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Need help moving? You can count on Fantastic Services’ man and van services in Gloucester
  • Performed by trained and insured moving professionals
  • Full-service package - loading, transportation, and unloading
  • Blankets and ropes for safe stowage are included in your quote
  • Seven-day service and support availability
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Gloucester - A city rich in history

  • 1. One of the UK’s most historic cities

    Relocate from London to Gloucester and you'll be moving to a city that's won its place in the history books. Prominent in Roman times and the site of the coronation of King Henry III in 1216, Gloucester's rich past is reflected in its stunning architecture.

  • 2. Seen on the silver screen

    Gloucester Cathedral’s Crecy Window is the biggest stained-glass window in the UK. The building has been extensively used as a film location, most notably as Hogwarts School for the Harry Potter series.

  • 3. Culture, local markets and plenty to do

    There's plenty to keep you entertained in current-day Gloucester. Browse the farmer's market for high-quality local produce, or head to Gloucester Quays where you'll find great restaurants, outlet centres featuring great value designer brands and a range of cultural festivals held throughout the year.

Your man and van will get you to Gloucester safely

When you're looking for an affordable alternative to a full removals package, Fantastic Removals' man and van hire is perfect. Get all the security you need while benefiting from attractive rates and an expert service delivered by experienced and fully insured movers.

The first step is always to get a free quote. Once you describe the items you need moving you'll be offered a price for the size of van you need and the number of removals men required to load and transport your property. This is usually just one reliable man to go with your van, but we can advise you about booking a larger team if that’s what you need.

Your move can be scheduled for any day of the week, or even overnight. It's always a good idea to book in advance to make sure you get your service exactly when you want it. But we can often get everything arranged in a very short space of time.

Reasons why you should hire our man and van service in Gloucester

Modern and regularly serviced vehicles

No matter how small or how big your move is, it’s of extreme importance that the vehicle is fit for the job. We regularly inspect our moving vans to ensure your relocation goes smoothly. Also, our man and van service vehicles come prepared with moving blankets, ropes and lots of space for you to get your belongings organised, regardless if it’s just a couple of boxes or a set of furniture items. Be prepared to help the professional to move the items into the van, stack and unload them once you arrive at the delivery address as the man and van is a self-loading service and comes with only one driver.


What makes our man and van services in Gloucester so affordable is the fact that you pay the hourly rate for hiring a professional driver and the moving van. However, this being a self-loading service you will need to carry your items to the van. The removals specialist will assist you with loading and arranging your personal belongings in the vehicle and handle the transportation process. You can arrange for our packing services for your convenience or if you believe you may need more help moving, book our complete house removals!

A partial removals option

Our man and van services in Gloucester are suitable for both full house moves but also partial relocations. If you just want to move a single piece of furniture or some individual items to another address, our man and van service is all you need! We also offer flexible storage solutions to keep your belongings safe in between moves if needed.

Full insurance

With our man and van service, you can rely on the skills of experienced drivers to deliver a hassle-free move. The service comes with a complete set of insurances. Our commitment to customer service means that we will do the best to assure your possessions are transported safely and your move is completed smoothly.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How many guys will you send?

    A: Our man and van service assigns only one Fantastic driver to handle the transportation. If you have bulkier, heavier items and need the help of two or more movers, you'll need to book our complete removals service.

  • Q: What do I need to do before the man and van service?

    A: You should organise a parking space prior to moving day. Also, ensure that items, which you need moving, are ready for loading (ex: empty drawers, dismantle wall-mounted TV sets, etc.).

  • Q: How big are your vans?

    A: Our man and van services are performed with either a Transit or Luton van, depending on your needs. Our experienced customer service agents will gather all the needed information to advise you on the moving vehicle to ensure your smooth relocation.

  • Q: Do you provide removal boxes and packing materials?

    A: Upon request, we can deliver packing materials and cardboard boxes of various sizes. We advise that you order those prior to the man and van service. This way, you’ll have time to pack and have everything ready to be loaded on moving day.

  • Q: How much does a man with a van charge?

    A: Our man and van service is hourly-based. The minimum time per appointment is 2 hours. After the second hour, we will charge on a half-hour basis.

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