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More about our professional carpet cleaning services in Putney

Every carpet cleaning job starts with an inspection of the carpet. This is done to determine the material the carpet is made out of and its condition. When the technician on site knows what fabrics he's working with, he can decide on the appropriate cleaning method. The carpet cleaner then pre-treats the stains (if any) on the carpet and hoovers it thoroughly. Depending on the carpet's material, the technician can use dry cleaning or a hot water extraction method.

Hot water extraction

Hot water extraction is the most commonly used carpet cleaning method. It's suitable for tougher fabrics, such as wool and synthetic fibres. The method is performed by injecting hot water under pressure into the carpet fibres through a high-end carpet cleaning machine. The water is then extracted from the carpet along with all the grime. Our hot water extraction is ideal for both stain removal and smell removal.

Dry cleaning

The dry cleaning process is slightly different from hot water extraction, as it's more suitable for carpets made of more delicate fabrics, such as cotton, sisal, velvet, etc. Dry cleaning involves the use of a bonnet cleaning machine, which rubs a cleaning solution thoroughly into the carpet. This solution loosens the dirt and dust in the carpet, and once it dries, it can be easily vacuumed.

A carpet cleaning technician who is wearing a dark blue Fantastic Services uniform and using a hot water extraction machine to deep clean a wall-to-wall carpet.
carpet cleaning with a professional steam cleaning machine

The benefits of using our carpet cleaning in Putney

  • Have your carpet professionally cleaned regardless of its material - get rid of all dirt and dust and enjoy a clean and healthy environment.
  • Removal of unpleasant odours - professional carpet cleaning will help you neutralise bad smells and leave your home smelling fresh.
  • Adding years to your carpet’s life - regular deep cleaning will refresh your floor coverings and keep them looking their best.
  • Carpet cleaning advice from certified professionals - get useful advice on how to care properly for your rugs and carpets and prolong their life.
  • Available time slots during the whole week - a wide range of availability, even on weekends and bank holidays our carpet cleaners in Putney are ready to perform a good carpet cleaning service.
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial properties - benefit from a high-quality carpet cleaning service no matter if it is for your home or business facility.

Additional services you can book with our Putney carpet cleaners

To maintain a clean and healthy environment at your home or office, you can take advantage of the additional cleaning services in Putney, we provide.

Mattress cleaning - If you want to improve your sleep quality, reduce the risk of allergies, and extend the lifespan of your mattress, then our professional mattress cleaning in Putney is the perfect option for you. Using modern equipment, a local cleaning expert will provide a thorough steam cleaning process removing dirt, dust, bacteria, and other allergens. You will enjoy a clean and fresh mattress and have a restful night's sleep.

Leather Furniture Cleaning - The local cleaning experts will help you maintain the beauty and longevity of your leather upholstery. Professional carpet cleaners will deep clean your furniture using gentle cleaning techniques to prevent damage to the leather surface. The services will not only improve the look of your upholstery but will also help you preserve it for a longer period.

Curtains and blinds - Collecting dust and dirt over time, curtains and blinds can have a bad look and be a health hazard. But with our professional steam cleaning service in Putney, you can easily restore the freshness and cleanliness of your window coverings. The curtains and blinds steam cleaning is safe for all kinds of fabrics and will remove even the most stubborn stains providing a healthier environment for you and your family.

Staircase rug
The photograph showcases a dark grey wall-to-wall carpet in a bedroom that has undergone professional cleaning. The red wine stain is completely removed, and there is no trace of discolouration. Before The photograph captures a dark grey wall-to-wall carpet in a bedroom that is heavily stained with red wine. After
An image of a freshly cleaned carpeted space near a white leather sofa, showing a pristine and immaculate appearance. The carpet is free from any visible stains, dirt, or debris, and the original color is restored. The area around the white leather sofa is clean, with no traces of dirt or grime. The carpet exudes a sense of freshness and cleanliness, complementing the elegant appearance of the white leather sofa. Before An image of a dirty carpeted floor near a white leather sofa, showing visible stains, dirt, and debris. The carpet appears soiled with mud, spills, and pet hair, and the stains are prominent against the carpet's original colour. The area around the white leather sofa is particularly dirty, with accumulated dirt and grime. The carpet looks in need of thorough cleaning to restore its cleanliness and freshness. After
Photograph of a dark grey carpet that has been professionally cleaned with hot water extraction machines. The carpet appears revitalized, with no visible signs of dirt, dust, or grime. Before Photograph of a dark grey carpet that appears heavily soiled and in need of deep cleaning. The carpet is covered in visible dirt, dust, and grime, with darker patches of dirt concentrated in high-traffic areas. After

Frequently asked questions about the carpet cleaning in Putney

Do I have to move the furniture?
Yes, for the professional cleaning service to be provided, you have to prepare the area in advance and remove the furniture. Keep in mind that the carpet technician can move only a few light furniture like a chair or a coffee table. Any other bulky items must be removed beforehand so the technician has enough space to do the carpet cleaning.
Will all the stains come out after the carpet cleaning service?
Some of the most common stains can be cleaned with professional carpet cleaning. However, if the stain has been on the carpet for a long time or has caused damage, it won't be possible to be completely removed. You can rest assured that the carpet care technician will do his best to clean the stains and provide the highest possible results.
Is your carpet cleaning service safe for children and pets?
The cleaning products used for carpet cleaning don't contain any harsh chemicals, which makes the service completely child and pet-friendly. The detergents are certified, non-toxic and are safe for use in any living environment eliminating at the same time up to 99% of known bacteria and germs and ensuring thorough sanitization.
How long will it take for my carpet to dry?
The drying time will depend on the carpet type, the size of the cleaned area and the climate. In general, it takes around 3 to 6 hours for carpets made of synthetic fibres to dry and those made of wool need between 4 to 8 hours. However, keep in mind that it may take longer for your carpets to dry if a large area has been cleaned or if the humidity is high.
Do I have to stay on-site during my carpet cleaning service?
No, it is not necessary. You only have to ensure that there is available parking space near the building and that the carpet technician has access to your property. The cleaning professional will take care of everything else.

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