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Pest control services recommended in Harrow

The Council of Harrow will no longer provide commercial pest control services. As a local pest control company covering Harrow HA1, we are highly recommended for pest extermination.

We provide pest control solutions to businesses and households seven days a week. We offer emergency pest control and same-day pest treatments against most common types of pests in Harrow.

Experienced professionals you can count on

Our pest control professionals in Harrow

Our pest control specialists are highly trained and certified, meaning they can thoroughly investigate any infestation and identify its severity. With years of experience when it comes to pest control, you can count on the professionals to put a stop to your pest problems. We guarantee that we will provide proper control and complete eradication of undesirable pests in an effective manner.

  • Efficient use of traps, sealants and more;
  • Property pest inspections, treatments and after-service pest proofing;

Pest eradication services in Harrow HA1

Fantastic pest control

Rat control Harrow

On the day of the service, the technician will first look around the property and locate any holes and cavities that rats may use as entry points. Then, he will make sure to seal those entrances with foam, wool wire or a sealant. Afterwards, the pest control expert will place traps so any remaining rats are caught and taken care of responsibly.

Bed bug treatment

A bed bug professional will visit your property twice, two weeks apart. He will be able to treat each affected surface in your bedroom with a powerful insecticide. On the second visit, the pest control chemical will be changed with another one to ensure that the bed bugs won’t adapt to the environment and survive. You will get one extra visit free of charge if you book a guaranteed service.

Flea treatment

The problematic areas will be initially inspected so the technician knows the severity of the infestation. Then, he will spray a powerful insecticide over the problematic areas, which will effectively kill the fleas. If you book a complete treatment service, the pest control expert will return to the property until the issue is fully resolved. You will also receive a report after the service completion.

Harrow pest control FAQ's

What can I do to prevent rats from entering my house?
Rat infestations can be controlled in many ways. Keep your garden from becoming overgrown, for example. You should also avoid leaving food exposed overnight. Consider whether any obvious entrances can be blocked to prevent the rats from using them.
What can I do about bed bugs in my mattress?
Let's just say that mattress is gone for good. Replacing it with a new one is the best solution. Protect your new one from insects by having a professional treatment before placing it.
What is the price for flea pest control?
We charge based on the number of rooms we treat and how many visits you request. There is no hourly charge for our pest exterminators, we charge per job.
How dangerous are spiders in the UK?
Unless provoked, most varieties that live in houses will not bite. There is, however, a danger associated with false widow spider bites, as they may cause severe swelling and discomfort.
Is the antiviral treatment safe for my home?
Yes, of course. Bacteria, germs, and fungi are eliminated using a certified antiviral product. The product is non-toxic and safe to use at home.
Does your pest control procedure pose a risk to people and pets?
Insecticides are used in low concentrations. It is powerful enough to kill tiny insects, but is safe for people and pets. However, until the insecticides settle and dry, you must keep pets (including fish) out of the treated area.

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