Commercial window cleaning in London

Make your office or place of business look immaculate with our convenient window cleaning.

  • Performed with extendable poles that can reach up to the 4th storey
  • Rope access cleaning is available for taller buildings
  • One-off or regular contract window cleaning
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How our commercial window cleaning is delivered

We recognise the importance of sparkling clean windows for your commercial building's appearance and the view from within. By utilising state-of-the-art techniques, we bring a new level of clarity to your windows.

  • Innovative cleaning with extendable water-fed poles

    The commercial window cleaners employ extendable water-fed poles, a modern and efficient method for window cleaning. This innovative approach allows us to reach and thoroughly clean every window up to the 4th storey from ground level, while ensuring the safety of staff and the integrity of your building.

  • Abseiling window cleaning for taller buildings

    In case you need windows cleaned beyond the 4th storey of a building, then we have the perfect solution for you. The rope access window cleaning professional will safely and securely handle this task and deliver amazing results.

    All technicians are certified:

  • Pure water cleaning without detergents

    We use purified water when performing external window cleaning. If your office or business needs internal window cleaning as well, we can provide that too, including any glass walls you may have. The internal cleaning is done manually, by hand, using detergents.


Why choose the commercial window cleaners of Fantastic Services

At Fantastic Service, we take pride in elevating the standard of commercial window cleaning, ensuring your business not only looks its best but also enjoys the benefits of professional and meticulous window care. We understand the impact that sparkling clean windows can have on the appearance and ambience of your commercial space. Here's how we stand out in providing exceptional window cleaning services:

Service available every day of the week
We are at your service seven days a week, acknowledging the varied schedules and needs of different businesses. Our flexibility means you can have your windows cleaned at a time during the day that causes the least disruption to your business operations.
Expertise from skilled window cleaning professionals
The team comprises highly trained and experienced window cleaning professionals. Each member is background-checked and committed to delivering a high standard of service. They are equipped with the skills and tools to tackle any window cleaning challenge, ensuring a streak-free and dazzling finish.
Over a decade of window cleaning excellence
With more than ten years in the service industry, we have honed our techniques and customer service to provide superior window cleaning solutions. Our extensive experience working with diverse business types allows us to offer tailored services that meet the specific needs of each client.
Personalised service with account management team
To enhance your experience with us, an account manager will remotely supervise your window cleaning project. This ensures a consistent and personal approach, with someone who understands your specific requirements and preferences, and is always on hand to assist.
Free viewings for commercial buildings and residential blocks
We believe in transparency and fairness in all our dealings, which is why we offer customized quotes for our window cleaning services. This approach ensures you receive a detailed and accurate estimate, tailored to the specific needs and scale of your window cleaning project.

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Frequently asked questions about our commercial window cleaning

What types of commercial buildings do you clean windows for?
We provide window cleaning services for a variety of commercial buildings, including office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, high-rise buildings, retail stores, and apartment complexes. No matter the size or height of your building, our team is equipped to deliver exceptional results.
How often should windows of commercial buildings be cleaned?
The frequency depends on your building's location and type of business. Typically, we recommend cleaning every 1-3 months for optimal appearance and maintenance, but we can create a custom schedule based on your needs.
How does the abseiling window cleaning work?
Our abseiling window cleaning service begins with you sending us photos of your building's roof to assess the work area and determine appropriate anchor points. Next, we dispatch at least two rope access technicians, fully equipped for the job. They set up a secure anchor for weight baskets holding up to 350 kg, or use a trolley system for roofs with suitable edges. Finally, the technicians begin cleaning using the effective squeegee and dolly (UNGER) method, ensuring sparkling, streak-free windows.
Do you use environmentally friendly cleaning products?
Our cleaning method is as eco-friendly as it gets. This is because our special equipment uses purified water only. This is the best way to clean windows externally for completely streak-free windows that gleam with cleanliness.
Are your window cleaners insured and licensed?
Absolutely. The team is fully insured and licensed, providing you with peace of mind that you're working with professionals.
How long does a window cleaning service take?
The time required varies depending on the number and size of windows, and the complexity of the job. We aim to be efficient without compromising on the quality of our work.
What happens in case of bad weather on the scheduled cleaning day?
In case of bad weather, we'll reschedule the service to the next convenient day. Your safety and the effectiveness of our cleaning are paramount.

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