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    • Water-fed-pole cleaning is faster and safer than traditional window cleaning
    • Your cleaners are certified and undergo regular risk management training
    • Purified water is used, so there are no deposits left on the glass
    • This service is accredited by the Federation of Window Cleaners
    • Both commercial and residential clients are welcome
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Eco-friendly window cleaning option

No detergents are required for water-fed poles, so there are no chemicals to leach into your garden or the local environment

Brighten up home or business

Clean windows let in more sunlight - one of nature's best antidepressants. More natural light also means less artificial lighting and lower bills.

Cut down on housework

The average person spends around 1.5 years of their life cleaning. We're sure you can find better ways to use that precious time.

When and how water-fed-pole window cleaning is used

This method of window cleaning is best used for residential properties where the window cleaners in Purley can park close to the windows, as the extendable poles need to be attached to tanks of purified water carried on the service van, requiring direct access. Depending on the access, technicians can clean windows within a building from the ground to the third or fourth floor. Other cleaning techniques are offered if nesessery

Water is passed up the pole, sprayed across the window, the frames, and sills. Stubborn dirty deposits are lifted using a brush attached to the pole. Dirty water is rinsed away then the window is allowed to dry naturally. No detergents are required as purified water from the tank acts as a powerful cleansing agent.

Using the water-fed pole technique, window cleaning is faster, safer, and protects your privacy. Because no detergents are required while using the technique, runoff water is uncontaminated, and allowing the windows to dry naturally ensures that no smears are left behind.

We also provide window cleaning services for internal windows, for sash and bay windows, conservatories, and even for skylights.


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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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First floor flat

Purley Jul 17, 2020
Hi there. We wondered if it might be possible to get a quote for cleaning the outside of our windows. We are the first floor flat of the building with 3 windows at the front o
f the house and 2 at the back. The back may be a little trickier as access is only possible via the neighbor's garden space.
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Service: Window cleaning


Gutter and window cleaning

Purley Aug 5, 2020
Hi there, please could you send me a quote for gutter cleaning and window cleaning? We have 2 living room windows, two-bedroom windols, a small bathroom window, a small nurser
y room window, and a conservatory. Thanks!
... More

Service: Window and gutter cleaning


Three-story townhouse

Purley Mar 8, 2020
Hi! Are you able to clean a central gutter on a flat roof of a three-story townhouse? We are looking to have the central gutter cleaned and one skylight cleaned too. There is
no access to the roof from the house or any other properties, it can only be done by ladder. Thanks
... More

Service: Window and gutter cleaning

The range of window cleaning services completed in Purley

£40 £87 £186

The average rate for external window cleaning for a 2-bedroom property in Purley is £87.

43% of clients combine window cleaning with gardening services.

Window cleaning for a 3-bedroom house typically takes 1.5h.

21% of Purley book window cleaning on a monthly basis.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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