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T&Cs and Minimum Charges apply. When we calculate the price, we also take into consideration the area's dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25. Deals cannot be combined with any other deals and promotions. Prices are subject to availability. Congestion charges are excluded (when applicable).
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When you should call a 24-hour emergency electrician

At one point or another, we are all bound to face an electrical fault. Be it something serious as old wiring or just a damaged power socket, big or small, an electricity problem needs to be dealt with on time, otherwise, you risk a potential fire hazard. This being said, if you have spotted a sign of an electrical fault and you feel your health is in danger due to faulty electrics, you can count on our emergency electrician services.

And if you are wondering what calls for an emergency electrician, here are the types of situations you most definitely need to contact us for:

Power outages - The most common reason behind power outages is a failure of the electrical system. In a time when you many work from home, the electricity demand is much higher. When temperatures drop, your heating appliances can also overload your system. If you are faced with this type of problem frequently, your best bet is to get a professional to check out your property. Total power loss can be dangerous if it affects your heating, or there is a vulnerable person in the house. So, whatever your emergency is get in touch with us and let us quickly make your home safe again.

A burning smell coming from an outlet, switch, or fuse box - When you put too much pressure on one power outlet, you risk it beginning to heat up and even burn. This will be accompanied by a burnt smell and marks around the outlet. The first thing you should do if you notice a burnt outlet is to call an electrician. Don't touch the outlet because it could be very hot. If not repaired right away, this can lead to a serious electrical fire and more expensive repairs. If you see smoke coming from a socket, or detect a burning smell, turn off your power supply and contact an emergency electrician .

Sparks coming out of outlets when you use them - Sparks flying from anything is never a good thing, especially when it comes to power outlets. If you are currently dealing with such a situation, call a professional ASAP.

Circuit breakers tripping with increasing frequency- If you have a damaged appliance in your home or wiring issues that you don't know about, a constantly tripping circuit breaker is a very good tell that something's wrong.

A hissing or loud buzzing coming from the electrical panel - In no circumstance, a buzzing electrical panel is a good thing. If you hear a loud noise coming out from yours, you are probably dealing with a faulty circuit breaker and this require immediate actions.

Lights flickering - If your lights start to flicker and you are sure that there isn't an issue with the bulb, you are probably dealing with a poor connection somewhere along the circuit. This can lead to sparking, overheating, and fire.

Ceiling fixtures that are hot to the touch - No, a hot fixture is not a normal thing. If the ones in your property are hot when you touch them, you probably have an issue with the wiring or you've used the wrong type of bulb. It might be easy to ignore it because it's difficult to reach the new fixtures, but this should not be ignored.

Power cut off inside kitchen - If you are struggling with power cuts in your kitchen, you may have issues with your fuse box or the wiring connecting to it. A faulty oven socket can be a disaster when you take care of your family. Whatever the situation is, experienced electricians will handle the issue.

Electrical cables close to water mains due to accidental water damage - If an accidental water leak in your property or your neighbour is making you feel in danger, try to shut off the electricity and reach us so we can inspect the situation and help you feel safe again.

Electrical fire - An electrical fire can be caused by a faulty system or appliance. You should have a working smoke detector and an electrical fire extinguisher. It's also important to remember that electrical fires are extremely dangerous and should not be taken lightly. Even if you get the fire out, you need to take immediate action. Do not turn your power back on after the fire is out. You should immediately call a professional electrician to come inspect your electrical system, find the problem, and make appropriate repairs.

What to expect from your emergency electrician

After you've successfully scheduled a service appointment with us, we'll send you a certified technician who will perform the service, following this process:

  • First, the professional will assess the electrical fault and provide you with a diagnosis;
  • Afterwards, they will discuss with you what needs to be done in terms of repairs;
  • Once all of the service details have been talked through, the professional will get down to work;
  • After the certified electrician has performed the needed repairs, they will clean up the area and complete a couple of tests to see if everything is working properly.

What type of services does your emergency electrician do?

