The intelligent approach to window cleaning in Wood Green

Ladders are hazardous, detergents leave streaks.....choose a better solution to window cleaning in Wood Green
    • Certified window cleaners who use professional window cleaning equipment
    • Cleaning options for all window types at any property
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Save hours of your time

Outside and inside window cleaning at the average house takes around 2 hours. Employing professionals saves you time, and they'll get better results than you can too.

Harness the power of pure water cleaning

Pure, deionised water is a powerful cleaning agent. When agitated on the surface of glass, it's capable of lifting even greasy or sticky deposits. And detergent-free cleaning means no environmental pollution.

Clean windows make for a healthier environment

Increasing natural light in buildings has been shown to lift mood and alleviate depression and anxiety. More natural light also reduces your need for expensive electric lighting.

The tools and training for safer, better window cleaning services in Wood Green

Your window cleaners from Wood Green will be professional local tradespeople, they'll arrive in a branded vehicle that contains a tank of purified water and they'll be smartly presented in company uniform.

All technicians undergo risk assessment and safety training and carry both employers and public liability insurance, so they're an ideal choice at commercial properties located in busy high streets. The window cleaners work from the ground by pumping deionised water up to the glass through an extendable pole. A brush attachment is used to remove deposits on the glass. The glass is then rinsed and the cycle is repeated if required.

The process is quick, the runoff water contains no chemicals. As the windows air dry the glass is left perfectly smooth so that dirt and dust are less likely to stick to it. Windows cleaned using this technique stay clean for longer than those cleaned using detergents.

The system is suitable for any windows including sash, bay and for conservatory glass. The only limitations are that the windows must be reachable with the pole, and the frames need to be in good condition. If your windows aren't for water-fed pole cleaning the technicians will select a more suitable technique. Internal window washing and deep frame cleaning are also available on request.


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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Check out quotes given for window cleaning in Wood Green below


2 Bedroom property

Wood Green Apr 07, 2020
Last year we cleaned the windows in April and we are in desperate need of doing again.

Service: Window cleaning


Family House

Wood Green May 12, 2020
Need the windows on both sides of the house to be cleaned inside and outside. Please, pay extra attention to the window frames at the backside, they got quite dusty.

Service: Window cleaning



Wood Green Jun 8, 2020
Hey there! I would like to book an appointment for window cleaning. I have two big windows and a glass sliding door towards the balcony that need a professional touch.

Service: Window cleaning

What you might pay for window cleaning in Wood Green

£49 £99 £180

The average cost for external window cleaning at a 1st-floor flat in Wood Green is £99.

The minimum service charge for window cleaning in Wood Green is £49.

Window cleaning rates are based on the size of the windows regardless of the time taken to clean them.

28% of clients choose to save money by combining window cleaning with something else, most often one-off house cleaning or gutter cleaning.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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