. Note that the council will need to check the quality of the job and charge you for their services. If you are unsure about the level of your electrical competence, you better leave the rewiring of your house to a licensed and certified electrician.

  • Q: Can I stay at my house while the work takes place?

    A: Well, it will be really inconvenient for you to be present while electricity is switched off for some time, we imagine. So, it’s best if you try to find an alternative accommodation temporarily. Still, if this is not possible, you can arrange a working schedule with the electricians to minimise any disruptions to your routine (say, you work from home).

  • Q: Do I need to do anything before the service?

    A: Yes. Please, see the house rewiring work as part of a property renovation job that involves cutting through walls and ceilings that will need replastering and decorating at a later point. So, if you cannot remove valuable items, cover them in dust sheets or place them in boxes to protect them.

  • Q: How long does it take to complete a house rewiring?

    A: This will depend on the size of your property and on the number of new electrical fittings (switches, sockets) you’d like installed.

  • Q: How much does it cost to rewire a house?

    A: Again, the size of your house matters when it comes to formulating a price quote. The smaller the job, the cheaper it will be.

  • Q: Will my house insurance be affected if I install new wiring in my house?

    A: Well, we don’t think that your insurance will drop in price. Still, insurance companies take electrical safety very seriously, so you may have troubles renewing your cover if your home has dodgy electrical fittings and outdated wiring.

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