It doesn't matter if the problem is located your house, rental property, or business, the certified and Part P qualified electricians will take care of your electrical fault in no time. That being said, here are the types of jobs we can perform:

  • Emergency electrical fault inspection - We can send you a professional who will carefully inspect your property for potential problems and resolve them right then and there.
  • Installation and repairs of interior and exterior lighting - Security lighting, interior, exterior, dimmers, etc. - you just name the type of lighting and consider it fixed/installed.
  • Re-wiring or new wiring installation - Have you moved into a new house only to find that the wiring work is ancient? Or maybe you just want to upgrade your kitchen with more appliances and need a full rewiring? Whatever the case, we can help!
  • Fitting new switches and plug sockets - Are your old power sockets giving you trouble? We'll replace them with new ones in no time. Do you want to get new switches for your home? We can help with that as well.
  • Fuse box testing and replacement - If you just moved properties and found out that the fuse box can't handle the needs of your new home or is just causing you troubles, we can help you by either testing it or replacing it with a newer model.
  • Repair of faulty or tripping circuits- When you have too much electricity flowing through the circuit breaker, the system trips, and you know what follows. Give us a call and we'll come to repair your faulty circuit breaker.
  • Electrical Safety Certificates - We also offer safety inspections, testing, and electrical safety certification inspections that are completed by NICEIC-registered professionals.

Why choose Fantastic Services' 24-hour electrician services in London

The solution will be performed by a certified and Part P qualified electrician

When you pick Fantastic Services for your emergency electrical services, you also choose to have your solution performed by a certified and Part P qualified electrician. The professional will also arrive fully equipped for the service with everything that it might require - tools, equipment, spare parts, etc.

The service is suitable for both domestic and commercial properties

It doesn't matter if your need the service for your house, apartment, rental property, office, hotel, restaurant, club, etc. - you can count on the professionals to come and resolve your electricity issues.

We offer emergency service appointments

Are you in need of a visit from a certified electrician ASAP? We offer emergency, same-day, and next-day service appointments, which you can schedule for any day of the week, including on Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holidays.

Significantly lower price rates with the Fantastic Club

Get an even better price for your 24/7 electrician service by becoming part of our big Fantastic Club family. Seasonal deals, priority booking, cool treats, discount codes, and so much more await anyone who decides to become a member. Learn how to join the club by visiting our website now!

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: It's an emergency! Can you send an electrician to my property now?

    A: We'll do our best to organise you a visit from an expert as quickly as possible. Just note that our availability highly depends on the work schedule of the electricians who we work with - generally, you can make a service appointment for the same day, no matter if it's a Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday.

  • Q: What is your coverage?

    A: Our service can be both by booked domestic and commercial customers that are located in the London area and within the M25 zone. If you aren't sure if we cover your location, use our online booking system to double-check.

  • Q: Do I need to provide anything for the professional?

    A: No, you don't. The certified expert will arrive fully equipped with everything that your emergency electrician service will require, including high-quality tools, equipment, and replacement parts.

  • Q: Are flickering lights considered an emergency?

    A: Generally, flickering lights can be a sign of a problem with your wiring or another type of electrical fault in your property. A big percentage of domestic fires in the UK are due to appliance breakdowns and damaged cables. Needless to say, flickering lights is the sort of issue you just can't leave to chance. If you are dealing with such an issue, call a certified electrician ASAP.

  • Q: What is an electrical emergency? When should I call you?

    A: There are plenty of indicators that scream "electricity issues". Here are a few of them:
    - You get electrocuted when you touch certain devices, switches, or power sockets;
    - The power supplies and outlets have been in contact with water;
    - There is a burnt or smokey scent coming out from your power sockets when you plug something in.
    If you have experienced the above-mentioned and feel that you are at risk, make sure to contact a professional to come and inspect your property ASAP.

  • Q: Can I get some sort of deal for your services?

    A: If you decide to become part of our ever-growing Fantastic Club family - our yearly membership subscription, you can benefit from a long list of advantages that included lower prices on our 100+ services, priority booking options, seasonal deals, special discount and promo codes, and many other perks. Visit our website to learn how you can join the club today!

  • Q: Can a power socket catch fire with nothing plugged in?

    A: The short answer is yes. You see, a fire could start if there are loose or corroded wires, dampness, or if you’ve unplugged something from an overloaded socket. You can also end up with a fire hazard if a short happens in the socket or wiring inside the wall. Whatever the case, if there is a power socket in your property that is hot to the touch, get a professional to check it out ASAP.

  • Q: What should I do in case of an electrical fire?

    A: Your first task should be to cut off the electricity in the property - only after that should you try to put the fire out. NEVER use water to put the fire out when the power is still one. Try to cut oxygen with a blanket or other piece of heavy fabric. If you are going to be using a fire extinguisher, check out what type it is. Electrical fires are considered Class C fires, which means that you’ll need a specific extinguisher. The majority of residential fire extinguishers are multi-purpose - still, you still need to double-check before you use yours.

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