Man and Van Removals in Barnet

Job summary

  • Hours: 4
  • Price: £180
  • Property: One-bedroom
  • Team: 2 men with Transit van
  • Moving from: Barnet
  • Moving to: Dulwich

We received a call from a client asking about the price of our Man and Van service. The customer needed help with their move from a small one-bedroom flat in Barnet to a flat in Dulwich. After a brief conversation with one of our customer service representatives, about the items needing transportation, the person received an estimation quote via email.

The man was happy with the offer and called back to arrange the moving service for a suitable time and date.

* Note: The customer is a member of our club and benefits from lower rates for the service. You can enjoy lower rates for man and van, house removals, and other domestic services if you become a member of our Fantastic club.

Please, keep in mind that the time and price for our man and van service may vary depending on the amount of work the team has to complete and the distance from the pick-up to the drop-off address.

Man and Van Service in Barnet: Step by Step

  • Quotation
  • Before the moving day
  • On the moving day
  • Furniture assembly
  • List of Items

The customer explained in detail their situation, including the property type, the number of rooms and what needed to be moved and stored. The quote given to them was based on how long the move would take, as well as how long they need storage for. Note that the removals service is hourly-based and the approximate time it takes is determined by the type and number of items, boxes, furniture, appliances that need loading, transporting and unloading.

*Note: If the movers finish their job faster than envisaged, you will pay for the actual time that took them to complete the task.

A customer service agent called the client the day before the move to confirm the date and time, and that there will be someone on-site waiting for the movers at the pick-up and drop-off addresses. And to double-check if the parking at the two addresses has been arranged as close to the property as possible.

The client confirmed that with our customer service agent that the service could go as planned.

At 9:00 am sharp, the Fantastic movers were at the pick-up address in Barnet ready to get the job done. The customer had everything packed and ready to load onto the van. The two removalists started taking out the boxes and bags, loading them into a Transit van.

It took the team a little over one hour to transport the items from Barnet to Dulwich. When the men parked the van at the new address, they swiftly unloaded the boxes and carried them into the house.

After waiting a couple of minutes for the customer to inspect the boxes and confirm that everything is fine, the team left.

The client had a couple of pieces of furniture that needed to be disassembled prior to the move. A large bed, wardrobe and a kitchen table. The same items were later reassembled in the new property.

The Fantastic teams are skilled, trained and equipped to do furniture assembly and disassembly on site when it’s necessary.

What has been moved

  • 1x 2-seater sofa
  • 1x TV stand
  • 1x Laptop
  • 1x Bed, no storage
  • 1x Microwave

Boxes & Bags

  • 10 Medium boxes
  • 6 Large boxes
  • 2 Bags
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