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  • 4. They will pack, load, move, and unload your belongings at your desired EU destination
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How our international moving services work

Get a free quote

Fantastic Removals can assist you with every aspect of your upcoming move (currently, we only offer international moving services within the EU). Every session begins with a viewing by a skilled surveyor. There is the option for video surveying, when necessary. All this is to determine the scope of the work and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Time to move

Should you accept our quote, we will dispatch a fully equipped crew to your address that will pack all of your belongings. Some of the packing materials they will use include packing paper, furniture protection blankets, bubble, and clear stretch wrap, as well as sturdy 5 ply packing boxes of suitable size. They will then use upright and 4-wheel trolleys to load everything inside the van. All crews drive modern Luton vans and carry public liability insurances.

Secure storage

If you are not able to receive your items right away, they will be stored in a secure storage facility within London, which is CCTV-surveilled 24/7 to ensure the complete safety of your personal belongings. You can use our storage services for a minimum of 7 days and up to a month or more, depending on when you want to receive your items abroad. Our national removal company can also assist you with container shipping, vehicle transport, and customs clearance work.

Proper preparation

Moving abroad will come with not only the change of your surroundings but also you will be faced with a new culture, most likely a different language and foreign bureaucracy. Make sure you do your research and familiarise yourself well before you pack your bags, especially if you'll be taking a beloved pet abroad with you.

Why choose us for your international removals

  • We cover the whole EU

    We specialise in international house removals and commercial services from anywhere in the UK to any of the 27 member-state countries in the European Union. We can also relocate you from Europe back to the UK. Note that all ferry/bridge crossing fees and highway tolls/road taxes will be included in the final price.

  • Done by trained professionals

    You can rest assured that your items are safe with Fantastic Removals. Our international house removals services are performed by trained both local and overseas movers. Also, to be on the extra-safe side, they have public liability insurance. All moving vehicles are equipped for the removals job and are also have GPS navigation.

  • It’s fast and convenient

    Fantastic Removals will provide you with anything you may need from an international removals firm so you have more free time to focus on other important aspects of your move. Besides just transporting your items at affordable moving van costs, we can provide you with moving supplies, packing of your possessions or with a storage collection and delivery service that will keep your possessions safe as long as you need.

  • Video survey

    In order to make the house removals services a lot easier and stress free, we have a video home survey option. You just use your mobile device and take us around your property during a video call. This way, we can give you a much more accurate quote for your international removals service and it takes just ten minutes or so.

What to expect before & after your International move

Removals to Spain

If you're choosing the Spanish style of living over the one in the UK, we offer the right solution for your international relocation. Depending on the area you are moving to, your belongings can be delivered in approximately 24 to 36 hours to most coastal towns in Spain.

Bonus tip: Research visa requirements

It's easy to move to a European country if you have citizenship in the UK. If you don't have one and have been born in a country out of the EU, see the visa requirements in the country you're heading to.

Removals to France

As Paris can be as expensive as London, it isn’t usually a relocation choice, but rather a work-related destination. With our international removals company, you will easily get your items to France within 12 to 24 hours. Better polish your French skills, as it will provide you with better opportunities for communication and work.

Bonus tip: Check the cost of living before moving to France

Before making the final step of booking the overseas removals service, make sure that you'll be able to deal with the cost of living in your destination country. The quality of life is related to the costs of living, which may turn out to be higher than you expected.

Removals to Germany

Expect to follow the rules in Germany, whether you are extending your business to Berlin or want to start a family in Munich or Frankfurt. We will transport your property in 24 to 36 hours, depending on the city you are moving to.

Bonus tip: Learn the pet transportation regulations

You won't be leaving your pet behind unless the customs agent finds an issue with the animal. Learn about the regulations that are related to passports and vaccines before getting to the border. Read our blog post on Moving to Germany from the UK.

Removals to Italy

It will take us about 46-48 hours to complete your relocation to Italy. Whether the rolling hills of Sardinia took your fancy, you picked Umbria or Sicily to be your home from now on, or moving to Rome has been a lifelong dream of yours, get ready for an adventure!

Bonus tip: Notify the school

If you have kids who are currently going to school, make sure to notify the school that you're moving abroad. As parents, you will probably be asked to fill out some papers.

Did you know?

In order to make your international move a lot easier, we can assist you with many other things, such as the delivery of packing materials, packing your belongings, and even furniture disassembly.

Bonus tip: When you combine your international removals with one or more of our services you also save money!

On the other hand, the property you are vacating might benefit from some additional services that we can arrange for you - such as end of tenancy cleaning, for example. This service will be particularly helpful if you are looking to win your property deposit back from a landlord or a leasing agency. If the place requires some pampering and quick fixes, we can send a fully equipped handyman to handle your to-do list.

Video surveys from experienced movers

A home survey will be extremely helpful when it comes to organising an efficient removal service. When it comes to international removals services it's crucial to know the exact volume of items you will take with you. Obtaining this information we will be able to provide you with the most cost-effective offer.

Watch the video to learn more about the benefits of video surveys.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How quickly can you relocate me to another country?

    A: Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact time frame since this depends on a lot of factors. After the initial survey and once we have all the necessary information, a company representative will contact you with an estimate of how long your international journey is going to take.

  • Q: Can you assist me with moving overseas on short notice?

    A: Usually, most customers get in touch with us 3 months before their expected move date in order for us to have enough time to book a consultation and sort out all of the paperwork. However, we can also assist you with moving overseas even if you only have a few days to spare.

  • Q: How much does moving abroad cost?

    A: The final price is shaped by many factors, such as the volume of goods you want to move, the types of properties you’re moving to and from, the country and the area you’re moving to, as well as if you own any special items (pianos, safes, etc.) and on how you want them moved.

  • Q: Does my service involve an upfront payment?

    A: Before the move, we will ask for an upfront deposit equal to 50% of the price of the service.

  • Q: Who is this service suitable for?

    A: Just about anyone! From tenants and students to businesses who wish to open a new office.

  • Q: Are there any extra costs involved?

    A: All extra costs (if any) will be listed in your final quote. Such costs, for example, could be road, bridge, or ferry fees, late hour charges, or fees for moving specific items, like pianos. Please note that fees for items that are not considered duty-free will not be reflected in the quote.

  • Q: Can I pack the items myself?

    A: This depends on where you’d like to go. However, we always encourage our customers to leave the packing to us to avoid potential problems with the customs (for instance, if you are trying to import something that local laws forbid), as well as to avoid the risk of damage.

  • Q: What if I’m not ready to receive my items yet?

    A: If that’s the case, we can place them inside a storage facility and deliver them to your desired destination as soon as you’re ready to accept your belongings.

  • Q: What happens if some of my belongings arrive damaged?

    A: If you suspect that some of your items were mishandled during the delivery, please inspect the goods and submit a damage claim within the next 72 hours so that we can assist you.

  • Q: Are there any requirements I should be aware of?

    A: You need to arrange a parking space (6-8 metres) for the team as otherwise we will be unable to assist you with your international move. Please contact your local council for more information.

  • Q: Are there things you’re currently unable to perform?

    A: Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide you with pallet or container packing services. Although planned in the future, as of yet we are also unable to ship items overseas.

  • Q: What is your service coverage?

    A: We can help you move from any point in the UK to any location within the European Union and vice versa. Some of the more popular destinations include Germany, Spain, France, and Italy.

  • Q: What are the benefits of video surveying?

    A: Video surveys have many benefits. One is that it's available 24/7 and it can fit around your schedule. It's a real time-saver, considering we are all working from 9 to 5. You won't have to book time off work. Instead, pick up your phone and let a mover guide you through.

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