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Get removal, prevention, and treatment for all kinds of pests

Call in the experts for rat control, mouse control, insect control, bird control, and specialist attention for specific pests like bed bugs and squirrels.

Rely on humane removal techniques

For pests like birds, squirrels and the like, we always use completely humane methods to remove them from your property without hurting them.

Emergency pest removal services available

Need to book pest control in Romford in a hurry? Not a problem. Choose a same-day or next-day service to get the attention you need - fast!

Important things to know about your pest control services in Romford

First things first. Your pest control team will arrive on your doorstep in Romford at the time you've chosen. They will be following a proven method that has let us help thousands of clients free their properties from pests. The STOP process we follow has four stages:

  1. Survey
  2. Treatment
  3. Observation
  4. Proofing and Prevention

The initial SURVEY takes place first. Your pest removal team will assess the type and level of infestation you are facing and identify how the pests are getting into your property.

Following this, TREATMENT happens. This will be accomplished using the most suitable process for the pests in question. Your team will always use humane treatment methods for bird control and fox control, for example, while they have access to the latest pesticidial solutions for eliminating crawling and flying insects. It's important to know that you may be asked to leave your property while your pest treatment is happening. It should only take a couple of hours, but you will need to make sure you take all of your pets - including fish - with you.

The OBSERVATION phase can include a one or three-month guarantee period where you can call on one or two follow-up visits if needed. It's the best way to ensure that serious infestations have been properly dealt with.

Finally, PROOFING AND PREVENTION gives you the best chance at avoiding future pest-related problems! You will be left with some important guidelines to follow and recommendations to avoid future issues.


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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Look at some of our latest pest control estimates for people in Romford


Bed bugs

Romford May 30, 2021
Good morning! I noticed some red bites all over my arms and I found out we have bed bugs. We have a five-bedroom property and I'd like to book a full treatment with a 3-month
guarantee. Thank you!
... More

Service: Bed bugs treatment



Romford Jun 18, 2021
Have seen a mouse in the bedroom of the property and the kitchen. Also, have an attic area where they could be as apart from 2 sightings of one mouse have seen no droppings bu
t heard scratching in the walls. Can I please get a quote on the cost of the service to remove and seal up holes?
... More

Service: Mice control



Romford Jun 21, 2021
Hello, I need an emergency pest control treatment for cockroaches. I have a two-bedroom property and the parking is free. I think I'd like to book the full treatment with a 3-
month guarantee. How soon could you come?
... More

Service: Cockroach control

Handy info about the cost of pest removal services in Romford

£110 £193 £275

£193 is the average price that someone in Romford pays for pest control with us.

The lowest starting price for hiring a pest exterminator in Romford is usually around £110.

33% of our local clients add guarantee coverage with included follow-up visits because they want to be 100% sure their pests have gone.

Looking for rodent pest control specifically? Around 59% of our pest removal clients in Romford do. It's the most common pest we deal with locally.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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